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Growth Marketing Software

Growth Marketing Software is designed to help businesses grow through increased customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. It provides an integrated suite of features to help marketers create and manage campaigns, track analytics, and measure results. With features such as A/B testing, automated campaigns, and lead scoring, Growth Marketing Software enables businesses to create targeted campaigns and analyze their effectiveness, helping them to make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes.

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logo post affiliate pro

Post Affiliate Pro 1 deal available

Affiliate marketing software

Post Affiliate Pro enables you to manage all your affiliate programs in a single interface. Track partner performance and get them paid on time.

$200 credits on any plan (Save $200)
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logo tiktok for business

TikTok for Business 1 deal available

Your suite of marketing and advertising tools

Create, publish, and promote your content on TikTok to reach a a globally-engaged audience.


Get $100 in ad credit when you spend $100 (or $500 for $500) (Save $1,500)
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logo outgrow

Outgrow 1 deal available

Questionnaires, surveys & forms tool

The Outgrow platform offers you the opportunity to interact with your customers in a qualitative way. By helping you design quizzes, surveys or evaluations, the tool helps you improve your audience’s engagement and acquire qualified leads.

3 months free on the Essentials plan or 6 months free on Freelancer Pro (Save $345)
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logo sendinblue

Brevo (ex. Sendinblue) 1 deal available

Centralize marketing and sales tools to increase your growth

Brevo centralizes all your marketing and sales activity, from emailing to marketing automation to social media advertising. Access all the tools you need to boost your sales - in one place!


75% off the annual Business Plan (Save $5,661)
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logo influencekit

InfluenceKit 1 deal available

Influencer marketing platform

Brands or agencies, the InfluenceKit tool allows you to quickly and easily access qualitative data. You can prove the effectiveness of your campaign or measure its performance with ease.

30% off for 1 year (Save $4,316)
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logo narrato

Narrato 1 deal available

Turn your ideas into compelling stories

Narrato is a platform designed to transform your ideas into engaging, well-crafted narratives, offering a streamlined process for content development, from initial brainstorming to final editing.

35% off all plans for 1 year (Save $420)
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logo search ads

Search Ads 1 deal available

Campaign management platform for Apple Search Ads is the tool that will allow you to efficiently manage Apple Search Ads campaigns with all the right assets, so that your app finally stand out.

3 months free (Save $500)
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logo phantom buster

PhantomBuster 1 deal available

Automate sales and marketing activities, boost your productivity

PhantomBuster makes it easy to automate any recurring marketing or sales tasks that you do manually today, for example: identifying new prospects and adding them to your CRM, copying / pasting data from one platform to another, send follow-up...

25% off on any plans for 12 months (Save $2,000)
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logo linkedin


Connect, network, and elevate your career with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's premier professional networking platform, designed to help individuals connect with colleagues, industry peers, and potential employers. Whether you're looking to advance your career, expand your professional network, or...

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Podium Logo


"Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential with Podium: The Platform for Profitable SaaS Deals and Expert Support"

Podium brings value to entrepreneurs by providing them with access to a marketplace filled with amazing SaaS deals, unique content, SaaS experts, and a worldwide network of entrepreneurs.

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"Unlock your startup's potential with Insider: SaaS deals, experts, and a global network for growth."

Insider brings value by providing entrepreneurs with access to a wide range of SaaS deals, unique content, SaaS experts, and a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs. It helps startups kickstart their businesses, grow efficiently, and...

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"Secret: The secret to startup success - profitable growth with affordable SaaS deals and expert support."

Bloomreach brings value to businesses by providing them with a comprehensive and powerful SaaS platform for digital experience and commerce. With Bloomreach, companies can enhance their online presence, optimize customer experiences, and drive...

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logo swagup


Easily create and send swag globally

SwagUp is a powerful platform used by over 5000 companies to create and distribute high quality branded merchandise to teams, customers, and community members around the world.

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referral rock logo

Referral rock

Unleash the Power of Word-of-Mouth with Referral Rock!

Referral Rock is a marketing software that helps businesses design, manage, and optimize referral programs. It streamlines the process of tracking referrals, automates reward distribution, and provides analytics for performance monitoring. The...

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logo microsoft advertising

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft's advertising network for search engines

Attract Internet users who are looking for your products and services online with highly targeted ads on the Microsoft network search engines.

