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Business Software promo code – September 2023

Business Software

Business software is designed to help businesses increase productivity and efficiency by automating and streamlining various processes. Common types of business software include Business Process management Software (BPO), Business Intelligence Software (BI), or ERP. Business software can provide businesses with the ability to quickly and accurately analyze data, track customer interactions, and improve their processes. With the right business software, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits.

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logo stripe atlas

Stripe Atlas 1 deal available

Start your business without paperwork in 10 minutes.

Stripe Atlas helps you create your startup by cutting through red tape and taking care of everything for you: choosing and creating your legal entity, setting up a bank account, etc.

$250 off for the incorporation of your company (Save $250)
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logo yousign

Yousign 1 deal available

Get your documents signed legally online

Yousign’s eSignature tool allows you to share any document with your clients and have them signed legally and securely.

50% off all Yousign Apps plans or 30% off all Yousign API plans (Save $558)
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logo axeptio

Axeptio 1 deal available

Collect more user consents for your cookies with personalized & fun widget

Axeptio helps you to be compliant with data protection while boosting your opt-in rate with adapted and personalized cookie banners.

3 months free on any plan (Save $597)
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logo docsend

DocSend 1 deal available

Share and manage documents easily and securely.

DocSend is the platform that will allow you to share your documents in complete security. Define who can access them, manage downloads, update your documents: a simplified process for greater efficiency.

90% off your annual DocSend plan (Save $1,620)
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logo scribe

Scribe 1 deal available

Take email signature to the next level

Scribe lets you create email signatures for all your company's departments in just 10 minutes, and connects directly with your email providers.

50% off for 3 months (Save $480)
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logo signaturit

Signaturit 1 deal available

Electronic signature platform

Signaturit allows you to dematerialize your contracts and obtain fast electronic signatures. You ensure a simplified and efficient procedure, your signatures and documents are secure and your data protected.

50% off on Business, Business + and API plans (Save $1,497)
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logo clerky

Clerky 1 deal available

Get your legal paperwork done easily

Clerky is the platform, made by attorneys, that will help startup founders and their lawyers complete their legal paperwork correctly and safely. Collaborate with your lawyer through the platform and let them review your paperwork to ensure you...

100$ de réduction sur le Company Lifetime Package (Save $100)
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logo hellosign

Dropbox Sign (ex. HelloSign) 1 deal available

Prepare, send and track electronic signatures

In companies of all sizes, signatures play a vital role. With the Dropbox Sign SaaS solution, this becomes a simple formality. It allows you to manage all of your electronic signatures in one place, without any effort.

50% off annual Essentials or Standard plans (Save $3,000)
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logo apparelmagic

ApparelMagic 1 deal available

Software for the fashion industry

The ApparelMagic online tool offers you the possibility to centralize all your processes in a single platform. From inventory to accounting to sales, save time and increase sales volume with software tailored to your apparel business needs.

15% off any plan for 1 year (Save $2,812)
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logo firstbase

Firstbase 1 deal available

Starting and running a business in the US

The objective of the Firstbase solution is to provide you with an all-in-one platform to start and manage a US company, regardless of your international location. All actions are insured in accordance with current legislation.

10% off for 1 year (Save $84)
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logo kandbaz

Kandbaz 1 deal available

Company registration platform and business services

Kandbaz enables you to register your company in a few clicks, with a wide choice of addresses in all France's major cities.

3 months free on your fiscal residency in Paris (Save $87)
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logo signitic

Signitic 1 deal available

Managed centrally, consistent and brand aware

Centralize your employees' Gmail / Outlook email signatures from one place. Your employees' emails reflect your organization. Enhance this communication channel with Signitic's automated email signature management solution.

30% off for 1 year (Save $100)
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logo calendesk

Calendesk 1 deal available

Book and manage your appointments without a second thought

Customer service at its finest - Calendesk keeps you in touch with your customers even when you’re not around.

6 months free (Save $249)
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logo sirdata

Sirdata 1 deal available

Ensure that users' privacy choices are respected with a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that reflects your brand.

Sirdata's CMP is quick and easy to set up, ensuring your website is data compliant whilst respecting your brand identity.

