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OpenVC is an innovative platform designed to democratize access to venture capital for tech founders. It facilitates connections between founders and a global network of investors, including VC firms, angel investors, and corporate funds.

General information about OpenVC

OpenVC is a revolutionary platform designed to bridge the gap between tech startups and the world of venture capital. Aimed at making the fundraising journey smoother and more accessible, OpenVC connects founders directly with a diverse network of investors, including venture capital firms, angel investors, and corporate financiers. This connection is facilitated without any commission or subscription fees, ensuring that startups can leverage their full potential without financial burdens.

The platform boasts an intuitive design that includes a comprehensive investor database, a fundraising CRM, and a deck hosting solution, all integrated to streamline the fundraising process. These tools are crafted to help founders manage their campaigns efficiently, track their progress, and maintain relationships with potential investors.

OpenVC encourages transparency and openness in an industry often clouded by inaccessibility. By providing detailed profiles and preferences of investors, it enables founders to target their pitches more effectively and increase their chances of successful fundraising.

Whether you’re at the seed stage of looking to scale, OpenVC offers tailored resources to support your specific needs. With a global network at your fingertips, the platform facilitates connections that transcend geographical and financial barriers, driving innovation and growth.

Explore the possibilities waiting for you on OpenVC and visit our platform today to discover exclusive offers to kickstart your journey. Start connecting with investors who are as passionate about your success as you are!

1 deal available for OpenVC
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1 deal available for OpenVC

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20% off for 1 year

20% off for 1 year

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OpenVC pricing


Unlimited investor search

Unlimited CRM

Unlimited team members

Fundraising webinars



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5x more outreach

Pitch deck template

10 investor filters

Unlimited deck reviews

OpenVC features

Connect directly with global investors.

  • Investor database

    OpenVC offers a comprehensive database of investors, including VCs, angel investors, and corporate funds, categorized by investment stage, industry preference, and geography for targeted fundraising efforts.

  • Fundraising CRM

    Streamline your fundraising process with OpenVC’s integrated Customer Relationship Management system, designed specifically for managing investor interactions, tracking communications, and organizing fundraising activities effectively.

  • Deck hosting solution

    Securely upload and share your pitch decks directly with potential investors through OpenVC. This feature ensures your presentations are readily accessible and beautifully presented to interested parties.

  • No fee structure

    OpenVC stands out by not charging founders any commission or subscription fees for accessing its network, ensuring that capital raised goes directly towards business growth.

  • Investor matching

    Use OpenVC’s algorithm that intelligently matches startups with potential investors based on compatibility in investment criteria, increasing the likelihood of successful funding.

  • Transparency tools

    The platform promotes transparency by providing detailed profiles on investors, including their past investments, focus areas, and preferences, helping founders make informed decisions.

  • Global access

    OpenVC’s network spans worldwide, giving founders from any region the opportunity to connect with international investors, expanding their horizons beyond local markets.

  • Resource library

    Access a wealth of resources including templates, guides, and articles designed to educate and assist founders in preparing for and navigating the complexities of the fundraising process.

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OpenVC: Pros & Cons


  • No commission fees: OpenVC does not charge founders any commission or subscription fees, making it financially accessible for startups
  • Extensive investor network: With a vast database of diverse investors, OpenVC facilitates broad access to potential funding sources
  • Targeted investor matching: The platform’s intelligent matching system helps align startups with the most suitable investors based on specific criteria


  • Competition: Given the accessibility and attractiveness of the platform, startups may face intense competition for attention from top-tier investors
  • Dependency on platform features: The effectiveness of a startup’s fundraising efforts may heavily depend on the functionality and reliability of OpenVC’s features
  • Limited personal interaction: While OpenVC facilitates initial connections digitally, the platform might lack the personal interaction some investors prefer before committing capital
Interested in OpenVC? Get 20% off for 1 year on OpenVC with our promo code and save up to $238.