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Project Management Software

Project management software is used to assist with project planning, tracking, and execution for startups and any businesses. It is designed to help project managers and teams stay organized and track the progress of projects, so that they can be completed on time and on budget. Project management software can be used to track tasks and resources, manage budgets, and create reports. It can also be used to collaborate on projects and to assign tasks to team members. With project management software, project managers can easily keep track of the progress of their projects and ensure that all tasks are completed as expected.

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logo slack

Slack 1 deal available

Enhance team communication and collaboration.

Easily collaborate and organize your team's work with Slack; share information and organize your projects.


25% off new plan purchases (Save $9,000)
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logo dropbox

Dropbox 1 deal available

File storage and sharing tool

Dropbox allows your team to centralize and share files simply and quickly. You can then gain in productivity thanks to an efficient and fluid collaboration between different actors of a project.

40% off annual subscription of Business Standard and Advanced (Save $1,700)
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logo google workspace

Google Workspace 1 deal available

A complete suite to improve employee productivity

Designed to take collaboration to the next level, Google Workspace includes everything you need to keep your business running efficiently. You can count on office tools, email addresses, and cloud storage.


20% off new Standard or Plus plan purchases (Save $9,360)
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logo asana

Asana 1 deal available

Project management platform

Asana's platform supports you across work management and project planning. The platform allows you to have more visibility in how your daily work is connected to the company's bigger picture, and how to better organize yourself, communicate more...

6 months free on the Advanced plan (Save $2,400)
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logo github

GitHub 1 deal available

Version management platform

The online solution GitHub allows you to store the source code of your IT project. You can thus keep the history of your modifications and share your code with your collaborators, your partners or your customers.

20 seats on the Enterprise plan free for 1 year (Save $7,560)
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logo clickup

ClickUp 1 deal available

Boost your productivity

Clickup helps you to centralize all the apps and software solutions you use on a daily basis. No more juggling your email, project management and CRM applications, now everything happens in one place.

20% off on Unlimited and Business plans for 1 Year (Save $1,000)
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logo monday

Monday 1 deal available

Easily manage all your projects and become more productive and efficient.

With you can completely manage your projects from one platform: from planning to delivering. Create the right workflow that suits you and get your team to collaborate so you keep track of everyone's progress.

1 month free (Save $160)
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logo 1password

1Password 1 deal available

The simplest way to secure your passwords

1Password makes it easy to create and store unique passwords. With this tool, your passwords will always be secured, and you'll only need one click to log in to all your accounts.

25% off the Individual plan for 1 year (Save $10)
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logo todoist

Todoist 1 deal available

Simplify your tasks and boost your productivity

Todoist is a highly efficient task management and to-do list application, designed to help individuals and teams organize their work. With its user-friendly interface, Todoist allows users to create tasks, set deadlines, and categorize them with...

3 months free on the Pro plan (Save $15)
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logo airtable

Airtable 2 deals available

Easily store and organize your data

The power of a relational database, without the need to code or use Excel.


2 deals available - $1,000 in credits for 1 year (Save $1,000)
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logo miro

Miro 1 deal available

Online collaborative whiteboard

Live interaction and collaboration with your teams via an online whiteboard. Smoothly integrate all your files, images, notes and other documents.

$1,000 in credits (lifetime validity) (Save $1,000)
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logo notion

Notion 1 deal available

Organize teamwork and increase productivity

Knowledge base, project management, note taking and more. Notion helps your teams to centralize their work, collaborate easily, ensure the appropriate follow-up on projects and enhance overall productivity and efficiency.


6 months free on the Plus plan with Unlimited AI (Save $6,000)
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logo intercom

Intercom 1 deal available

Strengthen relationships with your customers with an online messaging system.

Intercom helps you easily set-up the right messaging experience, bots, emails, messages or even help centers, to build relationships with your customers throughout their journey.

1 year free on the Advanced plan (Save $3,108)
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Visme Logo

Visme 1 deal available

Your ideas meet design

Visme transforms your ideas into stunning visual stories. The design platform brings presentations, infographics, and other visual content to life with ease, making professional storytelling accessible to everyone.

30% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $212)
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logo process street

Process Street 1 deal available

Streamline your business workflows

Process Street is a powerful cloud-based process management tool that helps businesses create, track, and optimize their processes to increase efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

6 months free on the Startup plan (Save $600)
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logo honeybook

HoneyBook 1 deal available

Seamless client management.

