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Lead Management Software promo code – October 2023

Lead Management Software

Lead Management Software is used to capture, organize, and manage sales leads for a business. It provides a platform to track and nurture leads, allowing sales teams to identify potential customers and make informed decisions about when and how to engage with them. Lead management software can help businesses streamline their sales processes, enhance customer relationships, and increase conversions. It can also provide insights into customer trends and behaviors, helping businesses adjust their marketing strategies to better meet customer needs.

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logo pipedrive

Pipedrive 1 deal available

Stay focused on sales and collect more leads with this lead management software

Pipedrive is the easy to install and use CRM software that will allow your sales team to save time and stay focused on their activities to make more sales.


30% discount for 12 months (Save $4,000)
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logo freshworks

Freshworks 1 deal available

Software suite for sales, marketing, and customer service teams

Freshworks makes it easy to centralize, share and understand data across your business. Your marketing, sales and customer service teams work on the same data to offer a unique and personalized experience to each of your leads and customers.

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo prospectin

Waalaxy (ex. ProspectIn) 1 deal available

Connect with and prospect your leads effectively

Waalaxy is your one-stop solution for efficient LinkedIn and email outreach, giving you the power to expand your network and drive business growth with ease.

1 month free (Save $170)
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logo mailchimp

Mailchimp 1 deal available

Email and Marketing Automation

Mailchimp is the #1 email and marketing automations brand* helping businesses find and engage customers across email, social media, landing pages, and advertising platforms.

50% off the Standard plan for 6 months (Save $1,870)
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logo freshworks crm

Freshsales Suite 1 deal available

CRM software

Freshsales Suite uses the power of artificial intelligence to make salespeople's jobs easier with more complete and reliable automations (lead generation, lead qualification, automated scenarios, lead scoring, etc.).

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo apollo 1 deal available

Sales Intelligence and Engagement Platform

Helping founders and sales teams find their ideal buyers and convert them into customers.

25% off any annual plan (Save $2,370)
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logo getaccept

GetAccept 1 deal available

Boost your sales with an all-in-one sales engagement platform

GetAccept is the tool that will help increase your conversion rate. It boosts the engagement of your prospects with quality content, personalized videos, live chats, and more. The platform even allows you to better manage your deal closing!

50% off any plans for 12 months for up to 2 users (Save $270)
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logo findcustomer

Findcustomer 1 deal available

Sales prospecting software

Findcustomer is a sales enablement tool that allows you to find the right leads and engage them easily via campaigns.

50% off for 6 months (Save $297)
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logo sparklane

Sparklane 1 deal available

Artificially intelligent lead generation to change the way you prospect

Sparklane helps you find the best leads in just 3 clicks, not only providing qualified leads but also improving the effectiveness of your prospecting campaigns.

3 months free on the "Discover" plan (25% off) (Save $285)
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logo  leadgen app

LeadGen App 1 deal available

Create high-converting online forms to capture more leads.

LeadGen allows you to quickly create flexible and beautiful forms, adapted to your customer journey. Get ahead of your competitors and capture more leads from your website.

50% off during on the monthly Pro plan for life (Save $147)
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logo sweet show

Sweet Show 1 deal available

Track your prospects’ interest in your offers in real time.

Knowledge is power. Discover your clients’ and prospects’ interest and behaviour when consulting your offers and presentations. In less than 5 minutes, personalise your sequences, your follow-up messages, and your meetings.

6 months free (Save $210)
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logo limecall

LimeCall 1 deal available

Lead generation and qualification software

Thanks to LimeCall prospects who visit your website can request a callback in one click. Lead generation and qualification becomes easier, more natural and faster.

50% off for 1 year (Save $390)
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logo datananas

Datananas 1 deal available

Automate your prospecting and increase your turnover

Datatanas allows you to build the prospecting file you need in no time. You can also set up automated and personalized follow-up emails, so that opportunities are never missed.

50% off Pro plan for 6 months (Save $210)
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logo happierleads

Happierleads 1 deal available

B2B sales prospecting tool

With Happierleads, you can easily identify the companies that visit your website. You can therefore concentrate your prospecting efforts on companies that are already interested in your brand and increase your conversion rates and turnover.

20% off for the first year (Save $600)
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logo outplay

Outplay 1 deal available

Sales engagement platform

Outplay enables your sales team to optimize their outreach and boost lead engagement accross all channels. Thus, enhancing your sales.

40% off for 12 months (up to 2 users) (Save $360)
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logo bigin

Bigin CRM 1 deal available

CRM software for small businesses

The Bigin platform helps you manage your customer relationships more easily. Centralize information and review sales pipelines with great accuracy to close more sales, faster.

$100 in Zoho Wallet credits (Save $100)
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logo zoho

Zoho 2 deals available

All-in-one customer relationship management software

The Zoho platform brings together in a single tool all the functionalities your startup needs to manage and optimize customer relations on a daily basis.

2 deals available - $1,500 in credits for 1 year (Save $1,500)
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logo spylead

Spylead 1 deal available

Email search platform

The Spylead solution allows you to quickly collect emails from different channels. This allows you to build a B2B database quickly and efficiently. Your marketing becomes more powerful, faster.

