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Make a multilingual version of your website quickly and efficiently

Weglot will allow you to translate your website and your new pages into different languages in just a few minutes.

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Secret's take about Weglot

We've all seen some of the worst translation fails. KFC's "finger licking good" in Chinese? "Bite your fingers off"... Ouch!

But that's where Weglot comes to the rescue, saving you from the nightmare and translating your website (with no terrifying mistranslations).

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

General information about Weglot

Weglot allows you to quickly translate your website in order to make it available to the rest of the world and broaden your target audience. This tool will provide you with adapted translations to optimize your SEO.

All your translations are centralized on one platform where you can edit and optimize the translations according to your needs.

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Weglot pricing



/ month

10,000 words

1 translated language



/ month

50,000 words

3 translated languages



/ month

200,000 words

5 translated languages



/ month

1,000,000 words

10 translated languages

Weglot features

  • Maximize your visibility

    Redirect your visitors automatically and get optimized SEO in each language.

  • Centralize all your translations

    Access all your translations in a single dashboard to manage and check their quality.

  • Check the quality of your translations

    Get a first translation to then modify it and add the necessary elements according to your needs, before publishing it.

  • Get a technical translation

    Your content is automatically detected and translated without duplication.

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12 months free on the Pro plan