HoneyBook is an all-in-one clientflow management platform designed for independent businesses and freelancers. It offers a suite of tools including online contracts, invoices, payments, proposals, scheduling, and automations to streamline client...

55% off for 1 year (Save $521)
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logo ganttpro

GanttPRO 1 deal available

Online project management solution

With GanttPRO, you can efficiently manage all your projects in a simple way thanks to the Gantt chart. Gather your collaborators and your clients and reach your goals while respecting the deadlines.

Up to $3,000 in credits (Save $3,000)
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ProWritingAid Logo

ProWritingAid 1 deal available

Write better, edit smarter

ProWritingAid is an advanced writing and editing tool, designed to enhance your writing skills and ensure your content is of the highest quality. It offers a comprehensive suite of features to refine your writing style, correct grammar, and...

50% off the Premium plan for 1 year (Save $180)
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logo flow

Flow 1 deal available

Task and project management software

Flow allows your teams to easily work together on their tasks and projects. Set up timelines and collaborative conversations to enhance your project's progress.

35% off any plan for 12 months (Save $756)
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logo close

Close 1 deal available

CRM platform

Close is a CRM solution specifically designed to enhance the growth of startups and small businesses. This all-in-one platform helps you optimize your end-to-end sales and significantly accelerate growth.

30% off for 1 year (Save $2,697)
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logo ntask

nTask 1 deal available

Project management platform

The nTask all-in-one solution is ideal for managing and centralizing all your project-related actions in one place. Plan, manage, collaborate and analyze via a powerful and ergonomic platform.

25% off all plans for 1 year (Save $360)
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logo stackby

Stackby 1 deal available

Your codeless collaboration platform

Help your team reach their full potential with Stackby’s real-time, collaborative platform. Stay in sync and up-to-date with your team and stay on track to reaching your goals.

$500 in credits for 1 year (Save $500)
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logo donedone

DoneDone 1 deal available

Task tracking and shared inbox platform

DoneDone combines project management and customer support in one wonderfully simple app. Your team and your customers can centralize all their needs through DoneDone.

$500 in credits (up to 3 months) (Save $500)
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logo perdoo

Perdoo 1 deal available

Simple but powerful goal management software

Your strategy is only as good as your ability to execute it. Perdoo is a simple but powerful goal management platform that turns great strategies into amazing results.

30% off Premium plan for 6 months (Save $361)
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logo whimsical

Whimsical 1 deal available

Solution for collaborative work

With Whimsical, collaborate with your team members on documents, wireframes, or flowcharts to foster ideas and manage your projects efficiently and produce quality deliverables.

1 year free on the Pro plan (Save $1,200)
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logo slab

Slab 1 deal available

Slab is a knowledge hub for the modern workplace.

Slab helps teams unlock their full potential through shared learning and documentation.

40% off the Startup and Business plans for 12 months (Save $1,900)
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logo slite

Slite 1 deal available

Your team’s solution for instant answers

Revolutionize the way your teams access information with Slite's ultimate AI-powered knowledge base

6 months free up to 10 users (Save $480)
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logo lark suite

Lark Suite 1 deal available

Collaboration elevated

Lark is your integrated workspace solution, tailored to streamline communication and boost productivity. From seamless team chats to intuitive document sharing, Lark brings your team closer and projects forward, effortlessly.

6 months free on the Pro plan (Save $7,200)
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logo seatable

SeaTable 1 deal available

Collaborative project management tool

SeaTable is the tool that will replace Excel files and countless emails: organize all your data in optimized tables and collaborate directly on them with your team.

1 year free up to 10 users on Enterprise plan (Save $2,000)
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logo harvestr

Harvestr 1 deal available

Build the best digital products, remotely

Harvestr is the a product management platform that will help you better collaborate with your team and make informed roadmap decisions, to build the right product, based on customer feedback and data.

50% off on the "Rise" plan (Save $300)
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logo array

Array 1 deal available

Digitize manual tasks via no-code business apps and increase team efficiency and productivity.

Array allows you to build no-code business apps that will let you say goodbye to manual data collection and make your business operations more efficient.

6 months free on the Essential plan (Save $300)
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logo fibery

Fibery 1 deal available

All-in-one commercial suite

The Fibery platform allows you to centralize all your needs in a single tool. Product development, customer feedback, wiki creation or invoice management are all processes in one place.

