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SeaTable is the tool that will replace Excel files and countless emails: organize all your data in optimized tables and collaborate directly on them with your team.

General information about SeaTable

With SeaTable, your data is clear, organized, and easily accessible. Not only can you input traditional data, but you can also enhance your records by adding images, documents, emails, to-do lists, and links, among other items needed to effectively move projects forward. This comprehensive approach to data allows for a holistic view of your project, ensuring that no details are overlooked and everything is readily available.

But SeaTable doesn't stop there. It also allows you to establish connections between different tables, creating a network of information and fostering seamless collaboration. By linking tables together, you can easily establish relationships between tasks, documents, and any other relevant elements. This feature promotes a cohesive and structured database, making it easier to navigate and retrieve essential information when needed.

Furthermore, SeaTable recognizes the importance of effective communication within a project. That's why it offers a convenient interface for direct discussions with your collaborators. Through comments, you can exchange ideas, provide feedback, and address any concerns, ultimately enhancing efficiency and speeding up decision-making processes. This real-time interaction fosters effective collaboration and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

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Secret's take about SeaTable

Are you looking for a top-notch productivity tool that can help you manage your projects, data, and workflows with ease? 🤔 Forget about Basecamp, Smartsheet, Teamwork, Trello, and Asana, because SeaTable is here to rock your world! 🌎💥

What is SeaTable?

SeaTable is a versatile software that combines the benefits of spreadsheets with databases, giving you a unique way to organize, visualize, and collaborate on your data 🔍💬. With SeaTable, you can create custom grids, forms, galleries, calendars, timelines, and much more, tailored to your needs and preferences. Plus, you get real-time syncing, version control, access permissions, and integrations with many other apps 💻

Our opinion about SeaTable:

SeaTable is a powerful data management platform that offers businesses the tools they need to effectively organize and leverage their data 💪 It caters to a wide range of industries and use cases, including project management, customer relationship management, and inventory tracking. SeaTable provides a user-friendly interface and flexible customization options, making it easy for businesses to adapt the platform to their specific needs. By using SeaTable, businesses can streamline their data management processes and improve collaboration, leading to better decision-making and increased productivity 📊

SeaTable Pricing:

SeaTable offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate different business sizes and requirements. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, SeaTable has pricing options that fit your needs. Get 1 year free on SeaTable’s Enterprise plan with Secret and save up to $2,000 for your business! 💰

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Best SeaTable alternatives:

Top alternatives to SeaTable’s project management software include Airtable, Trello, Notion and Asana. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 💡

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1 deal available for SeaTable

Up to $2000 in savings

1 year free up to 10 users on Enterprise plan
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1 year free up to 10 users on Enterprise plan

1 year free up to 10 users on Enterprise plan

Unlock our SeaTable deal and access 1 year free up to 10 users on Enterprise plan, saving your startup up to $2000. Secret offers 280+ verified deals and discounts on top SaaS software and apps to help your small business save money and grow. Don't wait! Take advantage of our SeaTable promotional offer and coupon this September 2023.

Interested in SeaTable? Get 1 year free up to 10 users on Enterprise plan on SeaTable with our promo code and save up to $2000.

SeaTable pricing


Unlimited tables

10,000 rows

2GB for files

1 month versioning

Unlimited JavaScript and 100 Python runs



/ user / month

Unlimited tables

50,000 rows

50GB for files

6 month versioning

Unlimited JavaScript and 5,000 Python runs



/ user / month

Unlimited tables

Unlimited rows

100GB for files

12 month versioning

Unlimited JavaScript and Python

SeaTable features

  • Organize databases

    Filter and sort your data for optimal visibility.

  • Centralize information

    Create databases and customize them by defining the name of each category, as well as the type of entry possible in the boxes.

  • Follow project progress

    View your projects as a gallery, calendar, or Kanban board to easily access their status.

  • Collaborate with teams

    Add members to your team so they can access your database, exchange with them in comments, and receive notifications when a new action takes place in the interface.

  • Automate recurring tasks

    Link SeaTable to your various tools, or collect information directly from forms.

    Set up automation rules on certain processes to save your team valuable time.

  • Personalize your interface

    Add your logo and brand colors to your databases to match your corporate image, and create your own templates so your entire team can quickly reuse them.

SeaTable: Pros & Cons


  • Flexible and customizable: SeaTable allows you to design your database structure and workflows to fit your specific needs.
  • Collaboration made easy: Seamlessly collaborate with your team members on projects and share data in real-time.
  • Cost-effective solution: SeaTable offers affordable pricing plans, perfect for young entrepreneurs on a tight budget.


  • Limited customization options: SeaTable may not offer as many customization options as other SaaS tools in terms of design and functionality.
  • Steep learning curve: It might take some time for young entrepreneurs to fully understand and utilize all the features and capabilities of SeaTable.
  • Pricing structure: The pricing plans of SeaTable may not be as flexible or affordable for startups with limited financial resources.

Why is SeaTable better than other Collaboration software?

SeaTable has more positive reviews than Asana: 97 vs 92

SeaTable is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Asana: 4.8 vs 4.5

SeaTable has better positive reviews than Basecamp: 97 vs 88

SeaTable is better at value for money than Basecamp: 4.8 vs 4.3

SeaTable has better positive reviews compared to Trello: 97 vs 93

SeaTable pricing plans are more competitive than Trello: 4.8 vs 4.7

SeaTable is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Airtable: 4.8 vs 4.7

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Interested in SeaTable? Get 1 year free up to 10 users on Enterprise plan on SeaTable with our promo code and save up to $2000.