Secret for Agencies

Big savings for your clients.
More revenues for you.

Add amazing value to your Agency’s offering by providing your clients with $1,000s of savings on the SaaS & Services you recommend to them or install for them.

Secret for Agencies

Hundreds of agencies delight their customers with Secret

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Help your clients save more than what you charge them

With Secret for Agencies, you can deliver instant value to your clients by helping them save thousands on the SaaS they're looking to use. Build trustful relationships from the very start and delight your clients.

“The total cost of our services is $7,500 but we help you save around $8,500 on the tools we’ll implement thanks to some partnerships we’ve made.”

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Provide huge savings on an expanding selection of over 379 products

Provide huge savings on an expanding selection of over %{deal_count} products
Chad Dickson

Chad Dickson

Founder Chia Digital

“Unlocking exclusive deals adds tremendous value when I'm pitching to new prospects and customers, helping them feel appreciated and excited about the benefits they'll receive.”

Integrate a "savings-machine" into your workflows

With Secret for Agencies, you can use your back-office to leverage our deals for each of your clients, and also provide them with access to Secret so they can directly benefit from our deals and resources.

Use your Secret back-office to seamlessly benefit from our deals

Redeem deals on behalf of your clients

If you’re creating the SaaS accounts for your clients, you can directly access the deal instructions (promo codes or links) to redeem the deals on behalf of your clients. This way, they will never hear of Secret!

Share the deal instructions with your clients

In the case your client is tech-savvy and creates the SaaS account on their side, you can simply select the the deals you want to share with them and they’ll receive the redemption instructions in their inbox. Simple.

Manage your clients

Manage your clients and their team members to provide the deals to the right person within their company.

Collaborate with your team

Give access to your Secret back-office to your team members and work as a team.

Provide Full Access to Secret to Your Clients

With Secret for Agencies, not only can you use your back-office to access specific savings for each client, but you can also provide them with full access to Secret and all of our deals on a beautiful & customized landing page.

Customize your Agency page

Customize your Agency page with details about your agency, expertise & work and use it as a storefront to boost your marketing efforts.

Recommend deals

Recommend specific deals to your customers from a simple and beautifully designed page. They will instantly see the value you’re offering them.

Add & Remove Deals

Signed some partnerships with SaaS on your side? Promote your own deals and remove the deals from Secret that you don’t want your clients to access.

Leverage insights to upsell

Get notified any time one of your clients starts using a product and access precise statistics on usage and savings.

Tim Rodgers

Tim Rodgers

Founder Ace Workflow

“Secret helps our clients explore the potential of No-code solutions, it's a game changer for our workflow automation consultancy.”

A new tool to achieve your goals

Supercharge your value proposition

Add instant, clear, and concrete value to your agency’s offering.

Enhance your brand

Build trustful relationships from the very beginning and enhance your credibility.

Capture more leads

Use Secret in your marketing & content strategy to stand out from the crowd

Close more deals

Sometimes, you need a little something to close a deal. Secret can be this little something

Make your pricing less of a “problem”

Everyone wants to pay less. We’re helping you make your clients pay less


Follow your client’s SaaS journey to help them grow on the long term

Secret for Agencies has been created for all types of Agencies

We’re working with hundreds of agencies with a broad range of expertise who use the power of Secret to better serve their clients.

IT agencies

Marketing agencies

No code agencies

Design agencies

Business agencies

Florence Dorsile

Florence Dorsile

Founder Tandem Office

“We see Secret as a real benefit for us as an agency, but also for our clients who can have access at a lower cost to the no-code tools that we recommend.”

Our pricing

Our pricing is super simple. You just need to choose the number of clients you’d like to provide deals to. There is no subscription, you simply buy bundles on the go. Each client you add can access all of our deals.


5 clients



10 clients

Save 30%



20 clients

Save 50%




50 clients

Save 74%



100 clients

Save 85%

Credits expire 1 year after the purchase date - You can use unlimited deals for each client you add to the platform for 1 year

All plans include all of our features

  • Access all deals
  • Redeem deals on behalf of your clients
  • Send clients the deal instructions
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Feature your recommended deals
  • Add your affiliate deals
  • Powerful insights
  • Your dedicated Secret page

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