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Lark is your integrated workspace solution, tailored to streamline communication and boost productivity. From seamless team chats to intuitive document sharing, Lark brings your team closer and projects forward, effortlessly.

General information about Lark Suite

Cohesive teamwork and collaboration are essential in any business’s operations and Lark is the software that can amplify your team’s cohesion and productivity.

Lark presents a robust suite of collaboration tools tailored to the dynamic needs of your startup. With Lark’s unified platform, you can enhance your team’s collaborative efforts, ensuring streamlined communication across projects and departments. Whether it’s for brainstorming sessions, project updates, or document collaboration, Lark ensures that your team stays connected, synchronized, and efficient.

Lark boasts a range of comprehensive features, from real-time chats to advanced document collaboration tools. You can host meetings, manage calendars, and collaborate on documents, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. And with Lark’s intuitive interface, it’s adaptable on both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring your team stays connected, no matter where they are.

Discover why startups and enterprises globally, including Pollen, DekatKita, Surgo, and Desty, turn to Lark for fostering a culture of collaboration and kickstarting their growth. Experience the advantages of an integrated team collaboration solution.

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Secret's take about Lark Suite

Collaboration: Because ‘solo’ may be fun for music, but in the workplace, it’s just a fancy term for ‘talking to yourself’! So, unless you’re a ventriloquist, it’s time to team up and stop having those awkward boardroom conversations with your imaginary friend, Bob!

What is Lark Suite?

Lark is your gateway to seamless team collaboration, integrating chats, video calls, and document sharing, all under one roof. With Lark, you can transcend the boundaries of traditional teamwork, fostering a culture of synergy and efficient productivity🌐🔗

Our opinion about Lark Suite:

Lark stands out as an all-in-one team collaboration tool, offering an array of features to facilitate streamlined communication and project management. Whether you’re a tech startup, a creative agency, or an enterprise aiming for digital transformation, Lark brings the solutions right to your fingertips 🚀

Lark Suite Pricing:

Lark isn’t just about comprehensive collaboration; it’s also budget-friendly. The platform presents various pricing tiers designed to accommodate different needs and financial plans, and they start off with a generous free version for up to 50 users 🎫💵

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Best Lark Suite alternatives:

While Lark is a top team collaboration platform, it’s important to look at other options such as ClickUp, monday.com, WhatsApp, Slack and Trello. And don’t forget to peek at Secret for invaluable offers and discounts on top-tier SaaS tools, giving your venture a real boost🔥

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

1 deal available for Lark Suite
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1 deal available for Lark Suite

Up to $7200 in savings

6 months free on the Pro plan
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6 months free on the Pro plan

6 months free on the Pro plan

Unlock our Lark Suite deal and access 6 months free on the Pro plan, saving you up to $7200 for your startup. There are over 410+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Lark Suite promo codes, coupons and credits valid in June 2024.

Interested in Lark Suite? Get 6 months free on the Pro plan on Lark Suite with our promo code and save up to $7200.

Lark Suite pricing



Up to 50 users

100GB storage

60 minutes meeting duration

Automatic language translation


Contact sales

Up to 50,000 users

10TB storage

Unlimited email storage




/ user / month

Up to 500 users

1TB storage

24 hours meeting duration

500 meeting participants

Lark Suite features

A unified platform for seamless team collaboration and efficient communication.

  • Document collaboration

    A dynamic document creation and editing tool that allows multiple users to work on a single document simultaneously, ensuring real-time updates and collaboration.

  • Integrated apps and bots

    Lark offers a range of third-party app integrations and bots to customize and enhance the platform’s functionality, catering to specific business needs.

  • Video conferencing

    Integrated video and voice conferencing capabilities that enable teams to conduct meetings, webinars, or casual catch-ups with crystal clear audio and video quality.

  • Calendar integration

    A synchronized calendar system that helps in scheduling, tracking, and managing team meetings, events, and deadlines.

  • Security and compliance

    Advanced security measures, including data encryption and multi-factor authentication, ensure that your team’s communications and documents remain protected and compliant with industry standards.

  • Team chat

    A real-time messaging tool that allows your teams to communicate instantly. Channels, direct messages, and group chats make organizing conversations easy and efficient.

  • Task management

    A built-in task manager that lets users create, assign, and track tasks, ensuring accountability and timely project completion.

  • Cloud storage

    Secure cloud storage space for documents, files, and media, ensuring easy access and sharing among team members.

Lark Suite Reviews

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Lark Suite: Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one platform: Lark integrates chat, video conferencing, document management, and task management into a single platform
  • Real-time collaboration: Multiple users can work on documents simultaneously, with real-time updates and feedback
  • User-friendly interface: Team members, regardless of their tech proficiency, can easily navigate the platform


  • Integration limitations: Lark’s ecosystem may not be as extensive as other SaaS platforms in the market
  • Learning curve for transition: The initial transition to Lark might require some adjustment for those accustomed to other collaboration tools
Interested in Lark Suite? Get 6 months free on the Pro plan on Lark Suite with our promo code and save up to $7200.