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DoneDone combines project management and customer support in one wonderfully simple app. Your team and your customers can centralize all their needs through DoneDone.

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General information about DoneDone

In business, it is sometimes difficult to juggle all the necessary tools. Between marketing, project management or customer support, software accumulates and processes become unnecessarily complex. Instead, with DoneDone, you make sure things get done with ease. This all-in-one tool centralizes your needs and simplifies both your employees’ and your customers’ daily lives.

The strength of the DoneDone SaaS tool is that it adapts to your needs. By centralizing all the needs related to your team, your projects and your customers, you accelerate the processes and reduce the associated costs.

The use cases of DoneDone are very varied:

- Product team: Your employees can use DoneDone to track features and fix bugs.

- Customer support: You can centralize customer tickets and respond to them.

- Marketing team: From content creation to advertising campaigns or event planning, your team can gather everything on DoneDone.

- HR department: Your HR consultants can manage job postings and talent hires.

In addition, DoneDone is the perfect companion for employees who work remotely. The tool allows them to stay connected with other team members and track the progress of projects and tasks with ease.

All these features are ideal for improving the work of your employees. They spend less time on low-value tasks. They are happier at work and more involved in projects.

The performance of the DoneDone platform is demonstrated by the growing number of companies that choose this solution. Honda, Discovery Channel, the University of Southern California and the Portland communications agency Wieden Kennedy use DoneDone to solve problems every day.

1 deal available for DoneDone
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1 deal available for DoneDone
$1,000 in credits (up to 12 months)

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$1,000 in credits (up to 12 months)

$1,000 in credits (up to 12 months)

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DoneDone features

Get things done

  • Track tasks efficiently

    The DoneDone tool helps teams get organized and complete assigned tasks. The platform tracks bugs, tasks and issues. Each employee can know at any time what he or she has to do and where to follow the completion of the tasks in progress.

  • Deliver responsive customer service

    With the DoneDone platform, streamline communication between your support teams and your customers. Avoid broken email chains by automatically forwarding your company’s emails to the DoneDone inbox.

  • Manage workflows optimally

    Optimize workflows with ease. You can use task tracking, customer support and hiring workflows designed by DoneDone. You can also build a custom workflow to meet your needs.

  • Connect with your teams quickly

    Easily synchronize development and support teams. By linking internal tasks to a customer support conversation, issues are resolved faster with engineering and customer service teams working together.

  • Track performance with precision

    Via dashboards that are as ergonomic as they are relevant, the DoneDone tool is ideal for performance tracking. Via different KPIs, track the speed of ticket response or the efficiency of ongoing task resolution.

DoneDone: Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one platform: The tool allows you to centralize your needs in one place.
  • Easy to use: Intuitive software that’s fun to pick up
  • Relevant features: Some features are interesting such as exporting to CSV or bulk editing.


  • Dedicated to SMEs: This software is not suitable for large companies
  • Stand-alone tool: Integration with an existing workflow is complex, as there are few integrations.
  • Simple feature set: The tool may not be a good fit for teams that require a lot of complex features
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Interested in DoneDone? Get $1,000 in credits (up to 12 months) on DoneDone with our promo code and save up to $1000.