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Customer Experience Software promo code – October 2023

Customer Experience Software

Customer experience software is used to optimize customer interactions and improve customer service. It helps businesses track customer feedback and develop strategies to improve customer satisfaction. This type of tool can provide insights into customer preferences, allowing businesses to create personalized experiences for customers. It can also be used to track customer inquiries, manage customer support tickets, and analyze customer behavior. Ultimately, customer experience software is designed to help businesses build relationships with customers and provide them with the best possible service.

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logo freshworks

Freshworks 1 deal available

Software suite for sales, marketing, and customer service teams

Freshworks makes it easy to centralize, share and understand data across your business. Your marketing, sales and customer service teams work on the same data to offer a unique and personalized experience to each of your leads and customers.

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo zendesk

Zendesk 1 deal available

Create a customer success support suite that is accessible and available to your customers at all times.

Zendesk allows you to be available on any channel, at any time, to rapidly answer your customers' requests and resolve any problems.

6 months free of both Zendesk Suite and Sales CRM (any edition) + 15% off for 12 months (Save $50,000)
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logo intercom

Intercom 1 deal available

Strengthen relationships with your customers with an online messaging system.

Intercom helps you easily set-up the right messaging experience, bots, emails, messages or even help centers, to build relationships with your customers throughout their journey.


1 year free on the Support or Engage plans (Save $3,108)
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logo amplitude

Amplitude 1 deal available

Online analytics platform

Amplitude analyzes the behavior of your online users, identifies trends and patterns and provides you with all the reports and data you need to make the right business decisions.

12 months free on the Growth plan (Save $1,000)
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logo yext

Yext 1 deal available

A search platform integrated into the customer journey

Yext provides you with the right information on each channel and for each audience. You can easily integrate advanced search features into your business and offer a unique, personalized, and qualitative customer experience.

$35,000 credits (Save $35,000)
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logo harvestr

Harvestr 1 deal available

Build the best digital products, remotely

Harvestr is the a product management platform that will help you better collaborate with your team and make informed roadmap decisions, to build the right product, based on customer feedback and data.

50% off on the "Rise" plan (Save $300)
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logo webengage

WebEngage 1 deal available

Marketing automation and analytics platform

WebEngage offers a program to support startups. The platform helps you build a solid foundation by improving the customer experience and boosting your retention rate to build growth over time.

$25,000 in credits (Save $25,000)
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logo howuku

Howuku 1 deal available

All-in-one platform to understand your website visitors' behavior

Howuku will help you understand user behavior when on your website, so you can make the right optimizations and increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

50% off for 12 months (Save $600)
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logo userguiding

UserGuiding 1 deal available

No-code user onboarding, simple yet effective

Show off your product by creating powerful walkthroughs and give your user a better understanding of what you do best.

50% off Startup plan for 6 months (Save $297)
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logo userback

Userback 1 deal available

Feedback the visually easy way

Your customers’ experiences are important in your business development. Userback provides all the tools you need to simplify your customer feedback collection and make the necessary changes to improve their journeys.

50% off any annual plan (Save $1,302)
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logo social proofy

Social Proofy 1 deal available

Social Proofy is an intuitive and visual way to engage, convert and communicate with users.

Social Proofy displays recent orders, customer reviews, and any other customer behaviors on your storefront. Provides more than 30 widgets and creates the online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective shoppers that other people trust...

6 months free on the Starter plan (Save $54)
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logo freshmarketer

Freshmarketer 1 deal available

All-In-One Conversion Optimization Suite

Freshmarketer is an all-in-one conversion rate optimization tool for all goal-oriented fast-paced marketing teams and digital marketing agencies.

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo gorgias

Gorgias 1 deal available

E-commerce helpdesk platform

Put a smile on your customers’ faces. With Gorgias, improve your company’s customer support by accelerating the speed of responses, providing quality customer service and transforming your customer support into an essential profit center.

2nd and 3rd month's subcription free (Save $1,800)
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logo pivony

Pivony 1 deal available

A No-code customer intelligence platform

To analyze and better understand customer behavior, Pivony is a great ally. This online platform allows you to constantly monitor customer expectations in order to adapt your product and service offer. This way, you can manage your business more...