6 months free (Save $1,400)
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logo simplitoo

Simplitoo 1 deal available

Business creation online made easy

Let Simplitoo look after your business formalities and create your company in a matter of minutes

€50 credit on your business registration (Save $50)
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logo adopt

AdOpt 1 deal available

A cookie banner for your website’s compliance

AdOpt is a consent management platform. Thanks to it, you can be sure to meet all the legal requirements of GDPR.

6 months free on any plan (Save $54)
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logo ledgy

Ledgy 1 deal available

Equity management software

Digitalize your cap tables with Ledgy and improve option management by better engaging employees and investors and automating tasks.

50% discount for startup with less than 2m€ funding (Save $1,800)
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logo meetfox

MeetFox 1 deal available

Scheduling and meeting software

MeetFox is the tool that will allow you to efficiently run your business online by proposing and scheduling meetings, hosting them and getting paid, all from a single platform.

50% off any plan for 12 months (Save $2,520)
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logo perdoo

Perdoo 1 deal available

Simple but powerful goal management software

Your strategy is only as good as your ability to execute it. Perdoo is a simple but powerful goal management platform that turns great strategies into amazing results.

30% off Premium plan for 6 months (Save $361)
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logo doola

doola 1 deal available

Business creation platform

Launch your business right away with the doola platform. The platform lets you create a company and manage all your needs in one place, so you can concentrate on running your business.

10% off your initial purchase (Save $330)
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logo calendar

Calendar 1 deal available

Planning tool for teams

The professional Calendar solution makes your daily life easier by simplifying the organization of meetings. It takes only seconds to identify potential slots for all team members and schedule the meeting. Ideal for improving the productivity of...

50% off all plans for 1 year (Save $960)
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logo signnow

signNow 1 deal available

Cloud-based electronic signature solution

Speed up records management with the signNow tool. Sign documents, generate agreements, negotiate contracts quickly, and accept payments seamlessly, all with legally binding online signatures.

10% off any annual subscription (Save $360)
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logo hypervault

Hypervault 1 deal available

An efficient and secure digital safe

Hypervault ensures the security of all company data. Passwords, customer information, technical data, or documents are centralized and perfectly secure.

50% off all plans for 1 year (Save $238)
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logo 1 deal available

Investor relations management platform

Specially designed for startup founders, Visible includes all the features needed for optimal investor relations management. These include investor updates and data integration to extract key financial and operational KPIs.

Starter plan free for 1 year (Save $700)
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logo leeway

Leeway 1 deal available

Contract management and security tool

The Leeway platform helps you reduce the time spent on contract management. In addition, you gain control and visibility over all legal and financial risks. This is a real relief and time saver for every decision maker and every member of your team.

€1,000 in credits for the Standard, Pro or Enterprise plan (Save $1,000)
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logo pdffiller

pdfFiller 1 deal available

All-in-one solution for your PDFs

Simplify your life with pdfFiller. This digital platform allows you to centralize your needs by editing, managing and sharing your documents online simply and quickly. You can speed up your process and make them much more efficient.

10% off any annual subscription (Save $22)
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logo 1 deal available

Event planning infrastructure

Save time and focus on what matters with’s powerful scheduling infrastructure. Simply schedule events and connect all your calendars to improve productivity.

50% off the Teams plan for 1 year (Save $2,700)
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logo prelo

Prelo 1 deal available

B2B prospecting platform for solopreneurs

Prelo connects you with the decision makers of top VC-funded startups. You can then easily connect with fast-growing, high-potential companies in just a few clicks on the SaaS-based platform.

50% off all plans for 1 year (Save $138)
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logo forecastr

Forecastr 1 deal available

Financial model design platform

The Forecastr platform walks through the process of creating a robust financial model. Accelerate your company’s growth, impress your investors, and forecast revenue efficiently.

25% off the annual subscription + $0 onboarding fees (Save $500)
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logo partnerstack

PartnerStack 1 deal available

Partner management cloud solution

PartnerStack is a partner program management platform that enables you to grow your partnerships by accessing a marketplace of over 80,000 active SaaS partners. This allows you to diversify your channels and accelerate the growth of your partner...

