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4.0 (2 reviews)

Webex is a video conferencing software that offers remote collaboration, virtual meetings, and webinars for businesses and individuals. Its value lies in its ability to connect people from anywhere in the world, enabling effective communication and collaboration regardless of location or device.

General information about Webex

Webex is a versatile video conferencing software, developed by Cisco Systems, that enables users to collaborate and communicate online effectively. As a cloud-based platform, it provides a host of features, including high-quality video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, recording, and virtual meeting spaces.

One of the key advantages of Webex is its accessibility across various devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility caters to remote workers and teams on the move, allowing them to participate in meetings and collaborations from anywhere.

Security is a top priority for Webex, offering robust features like end-to-end encryption, firewall traversal, and secure meetings. This ensures that sensitive information shared during conferences remains protected.

Webex integrates seamlessly with other popular productivity applications, including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and Google Workspace. This integration capability enhances its versatility, enabling users to customize and optimize their collaboration experience according to their specific needs.

With Webex, teams can work together seamlessly and efficiently, regardless of their geographical locations. It empowers businesses of all sizes to conduct virtual meetings, brainstorm ideas, and drive productivity, ultimately enhancing communication and collaboration within the organization.

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Secret's take about Webex

Are you tired of tech difficulties while working from home? Want to have the perfect remote meeting without any hiccups? Look no further! Webex has you covered. 🙌

What is Webex?

Webex is a video conferencing software designed to help you connect with your team and clients from anywhere in the world. With features that allow screen sharing, recording, and even live streaming, Webex is perfect for those important business meetings that can't wait. 💼

Our opinion about Webex:

As someone who has experienced their fair share of awkward silences and technical difficulties during meetings, I can confidently say that Webex is a game changer. The software is easy to use and offers reliable connectivity, making virtual meetings a breeze. 👍

Webex Pricing:

Webex offers a range of pricing options to fit any budget, with plans starting at just $13.50 a month. 💰

Best Webex alternatives:

While Webex is amazing, we understand it might not be for everyone. Some great alternatives include Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. But let's be real, with the incredible offer currently available on Secret, why would you want to go anywhere else? 😜

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What is Webex used for?

Webex, by Cisco Systems, is a powerful tool for small businesses, offering a comprehensive solution for online collaboration and communication. It allows teams to hold virtual meetings, share screens, and record sessions, all in high-quality video and audio. For instance, a design team can brainstorm ideas remotely, sharing their screens to discuss and modify designs in real-time. Its cloud-based nature ensures accessibility from any device, making it ideal for remote teams or those frequently on the move. Webex also prioritizes security, protecting sensitive business data during online interactions. Furthermore, its integration with popular productivity apps like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace means businesses can streamline their workflows. For example, meeting notes can be directly saved to Google Docs or tasks assigned in Microsoft Teams. Webex empowers small businesses to enhance their communication and collaboration effectively and securely.

Webex features

  • Real-time reporting

    This feature provides you with live updates about the progress of your project, giving you insights in real-time so that you can take action quickly if something goes wrong.

  • Assignment management

    An assignment management feature that allows you to assign tasks to individual team members and track their progress, ensuring that everyone is working on the right things at the right time.

  • Performance monitoring

    This feature tracks the performance of your team and provides feedback on who is working effectively and who needs additional support. This helps you identify areas for improvement so that you can refine your processes and achieve better results.

  • High-quality video conferencing

    With Webex, you can have high-quality video conferencing that allows you to collaborate with remote employees, clients or team members from around the world.

  • Easy scheduling and calendar integration

    With the Webex platform, you can easily schedule your meetings and integrate your calendar of choice such as Google or Outlook, making it easier for you to stay on top of your busy schedule.

  • Screen sharing and annotation tools

    Collaborate and brainstorm more effectively by sharing your screen with fellow entrepreneurs on Webex. You can also take it to the next level by making annotations and highlighting important information together.

  • Virtual meeting powerhouse

    Webex is an all-in-one platform that lets you conduct virtual meetings with ease. Whether you want to host a large-scale webinar or a small business meeting, Webex has got you covered.

  • Chat and file sharing capabilities

    Webex allows you to share files and chat with other entrepreneurs while in a virtual meeting, making it an efficient way to communicate with your team members, clients, or investors. Plus, you can access the chat history even after the meeting has ended.

  • To-do list

    A task management feature that helps you keep track of the work that needs to be done, allows you to schedule deadlines and assign tasks to team members so that everyone is on the same page.

2 Webex reviews

4.0 (2 reviews)
  • Brenda D

    Webex Mobile App: Join Meetings Anywhere!

    The mobile app of Webex is impressive, it allows me to join meetings on the go without any hassle

    April 16, 2024

  • Matthew F

    Embracing Change and Innovation with Webex: A User's Perspective

    I'm genuinely excited about Webex, a company that I believe is committed to providing top-notch services. My school uses Webex as our primary tool for recording our meetings and hosting them on our website. Recently, they introduced a new retention policy which led to the deletion of over 3 of our recordings. However, I see this as an opportunity to upgrade to their new Pro-Plan. Although it's a bit pricey, it offers us the ability to keep our recordings, which is fantastic! Webex has also made some changes to the admin portal this year, simplifying it for a more streamlined user experience. While it's true that the admin account doesn't have access to every recording, I find it quite engaging to manually re-assign meetings to myself. It gives me a sense of control and involvement in the process. Webex is constantly evolving and improving, and I'm thrilled to be part of this journey. It's always exciting to explore what new features and improvements they'll introduce next!

    April 13, 2024

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Webex: Pros & Cons


  • Stable solution: The videoconferencing platform ensures a stable, high-quality experience
  • Recording: Meetings can be captured to preserve information and interviews
  • Data security: The solution offers end-to-end encryption


  • Mobile application: The mobile app leaves something to be desired and could be improved
  • Personalization: It would be desirable to be able to customize the interface according to one’s brand image
  • Customer support: You need to be patient to get a response

Why is Webex better than other Video Conferencing software?

Webex has more options than Google Workspace: 190 vs 156

Webex is better at number of features than WhatsApp: 190 vs 25

Webex is more versatile than Zoom Meetings: 190 vs 84

Webex is more versatile than Google Meet: 190 vs 31

Webex is more versatile than GoTo Meeting: 190 vs 109

Webex has more options than Microsoft Teams: 190 vs 92

Webex is better at number of features than Slack: 190 vs 78

Webex has more features than Vowel: 190 vs 27

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