1 year free on the Pro plan (Save $2,040)
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logo retool

Retool 1 deal available

Design and create internal tools for your company

Retool lets you build your own internal tools in minutes. Whether you need to manage customer tickets, your sales pipeline, or simply do reporting, with Retool you build the tools you need according to your company's needs.

$1,000 in credits for 12 months (Save $1,000)
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logo atolia

Atolia 1 deal available

Collaborate remotely with your teams

Atolia allows you to easily organize and manage your projects from a single platform. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes the tool accessible to your entire team.

40% lifetime discount on the Premium plan (Save $1,296)
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logo plus ai

Plus AI 1 deal available

Revolutionize your presentations with AI

Plus is an innovative AI presentation tool specifically designed for Google Slides, offering a seamless, efficient way to create professional presentations.

50% off the Slides and Pro plan (Save $1,500)
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logo outsite

Outsite 1 deal available

Enhance remote work and foster collaboration

Outsite redefines the concept of workspaces for remote teams and digital nomads. It combines comfortable accommodations with coworking facilities, enabling professionals to work efficiently while enjoying a change of scenery.

$75 off your membership (Save $75)
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logo setapp

Setapp 1 deal available

Elevate your productivity with the power of one subscription

Setapp is a subscription-based software service that offers a collection of applications for macOS and iOS. The platform provides access to a wide range of high-quality apps for tasks ranging from photo editing and personal finance to project...

30% off annual plans for 1 year (Save $324)
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logo starter story

Starter Story 1 deal available

Inspiring entrepreneurs, one story at a time

Starter Story is your go-to resource when embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, offering an in-depth look into how successful entrepreneurs turned their ideas into thriving businesses.

50% off (Save $548)
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logo privmx

PrivMX 1 deal available

Collaborate on projects and share data in a single secure workspace.

Communicate and collaborate efficiently and securely with PrivMX. This privacy-by-design workspace will allow you to keep your ideas, communication and data safe.

6 months free trial + 6 months 50% off (Save $1,050)
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logo google docs

Google Docs

Collaborate and create seamlessly with Google Docs.

Google Docs brings the value of collaborative and efficient document creation and editing. With its cloud-based platform, multiple users can work on the same document in real-time, making it easy to collaborate with team members, clients, or...

There is no deal for this product
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logo google calendar

Google Calendar

Stay organized, stay on schedule with Google Calendar

Google Calendar brings the value of efficient time management, better organization, and easy collaboration by providing a user-friendly and powerful platform for scheduling, tracking, and sharing events and tasks.

There is no deal for this product
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logo trello


Organize anything, together

Trello brings value by providing a visual organization and collaboration tool for individuals and teams, helping to streamline workflows, improve productivity, and increase transparency across projects.

There is no deal for this product
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logo dropbox plus

Dropbox Plus

Don’t worry about storage — Dropbox Plus has space to spare.

With 2 TB (2,000 GB) of space, Dropbox Plus has room for files from all your linked devices. Everything’s securely stored in one organized—and easily accessible—place.

There is no deal for this product
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logo microsoft powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Present your ideas with power and precision.

Microsoft Powerpoint is a powerful presentation software that allows users to create visually stunning and professional slide decks. With its wide range of formatting and design options, Powerpoint enables users to effectively communicate their...

There is no deal for this product
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logo excel


Transforming numbers into insights: Dive deep with Microsoft Excel.

Excel brings immense value to businesses and individuals by providing a versatile platform for data analysis, organization, and calculation. It allows users to create complex spreadsheets, perform advanced calculations, visualize data through...

There is no deal for this product
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logo basecamp


The all-in-one project management tool

Basecamp brings value by providing a centralized platform for project management, team collaboration, and communication, streamlining workflows, and improving productivity. It offers a range of tools such as to-do lists, schedules, message boards,...

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logo microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Empowering productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 brings tremendous value to businesses by providing a comprehensive suite of productivity tools and cloud services. It combines familiar and powerful applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with advanced collaboration features,...

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logo jira


Streamline your workflow and unleash your productivity

Jira is a powerful project management software that brings value by helping teams effectively plan, track, and manage their projects. It provides a centralized platform for collaboration, task organization, and issue tracking, allowing teams to...

