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Translation Software

Translation software saas is a web-based tool used to convert text from one language to another. It is used to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. The software can be either a stand-alone program or an integrated component of a suite of programs. Translation software is typically used to facilitate business interactions, to provide multilingual support to websites and other digital media. It can also be used to convert written documents into a different format, such as a PDF or Word document.

About Translation

Why is translation important for small businesses?
In order to grow, it is in a small company's interest to offer communication content in different languages. This can help you start an effective internationalization process.Indeed, reaching foreign markets is not only a task for large companies. On the contrary, it is common for a small company to have a product or service that is successful internationally, but is only popular in its home country. Similarly, some markets may be particularly interested in a particular product of yours. For all these reasons, it is very relevant to broaden your marketing possibilities after a careful study of the various target markets.Furthermore, beyond simple word-for-word translation, a quality translation allows you to maintain terminological consistency. This allows you to maintain the desired tone and control over your brand image, regardless of your target market.In addition, a human translator from a translation agency translates into foreign languages while respecting the cultural specificities of each country. However, for a small company, the cost of professional translators can be a real barrier. Fortunately, it is possible to use a translation application that allows you to translate into different languages at a controlled cost or to use a SaaS translation platform.
What are the advantages of translating my website or application?
Communicating in your customers’ native language is a sign of seriousness. It shows your commitment and respect for your target audience. There is a wide variety of texts to translate or target text: homepage, blog posts, landing page, etc. Making this effort allows you to move up the prospect’s search engine and gain visibility. In addition, you will significantly improve your conversion rate, as prospects have better access to information.On top of that, customers will be very satisfied with clear and well-translated article descriptions. They will then be much more likely to share glowing reviews of your company on the web, which will benefit your online reputation in the long run.It is also worth noting that using translation software will greatly expand your customer base. While some customers may understand a foreign language, not all of your prospects will. Therefore, translating into the language of the target market is ideal for targeting a much wider audience.
What are the tools used for quality translations?
Before embarking on a translation process, it is essential to know more about the different translation tools available to you:- Machine translation- Computer-assisted translation- SaaS translation toolsMachine translation (MT)This is an instantaneous translation. Neural networks translate a text in a few seconds. This solution combines speed and cost reduction. However, there are many disadvantages: lack of contextual awareness, problems with punctuation, or inaccuracies. This type of translation can be found in Wordpress plugins, applications available on Android and iOS, or in Google translate or Deepl solutions.Although such a tool is useful for your employees on a daily basis, as it is quick and allows them to grasp the general meaning of an email or text, we do not recommend it for marketing purposes. Indeed, translation errors can have a devastating effect on your brand image.Computer Aided Translation (CAT)This second category of language tools is aimed at professional translators. CAT software facilitates their work by offering translation assistance. In practice, the translator saves time, but retains final control of the translation. This saves costs and allows the translator to work on many translation projects simultaneously.If your company wants to hire an in-house translator, then CAT translation software is perfect for maximizing productivity.One example is Trados, the market leader. The tool incorporates a terminology database and a translation memory that will greatly facilitate the translation process. In addition, its compatibility with many essential tools such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice means that the layout of the source content can be preserved.Secondly, there is memoq which offers solutions for companies as well as for freelance translators. Terminology management or automatic quality control guarantee high-quality translations. Its strength lies in its ease of use, which ensures that you can simplify the work of your employees.SaaS translation toolsFinally, we have the SaaS tools. These are perfect for accessing translation solutions anytime, anywhere. Although web-based, such a tool does not translate automatically. Unlike Google Translate for example, SaaS translation software allows the translation process to be outsourced, saving time, reducing translation costs, and improving business agility.AT Language Solutions offers access to translations in the shortest possible time. These are carried out by specialist translators, not by programs. This type of SaaS tool therefore allows you to benefit from the ease of use of the automatic translator as well as the skills of a human translation expert.Transeo offers expert translations in several languages. From order taking to delivery of translated content, everything happens online. Capable of supporting a wide range of topics, Transeo is also able to offer a wide range of translation options across 33 different language combinations.If you are looking for a platform to streamline your translation efforts, Crowdin may be the solution. This SaaS tool centralizes your multilingual projects by gathering all your content and facilitating collaborative work. Note that you can integrate your own translators or translators from a translation agency into the team. Crowdin is therefore relevant to different types of projects.