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AWS Activate

Amazon's cloud services platform

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Efficiently develop, deploy and maintain high-performance and scalable applications.

General information about AWS Activate

AWS Activate is a comprehensive program designed to support startups and businesses and provide them with the resources and tools they need to build and scale their businesses on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. With AWS Activate, startups can accelerate their growth, innovate with confidence, and access a wide range of benefits and resources.

The AWS Activate program offers startups a range of benefits and resources tailored to their specific needs. Take advantage of AWS credits which provide you with the financial support needed to offset your AWS usage costs. These credits enable you to focus your resources on product development, customer acquisition, and other strategic initiatives.

One of the key advantages of AWS Activate is its extensive network and ecosystem. Startups gain access to the AWS Partner Network (APN), which offers a diverse range of solutions and services from trusted technology partners. This network provides you with opportunities for collaboration, business development, and access to specialized expertise that can accelerate your time to market. 

Additionally, AWS Activate provides startups with access to technical support, enabling them to troubleshoot issues, receive guidance, and tap into the expertise of AWS professionals. You can also benefit from training resources, including online courses and documentation, to help you upskills your teams and maximize their use of AWS services. What’s more, you have the opportunity to connect with a global community of peers, mentors, and investors through events, meetups, and forums. Exchange knowledge, share best practices, and find potential partners or investors to help you drive your growth!

AWS Activate has already been adopted by startups globally, including Airbnb, Slack, and Pinterest, allowing them to scale their businesses and disrupt their industries.

AWS Activate is an invaluable resource for startups looking to harness the full potential of the AWS cloud platform. Leverage the power of AWS credits through Secret to optimize your cloud and costs!

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Secret's take about AWS Activate

Cloud computing : a concept many are familiar with but one that provokes many questions: Where is this cloud, does the weather forecast affect it, does it rain if you exceed the limits? Probably not the most important questions but everyone wants to know... well at least 1 person...🤷

What is AWS Activate?

AWS is literally everything a digital startup would need to create, host and deploy websites and apps easily and securely 🔒 The cloud platform provides over 200 fully featured services from global data centers so you can innovate and grow faster. A few brands you may have heard of such as Netflix, Twitter, the BBC, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Adobe all use AWS to host their content 😉

Our opinion about AWS Activate:

AWS provides a flexible infrastructure for startups and their team 🤸 It gives the power to build just about anything imaginably with the help of databases, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data lakes, analytics, the Internet of Things and many more services 💫

AWS Activate Pricing:

No need to have deep pockets to join the AWS club 💸 Their pay-as-you-go option allows startups to pay for exactly what they need plus add/remove additional servers and/or testing & development environments as they see fit. There are even $1,000 in credits with Secret available to get you started! 💪

Best AWS Activate alternatives:

There are many different cloud computing tools similar to AWS available. And that’s only a few!🤩

- More alternatives to AWS Activate
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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

1 deal available for AWS Activate
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1 deal available for AWS Activate

Up to $5000 in savings

$5,000 in credits for 2 years
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$5,000 in credits for 2 years

$5,000 in credits for 2 years

Unlock our AWS Activate deal and access $5,000 in credits for 2 years, saving you up to $5000 for your startup. There are over 410+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our AWS Activate promo codes, coupons and credits valid in June 2024.

What is AWS Activate used for?

AWS Activate is a vital tool for startups, providing them with the necessary resources to grow and scale their businesses on the AWS cloud platform. It offers financial support through AWS credits, allowing businesses to focus on product development and customer acquisition. Startups can tap into the AWS Partner Network for collaboration and business development opportunities. It also provides technical support and training resources for team upskilling. For instance, startups like Airbnb and Slack have utilized AWS Activate to scale their operations and disrupt their respective industries. AWS Activate is truly a game-changer for small businesses looking to optimize their cloud usage and costs.
Interested in AWS Activate? Get $5,000 in credits for 2 years on AWS Activate with our promo code and save up to $5000.

AWS Activate's Startup Program - FAQ

How can I get access to AWS Activate?

Secret is an accredited partner of AWS Activate. You can only benefit from this promotion if you are a startup that comes from an accredited partner of AWS Activate. Through Secret, you are guaranteed to receive $5,000 in credits if you meet the eligibility criteria.

How will I know if I am approved for AWS Activate?

Once you are a Secret Premium member, you can apply to AWS Activate on Secret. You’ll be invited to answer a few questions so we can make sure you meet the eligibility criteria of the startup program. Once your application is approved - usually within a few hours - you can then follow the instructions to activate AWS’ offer.

What are the benefits of joining AWS Activate?

AWS Activate is an exclusive program for startups that provides $5,000 in credits for 2 years through Secret.

Overall AWS Activate is a program offered by Amazon Web Services that aims to provide startups with resources, tools, and credits to help them build and scale their businesses:

1) Cloud Credits: Startups accepted into the AWS Activate program typically receive cloud credits that can be used to cover the costs of AWS services. These credits can significantly reduce the financial burden on startups, allowing them to focus their resources on product development and growth. 

2) Technical Support: Depending on the tier of the program, businesses may have access to technical support from AWS experts. This can be valuable for troubleshooting issues, optimizing infrastructure, and getting guidance on best practices for utilizing AWS services. 

3) Training and Education: AWS Activate often provides startups with training resources, including online courses, webinars, and documentation. These resources can help startup teams learn how to effectively use AWS services, enabling them to make the most of the cloud platform. 

4) Business Support: Some tiers of the program might offer business support, which could include mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to AWS events and workshops. This can help startups connect with industry professionals, potential investors, and other founders. 