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logo google sheets

Google Sheets

Collaborate, analyze, and organize with ease.

Google Sheets is a powerful cloud-based spreadsheet tool that brings exceptional value to businesses and individuals alike. With its intuitive interface and robust collaboration features, Google Sheets allows users to create, edit, and analyze...

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logo microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams

Connect. Collaborate. Succeed.

Microsoft Teams brings value by providing a collaborative platform for teams to communicate, collaborate, and stay organized. It integrates various tools and features such as chat, video calls, file sharing, task management, and third-party app...

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About Project Management

What is the best software for project management?
Defining and formalizing the objectives to be achieved are the first steps in a successful project. However, in order to maintain this efficiency throughout the various stages, it is necessary to acquire a reputable and efficient project management solution.Trello This online software is one of the most popular project management tools. Via tables, lists and cards, the assignments of tasks to the different members of your team are done in a few clicks. The project schedule is also accessible and you can manage the time for each task and for each employee with ease. The timeline view allows you to see at any time whether you are meeting the original deadlines. In addition, productivity is enhanced by automation. Trello has Butler built in, which allows you to drastically reduce low-value tasks. Collaborating on Trello is therefore the ideal solution to ensure that tasks flow smoothly and that the project is followed up to your expectations.NotionNotion is the ideal tool for centralizing your projects and is used to collaborate with teams in an efficient and agile manner. This software offers the possibility to create tables. These can be used for different purposes such as note taking, task organization, or overall project progress. The interface is uncluttered and the tool is easy to use thanks to the drag and drop function. Managing a project is therefore much easier with Notion, as you can quickly create Kanban boards to assign tasks to different collaborators and monitor their progress. The project schedule is respected and each employee can give his or her best in an adapted and relevant organization.Asana Among the most popular methods and tools, Asana is generally cited for managing projects efficiently. This comprehensive software solution is used by teams of all sizes to achieve their goals. Tables and lists are used to organize tasks in a clear way. The different phases can be then visualized via a timeline where each employee can easily understand the link between the different tasks. Of course, this SaaS tool has a number of essential features, such as deadlines and various milestones. Asana is therefore suitable for handling all types of projects and significantly improves the productivity of all teams and employees within your company.
What are the key factors to consider for effective project management?
Project management requires a number of factors to be taken into account if objectives are to be fully achieved.First and foremost, the scope of the project must be clearly defined. The aims and objectives of the project must be clearly defined, as well as the timeframe and the financial and human resources available.The second phase is the project planning phase. Each member of staff must know in which phase of the project he or she is involved and what tasks will be assigned. This will ensure that the project runs smoothly. The project manager will define the tasks and accesses via a clear and comprehensive dashboard. Tools or methods can be used to monitor the progress of the project and the workload. For example, setting up a Gantt chart or creating a Kanban schedule is part of the project organization that is essential for success.In addition, in order to guarantee proper planning and monitoring, communication between employees must be fluid. In this way, in case of delays or the emergence of any problems, the identification of blocking points can allow a quick resolution of unforeseen events.
What is project management?
Project management refers to all the activities or techniques used to organize a project to achieve its objectives. Tools or methods are deployed by a project manager to manage the project and coordinate the collaborators. Of course, to do this, the project manager must necessarily respect certain constraints. These may be, for example, cost or deadline requirements.Firstly, to manage a project effectively, the coordinator will break the project down into different phases. Each phase of the project will then be bounded by time limits to effectively plan the progress of the tasks.For each section or phase of the project, collaborators will be assigned. Depending on their availability and know-how, they will help to advance the project. This successful succession of the various stages should eventually lead to the completion of the project.The challenge is to streamline the processes to ensure that the financial resources allocated and the deadline are respected.
Why is project management important for startups?
The human and financial resources of a startup are limited. That is why it is necessary to optimize and streamline processes. Project management is ideal for this purpose. Project management helps to increase productivity, reduce costs, and speed up the delivery of products or services.By defining the project stages in advance and identifying issues early on, you can gain efficiency by eliminating obstacles in advance. This fluidity and efficiency accelerates business growth. In addition, the atmosphere in the team will be all the more pleasant if everyone knows exactly what they have to do.Effective project management enables the company to achieve its objectives. It also means that the people involved in the project are less stressed, because the projects are perfectly framed. For all these reasons, project management is a definite asset for the success of a startup.