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Communication Software promo code – June 2023

Communication Software

Communication software refers to any program or application used to facilitate communication between with prospects, customers or team members. Commonly used communication software includes instant messaging, video conferencing, online meeting software, and call center tools. With the increased use of remote work, communication software are helping to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds.

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logo zendesk

Zendesk 1 deal available

Create a customer success support suite that is accessible and available to your customers at all times.

Zendesk allows you to be available on any channel, at any time, to rapidly answer your customers' requests and resolve any problems.

6 months free of both Zendesk Suite and Sales CRM (any edition) + 15% off for 12 months (Save $50,000)
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logo liveagent

LiveAgent 1 deal available

Customer support software

With LiveAgent, improve your customer support by offering the ability to respond to more tickets efficiently, and in less time.Communicate with customers across all channels from a single inbox: your customer service team will love this tool.

$120 credits on any plan (Save $120)
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logo engagebay

EngageBay 1 deal available

All-in-one marketing, sales and support software

EngageBay allows you to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from prospect to loyal customer, with a single tool. This, plus all the features you need from contact management to marketing automation, to support.

6 months free on All-in-One Growth Plan (Save $3,000)
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logo freshdesk

Freshdesk 1 deal available

Customer service software to optimize your client communication

Freshdesk's intuitive helpdesk solution helps customer service teams optimize their collaboration, better organize their requests, and provide faster and more targeted responses.

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo freshchat

Freshchat 1 deal available

A centralized and optimized messaging service

Freshdesk Messaging is the tool that will allow you to optimize your customer service by communicating with your prospects through various messaging channels. The centralization of all your conversations in one inbox, as well as the creation of...

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo livechat

LiveChat 1 deal available

Customer service and chat software

LiveChat gives you access to easy-to-use applications to contact your website visitors directly through a live chat window, and thus increase your chances of conversion.

$150 credits (Team, Business and Enterprise Plans) (Save $150)
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logo freshcaller

Freshcaller 1 deal available

Cloud telephony and call center software

A simple solution to manage all your telephony needs: call center, customer support, sales, daily calls, etc.

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo yext

Yext 1 deal available

A search platform integrated into the customer journey

Yext provides you with the right information on each channel and for each audience. You can easily integrate advanced search features into your business and offer a unique, personalized, and qualitative customer experience.

$35,000 credits (Save $35,000)
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logo snapcall

Snapcall 1 deal available

Boost customer relationships by enabling direct calls from your website.

SnapCall allows your users to call you directly from your app or website. Receive these calls directly on your phone; being in touch with a customer service has never been so easy and fast.

6 months free on Growth plan (Save $532)
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logo blue

Blue 1 deal available

A solution to simplify collaborative work

With Blue, teamwork becomes clear, enjoyable, and above all, efficient. Everyone knows exactly what they need to do, why they need to do it, and why it’s important.

6 months free (Save $300)
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logo vonage

Vonage 1 deal available

Unified communications solutions

Vonage helps your business communicate better. Accelerate all the connections that matter to your business with a variety of quality solutions. Connect to your customers anytime, from any device.

$2,500 in API credits for 1 year (Save $2,500)
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logo botnation

Botnation 1 deal available

Easily create & implement chatbots to improve customer communications

Botnation is the tool that will allow you to create chatbots in just a few minutes, for all your platforms: website, WordPress, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

50% off any plan for 12 months (Save $330)
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logo joonbot

Joonbot 1 deal available

No-code and intuitive chatbot builder

Joonbot helps you create conversations in minutes that engage and convert: collect and share information to your audience in a few clicks.

3 months free on all monthly plans (Save $297)
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logo callhippo

CallHippo 1 deal available

A virtualized telephone system

The CallHippo platform offers to facilitate the deployment and optimization of your company’s call system. The solution meets the needs of both the after-sales service and the sales teams. Workflow automation, productivity improvements and a...

50% off for 1 year (Save $360)
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logo the saasy people

The SaaSy People 1 deal available

100% UK Based outsourced customer support. Tailored for growing businesses.

Is your support inbox overflowing? Leaving your customers waiting for responses and becoming frustrated? We can help! 

50% off on the annual plan plus an exclusive zero onboarding (Save $10,000)
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logo yodel

Yodel 1 deal available

All you could need in a cloud-based business phone

Smarter, simpler, and more efficient handling of your important business communications for you and your team

50% off for 5 months (Save $87)
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logo donedone

DoneDone 1 deal available

Task tracking and shared inbox platform

DoneDone combines project management and customer support in one wonderfully simple app. Your team and your customers can centralize all their needs through DoneDone.

$1,000 in credits (up to 12 months) (Save $1,000)
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logo vowel

Vowel 1 deal available

Meeting management platform

The Vowel platform is designed to make your life easier. This software allows remote workers to host, capture, search and share video meetings quickly and easily.

6 months free on the Business plan (Save $1,199)
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logo gorgias

Gorgias 1 deal available

E-commerce helpdesk platform

Put a smile on your customers’ faces. With Gorgias, improve your company’s customer support by accelerating the speed of responses, providing quality customer service and transforming your customer support into an essential profit center.

2nd and 3rd month's subcription free (Save $1,800)
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logo help scout

Help Scout 1 deal available

Comprehensive customer service platform

The Help Scout platform gives you access to a renowned and efficient online solution for responding to your customers’ requests at any time. Specifically designed for growing businesses, Help Scout allows you to reach your goals and grow with...

