We help people start their own business and be free


Invest in yourself to achieve big things

At Secret, we believe in a world where everyone can make a living with their own business. By investing in yourself, starting small, and not racing through the stages, you can do big things.

With all the fundraising news and startups buzz, we’ve almost forgotten that a business must make a profit to be sustainable.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve lived the early days of starting a business twice where finding a profitable business model while maintaining costs low is tough, yet incredibly exciting.

We’ve created Secret to help you kickstart your startup, grow more, and spend less.

Our marketplace provides entrepreneurs with amazing SaaS deals, unique content, SaaS experts, and gives you access to a worldwide network of entrepreneurs.

Our values


Work on what you want, when you want and where you want. This is what we believe in.


To reach our goals and carry out our projects, we need to trust in ourselves and the people who are around us.


It is by being humble that we are able to recognize our failures and limitations to constantly progress.

Our Story

Edouard Rosenblum


Jean-Loup Karst


Time flies...

Time flies… Jean-Loup and I met in 2012 when we were both working at two very early stage startups: Paymill and mention. At that time, we did not have any experience nor skills, only a strong motivation to make our companies successful and learn as much as we can.

We've always been inspired by the pioneers, the adventurers, the ones who innovate, build new things, and challenge the status quo. We were also convinced that we should start our own company. When we came up with the idea of breaz (a recruitment marketplace), we launched it in 2014 with just a few thousand euros and while still working full time at our jobs. We've learned the hard way on how to thrive in a constrained environment and we realized that so many entrepreneurs were in exactly the same situation: limited capital, no outside funding, and the need to find a product-market fit to generate revenues.

After having sold breaz (and having taken some well deserved holidays), we decided to launch Secret to help entrepreneurs kickstart their business by providing them with amazing resources and discounts on the best services.

Today, 45,000+ people are using Secret and hundreds of VCs, accelerators, fintech and marketplaces provide our white-labeled platform to their own customers to help them grow.

Secret is now a small team working fully remotely from Paris, Biarritz, Reims and Montpellier with the mission of helping more and more people succeed through entrepreneurship.