15% off for 1 year (Save $900)
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logo heydata

heyData 1 deal available

Data compliance platform

heyData's 360-degree compliance solution helps you secure and ensure data compliance simply, quickly and through a single tool that centralizes all your needs.

3 months free on all plans (Save $1,077)
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logo reply

Reply io 1 deal available

Multi-channel sales engagement platform

Powered by AI, the Reply solution improves every step of the sales process. From prospecting to appointment scheduling, this all-in-one platform allows you to accelerate your processes and increase their performance.

20% off all plans for 12 months (Save $2,160)
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logo olino

Olino Assurance 1 deal available

Insurance solution for professionals

Protect your business with the right insurance in less than two minutes. Olino offers customized policies, negotiated rates and features specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals.

1 month free on any contract (Save $27)
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logo make


A no-code solution for workflow automation

Make is an automation platform. It allows you to organize all your company’s workflows. From self-employed entrepreneurs to large companies and startups, this SaaS solution is ideal for optimizing all your company’s key processes.

There is no deal for this product
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logo captaindata

Captain Data

Automate all your business processes with just a few clicks

Marketing, sales or HR, each department of your company sets up a series of processes to achieve their objectives. With Captain Data, you automate these processes in order to gain efficiency and allow your teams to focus on tasks with higher added...

There is no deal for this product
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logo pandadoc


Eliminate paperwork by digitizing your documents with e-signatures

Take the work out of your document workflow and focus on what really matters – your business.

There is no deal for this product
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logo livestorm


Platform for online meetings, webinars and events

Organize your meetings, webinars and events online in a few clicks and promote them from a single platform.

There is no deal for this product
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logo seedlegals


The legals for growing your company. Sorted.

Start, raise and grow faster

There is no deal for this product
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logo onehash


CRM and ERP for startups and SMEs

OneHash is an all-in-one software to manage your business, from lead generation to operations and human resources management.

There is no deal for this product
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logo la fabrique juridique

La Fabrique Juridique

Your lawyer, online, 24/24

With La Fabrique Juridique, have your acts relating to Social Law, Labor Law, Commercial Law and Intellectual Property drafted by a specialist lawyer, online and in less than 72 hours.

There is no deal for this product
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logo portail auto-entrepreneur

Portail Auto-Entrepreneur

The best support for self-businesses

Portail Auto-Entrepreneur is a support service facilitating all the steps needed to create a self-business. It counts more than 50,000 self-entrepreneurs united since 2013 around a common objective: to give themselves the capacity and the means to...

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logo se domicilier

Se Domicilier

SeDomicilier is the number 1 of the domiciliation 100% online in France!

Get a head office address in Paris or in France in just a few clicks.

There is no deal for this product
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logo mars market intelligence

MaRS Market Intelligence

MaRS Market Intelligence helps startups shape their growth strategies with world-class market research.

MaRS is the world's largest urban innovation hub in Toronto that supports startups in the health, cleantech, fintech, and enterprise sectors.

There is no deal for this product
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logo levy operations

Levy Operations

Streamline your business with personalized back-office brilliance

Levy's experienced Operations Partners handle HR, Compliance, Finance, & Equity, while you focus on building your busines. Gain valuable time, unleash your core competencies, and achieve world-class status with Levy. Welcome 10 extra hours a...

There is no deal for this product
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logo calendly


Simple scheduling for busy people

Calendly is an online scheduling tool that helps individuals and businesses streamline the appointment booking process, saving time and providing a more efficient and convenient experience for both parties involved.

There is no deal for this product
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logo foxquilt


Your business, your insurance

Commercial insurance, business liability coverage

There is no deal for this product
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logo tableau


Visualize your data

Tableau brings value by providing data visualization and business intelligence tools that allow users to easily analyze and understand their data, leading to better and more informed decision-making.

There is no deal for this product
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logo wingman

Wingman by Clari

Conversational intelligence platform

The Wingman tool helps companies increase their sales volume. Sales agents get visibility into the sales pipeline and real-time coaching to improve performance.

