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With Front, your teams will no longer waste time managing customer requests. With its unique inbox, workflows and automations, your teams can focus on what really matters: providing quick and quality replies to your customers.

General information

Front allows your teams to work closely together on customer requests received by email, from a single, simple inbox.

Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly manage requests, collaborate by exchanging messages on dedicated emails, or view the status of emails.

Your teams save a great amount of time with automated email management, and your customers receive quick responses thanks to predefined messages.

Secret's take

If your email inbox is scaring you, if you are missing too many customer requests and opportunities, Front was made for you. Work in collaboration with your team and boost your customer satisfaction!

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Front features

Optimize customer communication

  • Optimize customer service efficiency

    Thanks to the creation of custom workflows, automate e-mail management and assignment so your team can focus on responding to customers as quickly as possible.

    They see the progress of each message so that they never miss any, and manage all the demands from a single inbox.

  • Collaborate closely with your team

    Allow your team members to collaborate on e-mails. You can manage permissions and access rights, and let your team see who is working on which message.

  • Analyze team performance

    Get all the data your need about customer experience, team performance and workload to start improving your customer service standards.

  • Secure data and ensure compliance

    Front ensures daily backups and uses encryption, and is also SOC 2 and GDPR compliant.

  • More than 100 integrations

    You can integrate Front with 100 different apps for better customer management.

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20% off any Front annual plans for the first year