6 months free on the Plus plan (Save $300)
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logo bluejeans

BlueJeans 1 deal available

Video conferencing platform

The BlueJeans all-in-one solution gives you powerful tools to deploy quality video experiences. You can create virtual meetings, webinars or telemedicine consultations with ease.

30% off for 1 year (Save $678)
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logo flutin

Flutin 1 deal available

Live streaming platform

Flutin is an all-in-one solution for broadcasting live video to key channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Incorporating advanced features, the tool is ideal for delivering branded live streams to engage your audience and stand out from...

50% off for the first year (Save $474)
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logo 1 deal available

Chatbot for website allows you to quickly and easily add a chatbot to your website. You can then keep in touch with your customers at any time to answer their questions and significantly improve their satisfaction.

50% off all plans for 1 year (Save $594)
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logo twilio


Strengthen your customer relationships thanks to multi-channel communications

Twilio makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers, no matter which channel they use. You get unified data and communications at all levels of your business: marketing, sales, customer service.

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logo dialpad


Startups are hard. Your phone system doesn't have to be.

Dialpad for Startups provides qualified startups with 10 free, lifelong seats of Dialpad Talk (business phone lines) and UberConference (video conferencing).

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logo aircall


Cloud phone system for businesses

Aircall is a cloud technology solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. It allows you to significantly improve the performance of your sales and support teams.

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logo landbot


Build engaging chatbots intuitively, without coding.

Landbot empowers your marketing, sales, and customer support teams with an easy-to-use intuitive chatbot builder and conversation manager.

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logo livestorm


Platform for online meetings, webinars and events

Organize your meetings, webinars and events online in a few clicks and promote them from a single platform.

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logo front


Customer Communication Center

With Front, your teams will no longer waste time managing customer requests. With its unique inbox, workflows and automations, your teams can focus on what really matters: providing quick and quality replies to your customers.

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logo cloudtalk


Handle phone conversations in a modern way

CloudTalk is a smart cloud-based contact center solution. With CloudTalk, you can deliver exceptional customer support to your clients.

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logo helpcrunch


All-in-one customer messaging platform. Live chat, Email automation, Knowledge base & more.

Since 2016, HelpCrunch has been building a product to help startups and SMBs connect with and talk to their customers in a modern way. 

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logo jivochat


All-in-one business messenger

Jivochat is the tool that will allow you to be present on every platform to talk to your visitors so you never miss out on any opportunity. It will also help improve customer satisfaction.

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logo custify


Customer Success Software for SaaS

Reduce Churn. Retain Customers. Grow Revenue.

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logo crm bot


Create powerful conversation experience for your customers right from your CRM system.

CRM Bot is an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that lets organizations build complex, intelligent chat/voice-bots and deploy them to a wide variety of channels.

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logo goto webinar

GoTo Webinar

Engage your audience with powerful virtual events

GoTo Webinar provides a platform for hosting and attending webinars, allowing businesses to connect with audiences worldwide, generate leads, educate their audience, and build brand credibility.

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logo zoom meetings

Zoom Meetings

Video communication made easy

Zoom Meetings provides a user-friendly and reliable platform for remote communication, collaboration, and virtual meetings, offering seamless video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, and chat features.

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logo whatsapp


Simple. Secure. Reliable messaging

WhatsApp brings the value of instant messaging, convenient communication with friends, family, and colleagues, and secure end-to-end encryption of messages.

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logo ringcentral mvp

RingCentral MVP

Streamline your business communication

RingCentral MVP (Message Video Phone) brings value to businesses by providing a unified communication platform that allows users to easily collaborate with colleagues and clients through messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls, all from a...

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logo goto connect

GoTo Connect

Connect with ease: your all-in-one communication solution

GoTo Connect is an all-in-one cloud-based communication system that provides value by offering business owners a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing their communication needs.

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logo webex


Collaboration made easy

Webex is a video conferencing software that offers remote collaboration, virtual meetings, and webinars for businesses and individuals. Its value lies in its ability to connect people from anywhere in the world, enabling effective communication...

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logo zoom video webinars

Zoom Video Webinars

Engage your audience with video webinars

Zoom Video Webinars allows users to engage with a large audience in real-time through interactive video conferencing, providing a platform for webinars, virtual events, and online training sessions. With Zoom Video Webinars, businesses can reach a...

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logo goto meeting

GoTo Meeting

Meet, collaborate, and go global

GoTo Meeting brings the value of easy and efficient online meeting solutions, allowing people to collaborate and communicate seamlessly from anywhere in the world.

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logo hiver


Customer support solution via Gmail

Streamline your processes and provide your customers with a smooth and quality customer experience via Gmail. The Hiver tool allows you to transform your Gmail inbox into a complete customer management solution.

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logo simpu


Customer communication platform

Simpu’s online solution helps you reach your audience, increase your revenues and improve customer satisfaction. The tool centralizes all the necessary elements for a successful messaging by bringing together messaging, chatbot, SMS marketing and...

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logo vivomeetings


Video meeting software

The Vivomeetings platform provides you with all the features you need to hold video meetings. You can then improve your productivity, connect people and save valuable time.

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