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Content Marketing Software promo code – March 2024

Content Marketing Software

Content marketing software is used to create, manage, and distribute content for promotional or informational purposes. Many of them can integrate with other tools like content management systems, blog and landing page builders. Content marketing software can help businesses reach their marketing goals by providing them with the tools to create and distribute content quickly and efficiently. With content marketing software, businesses can optimize their content to reach their target audience, track the performance of their content, and measure its effectiveness. Some Content marketing software use articiciel Intelligence to help businesses save time and money by streamlining their content creation process.

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logo hubspot

HubSpot 2 deals available

CRM, marketing automation & customer service software suite

The HubSpot suite makes it easy to manage your customer throughout their life cycle: web site visit, form completion, phone call and emails exchange, quote signing, support and upsell.


2 deals available - 90% off for 1 year (Save $7,000)
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logo semrush

Semrush 1 deal available

Be more visible in search results and increase qualified traffic

SEMRush is a comprehensive tool that gives you access to all the data you need to set up your perfect web marketing strategy. From SEO competitor strategy analysis to creating content marketing that ranks, get all the information you need to...


14 days free on the Pro plan (Save $59)
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logo tiktok for business

TikTok for Business 1 deal available

Your suite of marketing and advertising tools

Create, publish, and promote your content on TikTok to reach a a globally-engaged audience.


Get $100 in ad credit when you spend $100 (or $500 for $500) (Save $1,500)
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logo outgrow

Outgrow 1 deal available

Questionnaires, surveys & forms tool

The Outgrow platform offers you the opportunity to interact with your customers in a qualitative way. By helping you design quizzes, surveys or evaluations, the tool helps you improve your audience’s engagement and acquire qualified leads.

3 months free on the Essentials plan or 6 months free on Freelancer Pro (Save $345)
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logo 1 deal available

AI-powered content generator

With the platform, take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence to generate quality content for your blog posts, social media posts or email marketing.

30% off all plans for 1 year (Save $129)
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logo 1 deal available

Ad creative generation using AI

AdCreative is a solution for creating advertising content using artificial intelligence. Save time, reach and surprise your audience while boosting your conversion rate.

30% off all plans lifetime (Save $5,364)
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logo abyssale

Abyssale 1 deal available

Automate your large-scale visual production

With Abyssale, easily generate thousands of content variations from a single template. Gain productivity, hyper-customize your content, and make your visuals a real pillar of your marketing strategy. 

25% off for 1 year (Save $1,029)
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logo logicballs

LogicBalls 1 deal available

Unleash your creative potential with AI

LogicBalls is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to amplify creativity and efficiency in content creation. With over 200 AI tools, it assists businesses, creators, and marketers in various domains, including marketing, social media, and...

50% off the Premium plan for 1 year (Save $120)
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logo narrato

Narrato 1 deal available

Turn your ideas into compelling stories

Narrato is a platform designed to transform your ideas into engaging, well-crafted narratives, offering a streamlined process for content development, from initial brainstorming to final editing.

35% off all plans for 1 year (Save $420)
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logo quillbot

QuillBot 1 deal available

Redefining content creation

QuillBot is your premier writing assistant, designed to enhance and refine your written content. With cutting-edge paraphrasing technology to innovative style options, Quillbot equips you with the tools to express yourself flawlessly.

30% off the annual Premium plan (Save $30)
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logo planable

Planable 1 deal available

Social media collaboration simplified

Planable is a powerful social media collaboration platform designed to streamline and simplify your team’s social media content creation and approval process. With Planable, you can create, plan, schedule, and collaborate on social media content...

$150 off initial purchases (Save $150)
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logo content beta

Content Beta 2 deals available

Add a full-time creative without the cost or risk of hiring in-house talent.

Content Beta allows you to quickly add a graphic designer, video editor or motion designer to your marketing team without the cost or risk of hiring in-house talent. Flat monthly fees starting $990 per month. Exclusively yours, 30-day guarantee.

2 deals available - $1,000 in credits on any annual plan (Save $1,000)
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logo similarcontent

SimilarContent 1 deal available

Find the right keywords and phrases for your content.

SimilarContent helps you find the best keywords to use for your content by analyzing your competition and what people are searching for. It shows you which keywords will be most loved by both your audience and search engines in an...

3 months free on the Business Plan (Save $57)
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Buffer Logo


Streamline, share, shine: Buffer your brand's best on social!

Buffer brings value by allowing users to easily manage and schedule their social media content across multiple platforms, saving time and increasing efficiency in their marketing efforts.

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microsoft word logo

Microsoft word

Microsoft Word: Your ideas, beautifully expressed.

Microsoft Word is a widely-used word processing software developed by Microsoft. It allows users to create, edit, format and print documents. Features include spell check, grammar check, text and font formatting, HTML support, image support, and...

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Contentsquare Logo


"Secret: Empowering entrepreneurs with SaaS deals, expert content, and a global network for startup success."

Contentsquare brings the value of actionable insights by providing businesses with an intuitive and comprehensive analytics platform. It enables companies to understand customer behavior, optimize user experiences, and drive conversion rates,...

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logo anyword


AI-powered copywriting platform

Anyword’s copywriting solution creates quality content that is perfectly aligned with your marketing strategy and brand image. By tapping into your data, the AI-powered platform produces all the content you need.

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logo co:here


An artificial intelligence platform capable of reading or writing content

This SaaS tool is able to understand complex texts or produce qualitative and varied content by drawing on the power of artificial intelligence. Designing blog posts, moderating content, or even creating chatbots, Co:here meets all these needs and...

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outbrain logo


Outbrain: Powering Content Discovery

Outbrain is a content discovery platform that provides publishers a service to increase web traffic through user engagement. It uses behavioral targeting and personalization technology to recommend interesting articles, blogs, videos, and other...

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