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Finance Software

Finance software saas is used to manage financial operations, such as budgeting, accounting, and investments. This type of saas tool is designed to help individuals, businesses, and organizations manage their finances more efficiently. It can provide users with helpful features such as tracking expenses and income, creating financial reports, and managing multiple accounts. Finance software can also help users identify areas of potential savings, create financial plans, and manage investments. It is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to have better control over their finances.

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FreshBooks Logo

FreshBooks 1 deal available

Simplify your business accounting

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting solution designed to simplify financial management for small business owners and freelancers. Whether you’re on the go or at the office, FreshBooks keeps your finances organized and accessible.

90% off for 4 months (Save $169)
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logo stripe

Stripe 1 deal available

Manage your online payments

Stripe is a payment solution for ecommerce websites. It can be easily integrated to your website or app, and allows you to accept your customers' payments.


Waived Stripe fees on your next $20,000 in payment processing (Save $500)
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logo xero

Xero 1 deal available

Accounting software

The Xero platform is the ideal accounting tool for small and medium-sized businesses. With it, you can pay invoices and track expenses and income with ease.

1 month free (Save $40)
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logo square point of sale

Square Point of Sale 1 deal available

The simplest way to run your business

Square Point of Sale brings value by providing a user-friendly and efficient platform for businesses to accept payments, manage inventory, track sales, and gain insights through advanced analytics, all while providing a seamless customer experience.

Waived fees on $10,000 in transactions (Save $260)
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logo expensify

Expensify 1 deal available

Expense management, simplified.

Expensify is an expense management solution that helps streamline the way you handle your financial transactions. With Expensify, you can easily track expenses, capture receipts, and manage reports, all in one user-friendly platform.

50% off annual subscriptions for 6 months (Save $1,080)
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logo synder

Synder 1 deal available

Accounting software for e-commerce

The Synder platform saves you valuable time by fully automating your accounting and connecting all sales channels in a common ecosystem. Ideal for improving the growth of your online business.

30% off annual plans (Save $356)
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Wise Logo

Wise 1 deal available

Smarter money management across borders

Wise revolutionizes the way you manage money internationally. This innovative platform offers transparent, low-cost currency exchanges, and cross-border payments so you can enjoy real exchange rates and swift transactions, making global finance...

Waived account setup fee (Save $56)
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logo revolut

Revolut 1 deal available

Multi-currency online business account

Revolut Business is an online account for professionals. Multi-currency, it allows you to easily trade internationally. Thanks to its comprehensive and easy-to-use features, this internet banking account is suitable for all types of businesses.

1 month free (Save $149)
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logo melio

Melio 1 deal available

Billing software

The Melio solution facilitates the management of your company by simplifying your payments. You can make all your expense payments and invoices online. At any time, you decide how to pay your suppliers and subcontractors.

$100 cashback on your first payment of $200 or more (Save $100)
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logo brex

Brex 1 deal available

All-in-one expense platform

Brex software is an expense management platform that allows you to centralize all your needs in one place: corporate cards, expense management or invoice payment.

25,000 points for Brex account deposits and Brex cards (Save $250)
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logo chargebee

Chargebee 1 deal available

Billing and subscription management for SaaS B2B

Easily manage your subscriptions, recurring payments, billing and accounting. All with automation and reporting features.

Free access to Starter Plan until the first $1 million in revenue (Save $7,200)
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razorpay logo

Razorpay 1 deal available

Simplify your payments, streamline your finances

Razorpay is a comprehensive online payment solution platform that offers a wide range of services such as a payment gateway, payment links, payment pages, and payment buttons, catering to both online and offline businesses.

25% off Source to Pay and Payroll plans (Save $300)
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logo freebe

Freebe 1 deal available

Micro-business management software for freelancers

From the edition of a quote to the declaration of the turnover, freelancers can manage their entire micro-enterprise with Freebe. All the tedious administrative tasks are simplified to leave them time to manage their business and their customers.

50% off on annual plan (Save $42)
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logo airwallex

Airwallex 1 deal available

A complete financial suite

Airwallex offers a comprehensive suite of banking solutions for professionals. The suite includes business accounts and borderless banking cards to enable companies to expand their business globally and accelerate growth.