There is no deal for this product
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logo docusign


The world's #1 eSignature solution

DocuSign provides electronic signature and digital transaction management services that enable businesses to streamline and digitize their agreements and approvals. It eliminates the hassle of manual paperwork, increases efficiency, decreases...

There is no deal for this product
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logo oracle netsuite

Oracle NetSuite

Cloud business software suite

One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 27,000 customers.

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About Business

What are the components of a business management software?
Business management tools are very complete SaaS software. They are indeed designed to meet all the needs of the company if necessary. Therefore, they usually integrate different modules such as accounting management, project management, procurement, or production. However, the possibilities offered by an ERP do not stop there, because you can get modules for different uses depending on your needs. This is why you can, if you wish, add a human resource module, another for sales, and a last one for customer relationship management.An ERP software can thus integrate:- Customer order management- Invoicing- But also cost accounting- Inventory tracking- The configuration of zones in a warehouse- Or even customer file managementIn other words, the possibilities are limitless and the question is not to know which components are integrated in a business management software, but rather which functionalities you specifically need. You need to choose the right ERP for your business, which will allow you to automate certain tasks to save time and achieve your business goals.
What are the best business management software?
The right business management software is above all the one that best suits your needs. However, it is undeniable that some software have managed to demonstrate their relevance. For this reason, we present a selection of some of the most efficient ERP software.Axonaut allows you to manage your company at 360°. This very complete tool is able to help you manage contacts and opportunities, your accounting, human resources, and customer service. It is therefore essential to centralize the maximum number of flows within a single tool. Using this SaaS software is ideal for eliminating time-consuming tasks and focusing on the essentials.If you’re looking for software to simplify human resource management, Gusto is the perfect choice. This tool, specialized in the HR field. centralizes all the essential elements of such a department. From applicant tracking to salary payments, Gusto is present at every step and streamlines HR processes for greater agility. In addition, automation allows for efficient monitoring of employee attendance or leave without wasting hours setting up tools or filling data in a spreadsheet.ClickUp is a tool that aims to improve performance in project management. Your collaborators will no longer need to switch from one application to another during the day, because this software centralizes all the necessary elements. Your teams can exchange and collaborate via different tools, manage and modify documents, receive notifications, or participate in events. In addition, tasks can be assigned to different collaborators and their follow-up is done within ClickUp.
What is a business management software?
A business management software, also called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a tool to manage and centralize many business processes of a company. Thus, it is an essential element to guarantee the performance of your business regardless of your sector of activity.Used in small and medium-sized companies, but also in large companies. a business management software solution will save time while significantly increasing the productivity of your employees.Indeed, a business management software has the advantage of responding to the major problems of companies such as invoice management or logistics management. The specificity of such a software is to manage flows and procedures from different departments to improve the management of the company and the decision making.Thus, implementing an enterprise software of this type allows you to benefit from an all-in-one tool designed to manage all the tasks of your company. In addition, the main advantage of an ERP is its flexibility. You can either choose a software package specifically designed for your industry or acquire a versatile business management software. Whatever your preference, an ERP will significantly improve the efficiency of your processes and optimize your business.
How to choose your business management software?
To start, you need to identify your needs. This seemingly simple tip is essential, because there are so many different ERP software packages out there. The more your business management software is adapted to your needs, the more your employees will be able to benefit from it and improve their productivity.You must therefore define your company’s needs as precisely as possible. Ask yourself how many employees will use this ERP and from which divisions they will come (Human Resources, Billing, etc.). This will allow you to choose the most suitable functionalities and modules.Of course, other criteria must be taken into account, such as:- Your budget- The size of your company (SME, large company)- Your sector of activity- Integration with other software tools- Etc.The more precise your requirements are, the more the software you choose will be adapted to your needs. In any case, we advise you to opt for an ERP that combines responsiveness, ergonomics, and clear dashboards. Your new tool must be easy to use to guarantee rapid implementation by your teams.In any case, before deploying it on a large scale, don’t forget to test the selected SaaS (software as a service) software to ensure that it meets your business needs. The configuration and integration of the new tool with your current information system must be optimal to ensure data security and the efficiency of the company’s processes.