6 months free on the Basic plan (Save $510)
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logo zoho

Zoho 2 deals available

All-in-one customer relationship management software

The Zoho platform brings together in a single tool all the functionalities your startup needs to manage and optimize customer relations on a daily basis.

2 deals available - $1,500 in credits for 1 year (Save $1,500)
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logo clevertap

CleverTap 1 deal available

All-in-one customer engagement and retention platform

To increase your marketing performance and accelerate your business growth, CleverTap is ideal. This comprehensive solution improves engagement and retention with relevant features and advanced analytics for your strategy.

50% off the Startups plan for 6 months (Save $600)
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logo producter

Producter 1 deal available

Product management software

The Producter solution helps you implement customer-centric product management. By collecting feedback, managing tasks and tracking the roadmap via Producter you gain efficiency while improving customer satisfaction.

6 months free (Save $234)
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logo moengage

MoEngage 1 deal available

Data-driven engagement platform

To accelerate your business growth, MoEngage offers a program for startups. The tool is ideal for increasing customer engagement and significantly improving your profitability.

50% off for the first year (Save $5,994)
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logo prodcamp

ProdCamp 1 deal available

All-in-one feedback management tool

With ProdCamp, collect, centralize and analyze customer testimonials to reduce churn, increase upsells and cross-sells and dramatically improve your profitability.

1 year free subscription on any plan (Save $1,188)
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logo snowcatcloud

SnowcatCloud 1 deal available

Customer data infrastructure

SnowcatCloud provides infrastructure for businesses to build customer-first capabilities through data collection and audience management. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

1 month free trial + 3 months free on the Startup plan (Save $3,000)
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logo twilio


Strengthen your customer relationships thanks to multi-channel communications

Twilio makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers, no matter which channel they use. You get unified data and communications at all levels of your business: marketing, sales, customer service.

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logo front


Customer Communication Center

With Front, your teams will no longer waste time managing customer requests. With its unique inbox, workflows and automations, your teams can focus on what really matters: providing quick and quality replies to your customers.

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logo kompassify


Your personalized user onboarding toolkit

Kompassify is a no-code tool that will allow building personalized user onboarding experiences. Boost your activation rates and increase your feature adoption with this tool.

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logo froged


Customer engagement platform

FROGED will make you improve your customer relationship and engagement with the right features while enhancing your time-to-value.

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logo helpcrunch


All-in-one customer messaging platform. Live chat, Email automation, Knowledge base & more.

Since 2016, HelpCrunch has been building a product to help startups and SMBs connect with and talk to their customers in a modern way. 

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logo xoxoday


A fully integrated suite of rewards and incentives products

Our mission is to put human motivation at the center of business growth through technology. Our robust rewards and incentives infrastructure makes the whole process a breeze.

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logo cxfirst


Digitise all operational or process SOPs in decision tree format.

Enable your CX/CS teams solve customer issues seamlessly and consistently, measure and improve quality.

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logo feedier


The intuitive solution for measuring and improving the experience

Valuation of feedback data to detect dissatisfactions more quickly, understand them better and eliminate them.

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logo xeno


Your new online customer service tool

Xeno is a conversational, collaborative, multi-channel and multilingual messaging system that accelerates your sales.

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logo trustpilot


Your guide to better buying experiences

Trustpilot brings value by providing a platform for customers to share their experiences and reviews about businesses, which can help other potential customers make informed decisions. It also helps businesses build trust and credibility by...

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logo eber


The ultimate loyalty and reward platform for businesses

Customer loyalty and rewards software

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logo allcolibri


Grow your Impact, Build a better Future

allcolibri is a plug-and-play impact activation platform that allows companies to act for the planet in an automated way while engaging their customers, employees, or partners with good deeds: plant trees, remove plastic from oceans, offer meals...

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logo dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

The all-in-one solution for productivity and growth to unify your business

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive business solution software that integrates multiple applications, including CRM and ERP, to provide businesses with actionable insights, streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve customer engagement.

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