50% off the monthly/annual Basic or Standard plan (Save $594)
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logo reply

Reply io 1 deal available

Multi-channel sales engagement platform

Powered by AI, the Reply solution improves every step of the sales process. From prospecting to appointment scheduling, this all-in-one platform allows you to accelerate your processes and increase their performance.

20% off all plans for 12 months (Save $2,160)
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logo outgrow

Outgrow 1 deal available

Questionnaires, surveys & forms tool

The Outgrow platform offers you the opportunity to interact with your customers in a qualitative way. By helping you design quizzes, surveys or evaluations, the tool helps you improve your audience’s engagement and acquire qualified leads.

3 months free on the Essentials plan or 6 months free on Freelancer Pro (Save $345)
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logo toplyne

Toplyne 1 deal available

Behavioral AI platform

Toplyne’s online solution allows you to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence to better understand your customers. You can identify opportunities, create efficient pipelines and improve your conversion rate.

50% off the annual Monetize and Enterprise plans (Save $4,794)
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logo snowcatcloud

SnowcatCloud 1 deal available

Customer data infrastructure

SnowcatCloud provides infrastructure for businesses to build customer-first capabilities through data collection and audience management. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

1 month free trial + 3 months free on the Startup plan (Save $3,000)
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logo hunter


Collect professional email addresses fast and connect with anyone.

Hunter lets you gather the professional email addresses behind any website so you can improve your email outreach and prospecting campaigns.

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logo kaspr


B2B prospecting tool for LinkedIn

Kaspr’s online platform allows you to streamline your prospecting on LinkedIn. Find your prospects’ contact details in just one click, and automate your prospecting strategy to save time and boost efficiency.

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Overloop (ex.

Sales automation software

Centralize customer knowledge and automate your sales processes to win more customers, faster.

There is no deal for this product
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logo klenty


The Sales Engagement Platform For Growing Sales Teams

Start off your prospecting the right way and prepare your CRM for the new customers to come

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logo gosquared


One-stop-shop for live chat, marketing automation, website analytics and CRM

GoSquared is a suite of integrated products to help you grow your business. From understanding the effectiveness of your digital marketing, to converting new users, to engaging with customers personally at scale, GoSquared helps you get closer to...

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logo findmassleads


A new way to find leads for software companies.

Discover untapped mines of leads from the technologies you use.

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logo helpcrunch


All-in-one customer messaging platform. Live chat, Email automation, Knowledge base & more.

Since 2016, HelpCrunch has been building a product to help startups and SMBs connect with and talk to their customers in a modern way. 

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logo prospectwith


Increase your sales by targeting the right leads

Spot all the companies and the decision-makers that are likely to buy your product.

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logo really simple systems crm

Really Simple Systems CRM

CRM system for small businesses

Really Simple Systems CRM will enable your teams to save time while making more sales; its easy-to-use software will ensure they can manage and convert their prospects and leads.

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logo notifia


Engage, convert & retain website visitors.

30+ marketing widgets to maximize growth on your website. Notifia offers a suite of website widgets & in-app notifications to help you engage retain and convert website visitors.

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logo salesmachine


Turn signups to high-value customers

Salesmachine is the leading post-signup customer success platform for revenue teams - sales, customer success, growth, marketing.

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logo dripify


Supercharge lead generation on LinkedIn

The multifunctional LinkedIn automation tool designed to help your sales team improve LinkedIn prospecting and close more deals — all on complete autopilot

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logo allcolibri


Grow your Impact, Build a better Future

allcolibri is a plug-and-play impact activation platform that allows companies to act for the planet in an automated way while engaging their customers, employees, or partners with good deeds: plant trees, remove plastic from oceans, offer meals...

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logo copper


The simple and smart CRM solution for your business

As an AI-powered CRM platform, Copper brings value to businesses by simplifying and automating various sales and marketing tasks, providing insightful analytics and reporting, and enhancing overall collaboration and communication among team members.

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logo insightly


Powerful CRM and project management software

Insightly is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage their sales pipeline, customer data, projects, and tasks in one unified platform.

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logo less annoying crm

Less Annoying CRM

Simple CRM built for small businesses

Less Annoying CRM provides a simple and affordable solution for small businesses to manage their customer relationships more effectively.

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logo leadjet


Make your CRM work on LinkedIn

Leadjet helps you reach your goals by adding contacts and synchronizing messages from LinkedIn to your CRM

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logo lusha


Unlock the power of professional contacts with Lusha - Your secret to seamless lead generation and reliable contact information

Lusha brings the value of reliable and accurate contact information for businesses, allowing entrepreneurs to easily connect with potential customers and partners.

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logo neodeal


Generate leads with your Linkedin profile

Exploit the commercial potential of your Linkedin network!

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logo leadfuze


A search engine for leads

Welcome to the leader in cutting edge data intelligence since 2014.

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logo keap


All-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software for small businesses

Keap brings value by providing a CRM and marketing automation software that helps small businesses manage their customer interactions, streamline their sales process, and automate their marketing campaigns.

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