Get $300 bonus after $3000 spent through Airwallex Borderless Card. (Save $500)
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logo mangopay

MangoPay 1 deal available

Secure online payment solution

Whether you are a marketplace, an e-shop, a crowdfunding platform or a B2B platform, MangoPay makes it easy for your customers to pay. Your payment flows are simplified, automated and secure.

€50,000 free transaction volume for 6 months (Save $800)
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logo shine

Shine 1 deal available

100% online pro account

Shine simplifies the management of your business with a pro account that integrates accounting and billing tools, and allows you to take out business loans at preferred rates.

3 months free on Premium plan (Save $90)
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logo invoiceberry

InvoiceBerry 1 deal available

Online invoicing software to get paid faster

With InvoiceBerry, sending and tracking invoices and expenses has never been easier. Create documents in just a minute and manage expenses and payments from a single platform.

6 months free on Pro plan (Save $180)
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logo qonto

Qonto 1 deal available

The all-in-one business account

Qonto makes it easier to manage your daily finances (credit cards, expense report and accounting). All of it, with no hidden fees or bad surprises.

3 months free on Essential (for businesses), 4 months free on Smart, or 7 months free on the Basic plan (for freelancers) (Save $100)
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logo mercury

Mercury 1 deal available

Online banking accounts and services for startups

Mercury helps startups grow and manage their capital by offering simplified banking services with no hidden costs.

Spend $10K on your debit card within 90 days of account approval and get $500. (Save $500)
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logo forecastr

Forecastr 1 deal available

Financial model design platform

The Forecastr platform walks through the process of creating a robust financial model. Accelerate your company’s growth, impress your investors, and forecast revenue efficiently.

25% off the annual subscription + $0 onboarding fees (Save $500)
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logo prelo

Prelo 1 deal available

B2B prospecting platform for solopreneurs

Prelo connects you with the decision makers of top VC-funded startups. You can then easily connect with fast-growing, high-potential companies in just a few clicks on the SaaS-based platform.

50% off all plans for 1 year (Save $138)
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Tiime 1 deal available

The all-in-one solution for managing your business

Tiime is the solution that makes daily business management easier for thousands of entrepreneurs. It's an all-in-one solution that combines invoicing and pre-accounting software with a business account and a mastercard.

6 months free (Save $90)
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logo 1 deal available

Investor relations management platform

Specially designed for startup founders, Visible includes all the features needed for optimal investor relations management. These include investor updates and data integration to extract key financial and operational KPIs.

Starter plan free for 1 year (Save $700)
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logo karmen

Karmen 1 deal available

Growth capital, without dilution

Karmen is a non-dilutive financing solution for SaaS and subscription companies.

Zero commission on the first €10,000 financed (Save $1,000)
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logo every

Every 1 deal available

All-in-one financial management solution

The Every platform supports founders in the management of their company’s finances. From accounting to treasury to HR, Every offers complete functionalities to help you optimize your financial management.

9 months free on the HR plan (Save $2,250)
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logo payplug

PayPlug 1 deal available

Omnichannel payment solution for SMEs

Whether you are selling online or collecting in-store, Payplug is an alternative to traditional banks and makes it easy for your customers to manage their payments.

3 months off on Pro or Premium plans (except Shopify plugin) (Save $150,000)
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logo thankz

Thankz 1 deal available

Managed global remote staff for your business.

Build your team with full-time, skilled offshore staff with ease. Thankz provides the staff and manages all the associated employment responsibilities with less overheads.

20% off for any plan (Save $1,500)
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logo ipaidthat

iPaidThat 1 deal available

Financial and account management tool

iPaidThat is the tool that will allow you to simplify your accounting. This tool allows you to automatically collate your invoices, pay your expenses, send documents and record the movements of your accounts. All this, to save you time and...

3 months free on any plan (Save $147)
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logo subops

SubOps 1 deal available

Optimize the cost of the paid software you use

SubOps tracks for you the number of inactive users for each software you use. You receive alerts via Slack when you pay for inactive users.

Get 50% off for any annual plan (Save $250)
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logo pennylane

Pennylane 1 deal available

All-in-one financial management platform

Pennylane allows you to centralize all your company’s accounting and financial management in one place. Quotes and invoices management, purchase management, or sales management are all elements that you will find in the dashboards of this SaaS tool.

3 months free on all plans (Save $297)
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logo dougs

Dougs 1 deal available

An online accountant for better management and more efficiency.