5) Access to AWS Services: Startups can leverage a wide range of AWS services to build, deploy, and scale their applications. This includes computing power, storage, databases, machine learning tools, and more. The program can provide startups with the resources to experiment and innovate using these services. 

6) Global Reach and Scalability: AWS provides a global infrastructure, allowing startups to easily scale their applications to meet growing demand. This can be especially beneficial for startups that experience sudden spikes in user activity. 

7) Ecosystem and Marketplace: By joining AWS Activate, startups become part of the larger AWS ecosystem, which can provide them with visibility and potential partnerships. They can also showcase their products and services on the AWS Marketplace. 

8) Cost Savings: The cloud credits provided through AWS Activate can significantly lower the initial infrastructure costs for startups. This can be especially helpful for early-stage companies with limited funding.

What are the eligibility criteria for AWS Activate?

You must meet the following criteria in order to benefit from AWS Activate:

  • You are a technology startup and your website is live 

  • Your startup is based in North America or Asia-Pacific

  • Your startup must be pre-series B and you are not a solopreneur 

  • Your startup was incorporated in the past 10 years 

  • You have not received more than $5,000 in credits in the past

Testimonials about AWS Activate

Work smarter

Kudos to the team at Secret for a seamless experience. Availed of the AWS deal, worked like a charm! It gives a spring in the step to our continued efforts to build smarter investing machines.

achin agarwal director  portfolio manager algo one

Achin Agarwal, Director & Portfolio Manager, Algo One

A real kickstarter

AWS Activate's credits have been a HUGE help in these first couple of months since Accomplice’s launch while I'm working to build a solid base of users and MRR. It's one less thing for me to worry about for now, which for a solo founder is an absolute godsend.

adam howell founder accomplice

Adam Howell, Founder, Accomplice


Despite researching and interviewing many times with many companies, no one other than Secret has given me descriptive information about AWS Activate Credits. They provided a completely reliable service and I saw $5000 worth of AWS Activate Credits that I applied through Secret in my account incredibly fast, like 1 week. I recommend it to everyone. The BEST!

anil firat owner dropy online

Anil Firat, Owner, Dropy Online

AWS Activate features

Easily develop and deploy applications with AWS.

  • Content distribution

    Easily distribute content to your users, wherever they are in the world, without breaking the bank or worrying about speed.

  • Cloud storage

    An agile platform for data management, backup, migration, access and analysis.

  • Machine Learning

    Quickly develop, train and deploy machine learning algorithms.

  • Startup business resources

    AWS Activate provides startups with a range of resources, including credits, training, and technical support, to help them get off the ground.

  • Computing power

    Get the computing power you need, flexible and scalable, and only pay for what you use.

  • Infrastructure services

    With AWS Activate, startups can access a range of infrastructure services, including cloud computing, storage, and networking, to help them build and scale their applications.

  • Mobile services

    With AWS Activate, startups can leverage powerful mobile services, including app development tools, push notifications, and analytics, to build and scale their mobile apps quickly and efficiently.

  • Developer tools

    AWS Activate offers startups access to a variety of developer tools, including SDKs and APIs, to help them build complex applications with ease.

10 AWS Activate Reviews

4.1 (10 reviews)
  • Diana Martinez

    Amazon Hosting - It's Decent

    We didn't have any problems with customer support or uptime while using aws-activate. However, we found that our IP was flagged for malicious activity by almost every DNS provider, such as CloudFlare. We suspect our VPS IP was previously used for illegal activities. We requested a change of IP, but the new one was also flagged. Apart from this issue, we've had no other problems with Amazon. The pricing is reasonable and the uptime is reliable.

    June 11, 2024

  • Juan M

    Top-Notch Technical Support: AWS Activate Ensures High Service Availability

    The technical support provided by AWS Activate is top-notch. It has helped us resolve issues quickly and maintain high service availability for our customers

    June 1, 2024

  • John Johnson

    Leveraging AWS Activate for Business Growth and Innovation

    With AWS Activate, I've been able to leverage the power of AWS's advanced technologies like machine learning and data analytics to drive growth and innovation in my business

    May 25, 2024

  • Janice Martinez

    Cloud Services Boost Product Development with $1,000 Credit

    its extensive suite of cloud services has allowed us to focus on product development rather than infrastructure management. The $1,000 credit was a significant boost for us

    May 19, 2024

More AWS Activate's reviews

AWS Activate: Pros & Cons


  • Excellent tool security: Amazon’s cloud platform guarantees access to a high-performance infrastructure
  • Pleasant flexibility: The American giant’s solution allows you to develop any type of project
  • Adaptive pricing: AWS only charges for the use of the online services you need


  • Complex for beginners: This cloud solution can be difficult for newbies to get to grips with
  • Difficult planning cost: It can be tricky to strictly define the total cost of services in advance

Why is AWS Activate better than other Cloud Computing software?

AWS Activate is better at customer support than IBM Cloud: 4.6 vs 4.0

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AWS Activate is better at customer support than Google Cloud: 4.6 vs 4.5

AWS Activate has better positive reviews than OVHcloud: 85 vs 77

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AWS Activate is better at support than DigitalOcean: 4.6 vs 4.5

AWS Activate has more features than DigitalOcean: 52 vs 8

AWS Activate is a better solution for customer support than Scaleway: 4.6 vs 4.5

Interested in AWS Activate? Get $5,000 in credits for 2 years on AWS Activate with our promo code and save up to $5000.

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