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Notification software for SaaS

Announcefly allows you to increase the adoption rate of your products thanks to an ultra-powerful notification system.

General information about Announcefly

Automated notifications, user suggestions, embedded video tutorials: with Announcefly, your users are kept always up to date on your latest features and releases. They can also contribute to their continuous improvement.

Announcefly increases the adoption rate of your products and services and ensures better customer retention.

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Secret's take about Announcefly

You have finally launched the latest release of your product! But the problem is that your users don't even seem to have tried it... Adopt Announcefly and set up automated notifications so that your users don't miss a single new feature, and boost your adoption rates.

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

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Announcefly pricing


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Custom monthly active users

Custom team users

Custom workspaces




/ month

1,000 montly active users

1 team user

1 workspace

Customer inbox notifications



/ month

10,000 monthly active users

5 team users

3 workspaces

Send emails from your domain

Announcefly features

  • Embedded video tutorials

    Integrate video tutorials directly into your software to show step-by-step how to use a feature

  • Useful links

    Add links to documentation or webinars so that your users always feel supported

  • Automated notifications

    Users are automatically notified when a new feature or the latest version of your product is released.

  • Notification management

    Whether it's a beta product, a new feature or a global announcement about the software, Announcefly allows you to manage all notifications

  • User suggestions

    Collect suggestions from your users, accept them and turn them into new features to never lose customers