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A no-code solution for workflow automation

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Make is an automation platform. It allows you to organize all your company’s workflows. From self-employed entrepreneurs to large companies and startups, this SaaS solution is ideal for optimizing all your company’s key processes.

General information about Make

Most of the no-code iPaaS (integration platform as a service) platforms available on the market are often limited. They are linear and non-intuitive. In contrast, Make has chosen to offer a complete and accessible tool for creating, building, and automating workflows.

Based on a visual interface, this platform does not require any particular technical knowledge. Thus, anyone can try to solve a problem in a logical and intuitive way by assembling visual elements on the screen. It becomes easy to schedule tasks, connect applications, or create scenarios in a few clicks via a simple drag and drop.

This accessibility makes it possible to quickly test workflows. While this would normally take days or weeks, it takes only a few minutes or hours to design robust workflows and scenarios via Make.

This gives your company greater agility because you can deploy your solutions faster. In addition, all employees or partners are able to collaborate on a variety of projects to solve problems from the simplest to the most complex.

All departments can benefit from this tool. From sales to finance to customer service, every department can take advantage of Make to improve its performance. It’s a powerful tool to empower everyone in your organization, regardless of size or industry.

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Secret's take about Make

Searching for a tool that suits exactly what you are looking for can be challenging 🔍 Let’s take the example of Goldilock and the 3 bears… we all know how that ends 🤷

What is Make?

Make, the leading visual platform, gives you the power to create, design and build your very own custom solutions that suit exactly what your business needs 💪 Without any code needed, your imagination can run wild with the unlimited possibilities ahead of you. Simply automate workflows or tasks, connect your apps, build scenarios and watch them in real time, and much more all from this one iPaaS platform 🎯

Our opinion about Make:

There are no ends to what you can do with Make’s software 🚀 The automation platform is suitable for all types of businesses; solopreneurs, startups, SMBs, larger enterprises. Access a complete tool to build your automations and empower everyone in your company, from HR & sales, to marketing & finance. What makes this platform even greater is the fact that absolutely no coding knowledge is necessary, removing the barriers so just about anyone can benefit from the great features 😎

Make Pricing:

Make has 5 different pricing plans available for you to choose from, starting with a free plan to get to grips with the tool 🙌 The Pro plan is a popular choice amongst startups and SMBs. Plus, there are 3 months free on Make’s Pro plan available on Secret! 👀

- More details about Make's pricings
Best Make alternatives:

Some alternatives to Make’s iPaaS platform include Zapier, Integrately, Workato and Celigo 🌟

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1 deal available for Make
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1 deal available for Make

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3 months free on Pro Plan

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3 months free on Pro Plan

3 months free on Pro Plan

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What is Make used for?

Make is a revolutionary no-code iPaaS platform that empowers small businesses to streamline their operations. Unlike traditional platforms, Make is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing anyone to create, build, and automate workflows without any technical expertise. For instance, a small retail business can easily automate its inventory management or a startup can quickly set up customer service workflows. This not only saves time but also enhances efficiency. The platform's visual interface enables quick testing of workflows, fostering agility and faster deployment of solutions. With Make, collaboration across departments becomes seamless, driving overall business performance.
Interested in Make? Get 3 months free on Pro Plan on Make with our promo code and save up to $205.

Make pricing


No code workflow builder

1000+ apps

Unlimited users

Two factor authentication


Contact sales

Enterprise apps

Information security compliance support

SSO access control

Operations overage protection



/ month

At least 10,000 ops per month

Unlimited active scenarios

Access to 300+ Make API endpoints

Minimum 1 minute interval between scheduled scenario executions



/ month

At least 10,000 ops per month

Full text execution log search

Operations usage flexibility

High priority scenario execution



/ month

At least 10,000 ops per month

Scenario execution by priority

Teams and team roles

Create and share scenario templates

Make features

Use your imagination to improve performance

  • Design infinite workflows

    Based on the possibilities of your imagination, create workflows with simple drag and drop. Your scenarios can have as many steps as you need. Create robust, high-performance workflows in seconds.

  • Watch the workflow in real time

    Plan workflows and monitor their progress in real time. Whenever you need it, your scenario can be triggered. This way, you can achieve your goals simply and efficiently.

  • Connect all the applications you need

    Make lets you connect all your favorite applications in a few simple steps. You can save time and resources by using your usual tools while optimizing their performance.

  • Access the power of the developer, without coding

    Design complex processes without any technical knowledge. Send requests to a public API or trigger your workflow from any external web service with peace of mind.

  • Stay in control at all times

    Conditional instructions help you control the perfect execution of the workflow. You can set up an alternative workflow that will take over in case of a problem. Make prevents any critical process from failing.

Make reviews

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Make: Pros & Cons


  • Numerous integrations: The Make solution connects quickly to dozens of third-party applications
  • Aesthetics: The no-code Make tool is very pleasant to use and the menus are very ergonomic
  • Attractive pricing: The pricing plans for this automation tool are competitive with the competitors


  • Response time: Some scenario load can sometimes take a while
  • Customer support: Customer service response time is quite long
  • Documentation: The documentation is seriously lacking, which makes it difficult to get started

Why is Make better than other Business Process Management software?

Make has more positive reviews than Airtable: 97 vs 96

Make is better at support than Airtable: 4.6 vs 4.5

Make is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Adalo: 97 vs 85

Make has better positive reviews compared to PhantomBuster: 97 vs 93

Make is better at customer service than PhantomBuster: 4.6 vs 4.0

Make has better positive reviews compared to Slack: 97 vs 95

Make is better at customer service than Slack: 4.6 vs 4.5

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Easily store and organize your data

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Enhance team communication and collaboration.

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Automate sales and marketing activities, boost your productivity

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Reduce bounce rate, improve sender reputation and send emails that convert.

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Create your own app without having to code
Interested in Make? Get 3 months free on Pro Plan on Make with our promo code and save up to $205.