Dougs is a platform that will allow you to be in touch with an online accountant. Available to help you at any time, they will manage your accounting to save you time so you can concentrate on the many other tasks required in running your business.

2 months free (Pack Liberté) and 50€ discount on your business registration (Save $138)
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logo memberstack

Memberstack 1 deal available

No-code user accounts and online payment services

Memberstack helps you add user profile, account creation and secure payment features to your website, without ever needing to code.

6 months free on Pro Plan (Save $150)
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logo paypal


Whatever your activity, PayPal meets your needs

From payment on your site to card readers, PayPal offers solutions that fit the way you sell.

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logo venmo


The simple way to send and receive money

Venmo is a convenient mobile payment service that allows users to easily send money to friends and family, split bills, and make purchases. It eliminates the need for physical cash, checks, or bank transfers, making transactions seamless and...

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Quickbooks Online Logo

Quickbooks Online

Simplify your accounting, streamline your business.

Quickbooks Online brings value to businesses by providing them with an efficient and user-friendly cloud-based accounting software solution. It allows users to easily manage their finances, track expenses and income, create and send invoices,...

There is no deal for this product
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logo quickbooks

QuickBooks 1 deal available

Optimize your accounting and invoicing management with ease.

Quickbooks is a software that will allow you to manage your accounting quickly and easily. Record your expenses with simple photos, analyze your cash flow, manage your unpaid bills, and many other tasks that will simplify your accounting life.

30% off for 6 months (Save $360)
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Ramp Logo


Elevate your financial game with seamless efficiency

Ramp is a financial platform designed for businesses, offering streamlined expense management and insights to drive cost savings. It simplifies financial processes with intuitive tools and real-time reporting, making it easier for companies to...

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logo quickbooks desktop enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Power your business's accounting management

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise brings value by providing advanced features and tools for managing complex business operations, such as advanced inventory management, customizable reporting, and enhanced payroll processing. It is designed for medium...

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logo sap concur

SAP Concur

Streamlining travel, expense, and invoice management

SAP Concur provides a comprehensive set of travel, expense, and invoice management solutions to help businesses streamline their financial processes, increase compliance and control, and gain visibility and insights into their spending.

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Airbase Logo


"Empowering Entrepreneurs to Thrive with Affordable SaaS Solutions"

Airbase brings value to businesses by providing a comprehensive spend management platform that helps them effectively manage and control their expenses. With features like automated invoice processing, virtual and corporate card management, bill...

There is no deal for this product
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logo quickbooks desktop pro

QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Manage your business finances like a pro.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro brings value in terms of efficient and accurate financial management for small to medium-sized businesses, including features such as invoice creation, expense tracking, financial reporting, and inventory management.

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logo wave accounting

Wave Accounting

Simplify your finances with ease

Wave Accounting brings value by providing small business owners with accessible and easy-to-use financial management software, allowing them to streamline their accounting and focus more on growing their business.

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NetSuite Logo


"Netsuite: Empowering Businesses with Unified Cloud Solutions"

Netsuite brings immense value to businesses by providing a comprehensive suite of cloud-based software solutions for managing crucial aspects of operations, including financials, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, inventory...

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logo happay


The smarter way to manage business expenses

Happay brings value by providing an expense management solution that streamlines and automates the entire expense reporting process for businesses, resulting in increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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logo zoho books

Zoho Books

Your financial companion in a digital world

Zoho Books is a user-friendly online accounting software designed to simplify your financial management, invoicing, expense tracking, and more.

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logo mavenlink


Uniting your team, projects, and profitability

Mavenlink is a cloud-based project management and collaboration software that helps businesses streamline and optimize their project management processes, enabling them to increase efficiency, manage resources effectively, and deliver projects on...

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Fiverr Workspace Logo

Fiverr workspace

"Secret: Empowering Entrepreneurs with SaaS Deals, Expert Tips, and Global Networking."

Fiverr Workspace brings immense value to entrepreneurs and businesses by providing a versatile and collaborative platform for project management and team collaboration. With features such as task management, file sharing, communication tools, and...

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Payoneer Logo


Global payments, made easy

Payoneer brings value by providing entrepreneurs and businesses with a secure and convenient way to send and receive global payments, manage multiple currencies, and access funds quickly. With Payoneer, businesses can expand their global reach,...

