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Snagit is a leading screen capture and recording software designed for professional use. It offers an intuitive interface packed with advanced features, allowing you to easily grab screenshots or record your screen activities.

General information about Snagit

Snagit is an all-encompassing solution designed for anyone looking to elevate their communication and productivity through enhanced visual elements. It’s more than just a screen capture tool; Snagit offers powerful features that make it easy to capture, edit, and share any type of visual content with precision.

Snagit’s core functionality centers around its screen capture capabilities, allowing you to quickly grab a screenshot of your entire desktop, a specific region, a window, or even a scrolling screen. What sets Snagit apart is its ability to capture both images and video. This versatility is particularly useful for creating tutorials, presentations, or any digital content where showing rather than telling is more effective. 

Once a capture is made, Snagit’s robust editing suite kicks in. You can enhance screenshots with a range of tools such as text overlays, annotations, and effects. These features are designed to highlight key information, making it easier to explain complex ideas and processes. The software also offers preset and custom templates that streamline the creation of instructional content, helping you to maintain consistency in your communications.

For professionals who frequently share visual content, Snagit supports seamless integration with a variety of platforms, including email, social media, and cloud storage services, enabling efficient collaboration and sharing.

Whether you’re a marketer creating engaging content, an educator developing instructional materials, or a business professional aiming to enhance communication within your team, Snagit is the go-to tool for all your screen capture needs.

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Secret's take about Snagit

Remember the old days of trying to guide someone through installing software over the phone? "Click on the what now? Where's that button supposed to be?" 😵‍💫

What is Snagit?

Snagit is a powerful screen capture and recording software that allows you to easily grab, edit, and share images and videos of your computer screen for clear communication and effective documentation 🎞️🖥️

Our opinion about Snagit:

Snagit is an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. Its intuitive design simplifies communication and enhances productivity by making it easy to create tutorials, presentations, and detailed feedback through screen captures and recordings 🎥💾

Snagit Pricing:

Snagit offers a one-time purchase option plus an annual subscription for individuals, with volume discounts available for larger teams. This pricing includes free updates for one year and access to premium support 📚

Best Snagit alternatives:

Explore alternatives to Snagit like Loom, Vidyard, LightShot, and ShareX for diverse screen capture needs. Discover exclusive offers for these tools and more on our platform today! 💥

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1 deal available for Snagit
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1 deal available for Snagit

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50% off for 1 year

50% off for 1 year

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Snagit features

The ultimate tool for screen recording and capturing.

  • Scrolling screen capture

    With Snagit, you can easily capture not just static windows but also content that extends beyond the screen view, such as long webpages, scrolling documents, and more, ensuring you don’t miss any details.

  • Create from templates

    Snagit offers pre-made templates to help you create visual documentation, tutorials, and training materials quickly and efficiently, streamlining the content creation process and ensuring a professional look.

  • Panoramic scrolling capture

    This unique feature enables capturing wide, horizontal scrolls, vertical scrolls, and everything in between, making it perfect for capturing all kinds of wide, scrolling content without compromising on quality or detail.

  • Grab text

    Snagit’s grab text feature allows you to quickly extract text from your captures, making it easy to edit, copy, and use the text from screenshots or images, saving time and effort on retyping.

  • Simplify tool

    The simplify tool automatically converts screenshots into simplified graphics. This feature is great for creating user guides and tutorials, making complex images more digestible and focused on the essential parts.

  • Annotations

    Enhance your captures with Snagit’s powerful annotation tools. Add text, arrows, shapes, and stamps to your screenshots for clearer communication. It’s ideal for creating instructional content or highlighting important information.

  • Video capture

    Beyond static images, Snagit enables you to record video clips of your screen. This is perfect for creating tutorials, demonstrations, or recording video messages, adding a dynamic element to your captured content.

  • All-in-one capture

    Snagit’s all-in-one capture allows you to grab your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling screen with a single click, offering unmatched flexibility for your capture needs.

Snagit Reviews

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Snagit: Pros & Cons


  • Versatility: Snagit supports various capture modes, including screen, video, and scrolling content
  • Annotation tools: It offers comprehensive annotation features, enabling you to add text, shapes, and more to captures for clear communication
  • Ease of use: Snagit boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible for both beginners and professionals to create high-quality content


  • Resource intensive: On older or less powerful computers, Snagit’s advanced features may contribute to slower performance
  • Cost: Compared to free alternatives, Snagit comes with a price tag, which might deter individuals looking for basic screen capture tools
  • Learning curve: While user-friendly, mastering all its features can take time, especially for those new to screen capture software
Interested in Snagit? Get 50% off for 1 year on Snagit with our promo code and save up to $22.