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About Growth Marketing

What is growth marketing?
Growth marketing is a special marketing approach. It is based on testing. In growth marketing, the most important thing is to identify the digital levers that will accelerate growth. The latter must be sufficient to achieve your objectives.This vision of marketing is based on testing and learning. It uses A/B tests, SEO, SEA campaigns, or qualitative content to find sources of growth. The data collected allows the strategy to be redirected at any time if necessary.Implementing your growth marketing strategy requires:- Identifying areas for testing and optimization- Developing hypotheses to improve processes- Deploying tests to evaluate the hypotheses- Analyzing the data collected and repeating the cycleNote that this testing approach can be applied to all stages of a conversion tunnel. This applies to both inbound marketing and outbound marketing:- Identification of keywords- Setting up an editorial line- Deployment of a content marketing strategy- Creation of landing pages- Natural referencing strategy- Paid search strategy- Deployment of email marketing- Creation of satisfaction surveysIn summary, it can be said that the priority of growth marketing is pragmatism. Testing allows you to quickly identify the best practices to achieve your objectives. Thus, growth marketing will use all available digital channels to drive traffic to your website, boost conversion rates, and build customer loyalty.
Why do startups need growth marketing?
Startups have a small budget and need to break into their market quickly. For this type of company, marketing, and communication must bring results in the shortest possible time. For this reason, growth marketing is perfectly suited to the needs of these types of companies.Growth marketing is ideal when budgets are tight. With growth marketing, many growth levers can be identified and activated. Marketing campaigns can then focus on the most promising and profitable channels.The growth marketing approach is summarized with the AARRR matrix:- Acquisition - attracting leads- Action - converting leads - Retention - building customer loyalty- Recommendation - turning customers into ambassadors- Revenue - each user or customer is an added value The method is therefore global and allows action to be taken throughout the conversion tunnel and the customer journey.As part of a startup’s digital marketing strategy, growth marketing will be used to:- Precisely target the market’s expectations- Set up a competitive intelligence- Boost the engagement of the target audience- Generate high traffic- Deploy a strategy on all available levers- Measure performance indicators- Measure the ROI of the strategies implementedSo, growth marketing will allow you to reach your potential customers wherever they are. The test and learn approach will allow you to combine efficiency and cost control, which is essential for a startup. In addition, it allows you to diversify your marketing mix and adapt your strategy at any time to maintain rapid growth.
What tools enable an effective growth marketing strategy?
In order to reach your targets, develop an effective action plan, and build a growth marketing strategy, it is necessary to acquire specific tools. These are of course very distinct in their uses, as growth marketing deals with the entire sales tunnel.HootsuiteThe SaaS software Hootsuite is specialized in the management of social networks. Social media can be centralized via Hootsuite, which is an essential step in building brand awareness. Via the dashboard, it is possible to manage a collaborative editorial calendar, manage and optimize ads, but also create a library of branded content for your entire company. This makes Hootsuite the ideal platform for keeping in touch with your prospects and customers and fostering engaged communities.Instapage Designing nice, impactful landing pages is key to improving your conversion rate. Instapage allows you to create high-quality landing pages in a matter of moments using an easy-to-use editor. What’s more, no technical knowledge is required for this creation process. This means that all your employees can participate in the creation of successful landing pages. In addition, the platform integrates A/B testing functionalities that are essential for a growth marketing strategy. With Instapage, you’ll have no problem improving your web acquisition rate.ProspectInProspecting on LinkedIn is strategic for many startups. ProspectIn is one of the most relevant marketing tools to segment your audience and reach a qualified target on this social network. Once you have set up a prospecting scenario, the software automates the entire contact process through marketing automation. This saves you time while identifying more prospects. Thus, ProspectIn is an indispensable ally for a strong growth of your company.
What is the difference between marketing and growth marketing?
Marketing is defined as a set of techniques implemented by a company to sell its products or services to a specific target market and customers.While growth marketing aims to achieve the same objectives, it differs in its methods. First of all, the time frame is not the same. In growth marketing, the idea is to go fast. For a startup, this means not wasting time or money unnecessarily.Entirely focused on efficiency, growth marketing will test strategies or different growth levers, identify the most promising and exploit them. In addition, traditional marketing only focuses on the first two stages of the acquisition tunnel, i.e. the awareness phase and the acquisition phase. Growth marketing, on the other hand, takes into account every stage up to the loyalty and promotion of the brand.Growth marketing is therefore more pragmatic, more integrated, and more comprehensive.