Simple video interviewing, at scale

Simple video interviewing, at scale. Receive authentic video responses to your questions remotely from candidates, anywhere, anytime. Willo integrates with Zapier, is available in 100+ countries and fully GDPR compliant. Create a free account and discover top talent in less time. Say goodbye to scheduling tedious screening calls with candidates.

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General information

A platform for structured, asynchronous, video creation and sharing. We help organisations discover and connect with more people in less time.

What Is Willo?

Discover the best talent, and grow faster with the video interviewing platform designed for an incredible candidate experience. Candidates answer your questions in their own time and you can review the video responses at your convenience.

Awesome 24/7 support and proudly rated 86 NPS® by our users. Works on any device, anywhere, every time. Connect Willo with your existing systems using Zapier without writing a single line of code.

Who Uses Willo?

Some of the most forward-thinking startups and growing businesses in the world, looking to scale their teams with a new way of screening and interviewing candidates. Businesses already using Willo include Danone, NHS, University of Pennsylvania, Samsung, Eden Scott and 7-Eleven.

The benefits of using Willo?


A video speaks a thousand words... See and hear from your candidates and stop relying on application forms and resumes. Video Interviews give candidates fewer reasons to stress and more opportunities to shine. Gain a deeper understanding of their experience, motivations and soft skills - seeing them for who they really are.


The best applicants are not always available when you are, and they might not have time to fill out your application form. So, give them the flexibility to respond to you when they are free. Willo enables candidates to interview 24/7 on any device, anywhere - we call it 'engagement at scale'.


Widen your candidate pool by switching up the way you attract and accept applicants. And remove unconscious bias in the process. By using video you’re giving applicants centre stage, regardless of gender, background, race or geographical location.

You’re in good company

"The overall experience for our candidates is tremendously positive" mtc media

"Willo is great for pre-screening and profiling candidates." Pentire

“It's very easy to navigate on the platform thanks to the simple design and layout.” Tailify

“A recruiter's dream tool” Plentyworks

Trusted by teams in over 100 countries - join them and discover the best candidates remotely today. The future of HR is here - in-person interviewing is so 2019!

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