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Sage Intacct Logo

Sage intacct

"Unlock your business potential with Sage Intacct: Powerful cloud-based software for smarter financial management."

Sage Intacct brings value by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly SaaS solution for financial management. It offers powerful tools for accounting, reporting, budgeting, and analytics, helping businesses streamline their financial processes,...

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Regpack Logo


"Regpack: Streamline your registration process effortlessly."

Regpack brings value by providing a comprehensive registration management solution for businesses and organizations. With Regpack, users can easily create customizable registration forms, automate payments and communications, manage participant...

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About Finance

What are the key steps to successful financial management?
There are several key steps to successful financial management.To begin with, cash flow management is required. This includes creating quotes, invoices, monitoring their payments and making reminders. But you also need to ensure that you have the cash you need at all times. Having software where accounting data can be viewed in user-friendly dashboards is the first step in anticipating any problems.Secondly, you need to keep time for accounting and meet payment deadlines. For this reason, you need a time-saving financial management solution. It should also allow you to monitor deadlines and send you notifications if necessary to avoid missing deadlines.Finally, you need to centralize information and have a collaborative solution. This will allow team members to work efficiently and better manage the company’s financial resources. Note that in order to evaluate your company’s financial performance over time, it is important to set up performance indicators that you will monitor over the months.
How do startups manage their finances?
Running a startup is full of obstacles: a product or service that is struggling to find its audience, distribution problems, production delays, etc. In addition to all these difficulties, there is a final pitfall: the financial management of the company. Having an excellent idea for a product does not mean that you will be able to manage the startup’s accounting perfectly to guarantee real financial performance. However, financial performance is essential to achieve profitability and success.While it is important to have a good accountant or even a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), the first step is to acquire quality financial management solutions to monitor accounting operations.From the business plan to the payment of invoices and the balance sheet, a good organization must allow you to:- Draw up a cash flow plan- Automate the payment of invoices- Ensure that you have a reserve fund- Identify financing needsTo achieve this, you need a financial management tool. To find the most suitable software, you need to identify your needs precisely and then assess the suitability of the solutions on the market.
What are the best tools to manage your finances as a small business?
To ensure that your small business or startup is in excellent financial health, it is best to opt for one of the proven financial management systems. For this reason, we present the best SaaS solutions in the industry.QuickbooksTo begin with, we can only recommend the excellent accounting and financial management software Quickbooks. It’s easy to use and ideal for small business, but it’s also perfectly suited to the needs of growing companies. With just a few clicks, you can create invoices that comply with accounting standards, monitor their payments, and follow up on unpaid invoices. In addition, the connection with your bank is ideal for monitoring your company’s cash flow and financial situation at any time. XeroStartups have specific needs: fast decision making and teamwork. Xero meets this demand. This corporate finance solution allows you to create quotes and invoices in different currencies, but also to monitor your cash flow or manage your payroll. Accounting documents are shared in a matter of moments and your entire team can connect to Xero simultaneously. This tool is therefore ideal to ensure a good financial management of your startup. Your growth will be accompanied in all serenity thanks to this complete and easy to use software.FreebeFor freelancers, the online solution Freebe is the perfect choice. All the financial data and tools needed for business management are included. Creating quotations and invoices, monitoring outstanding payments and even declaring turnover to the URSSAF, everything is possible with this nicely designed tool. In addition, Freebe offers you the possibility to accept credit card payments thanks to the synchronization with Stripe. All of this allows freelancers to save time and focus on their assignments.
Why is financial management important for startups?
When launching a startup, you often start from scratch. However, this strength is also a weakness, because if the founders and employees have few obstacles, the newly created company also has little financial resistance in case of operational difficulties.To support the growth of the company over the months and years, it is therefore strategic not to neglect financial management. Otherwise, major difficulties may arise such as:- A lack of cash to finance essential investments- Difficulty in paying employees at the end of the month- Forgetting to follow up on unpaid invoices- Poor forecasting of business growth- Poor assessment of the need for additional fundsThese major problems can occur or worse, accumulate. For a startup, this can be fatal. On the contrary, strict control of expenses and good financial health allow you to identify corrective actions to be taken if problems arise, because you will have better visibility. Similarly, excess cash can be used to invest wisely or participate in the development of your startup.