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Cloud phone system for businesses

1.0 (2 reviews)

Aircall is a cloud technology solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. It allows you to significantly improve the performance of your sales and support teams.

General information about Aircall

The telephone is at the heart of the user experience for many businesses. To ensure quality calls and to be able to meet customer expectations perfectly, it is best to deploy a cloud-based telephony solution.

For sales or customer support centers, Aircall offers a powerful and easy-to-use tool. The numerous integrated features allow you to better respond to requests, gain in responsiveness and stand out from the competition. We can mention in particular:

- The personalized interactive voice server;

- Call feedback by skill;

- Real-time dashboards;

- The powerdialer;

- Click-to-Dial.

All of these powerful features allow your teams to call 4 times faster and handle up to 80 calls per hour. This is made possible by automation that allows your staff to eliminate unnecessary repetitive tasks such as manual data entry by salespeople.

In addition, you can also monitor the performance of your teams. This allows you to identify trends and areas for improvement. You can optimize all call-related actions such as appointment setting, demonstrations or purchase decisions. All data is then available in an aesthetic and ergonomic dashboard. Various relevant KPIs used in these reports guarantee you access to comprehensive reporting.

The proof of this efficiency? Many companies have chosen to adopt Aircall. Examples include Vinomofo, Global Traver, The Cookware Company and Lynk.

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Secret's take about Aircall

These days, people would rather send a quick SMS instead of calling 📱 (although this may prove to be longer than expected when it comes to the art of SMS language… LOL). There are those of us who bite the bullet and make the call 🤙

What is Aircall?

Aircall is a cloud-based call center solution that gives you the power that answer calls from your prospects and customers, anytime, anywhere 🌐 Together, you and your teams can manage the different tasks associated with customer calls, from creating contacts to a shared call inbox to call assignments and many more features for effective communication. Aircall’s software is easy to set up so you can get started straight away and connect your favorite tools to simplify your work even further, like HubSpot, Hiver, Freshdesk and Help Scout 👌 Have clear visibility over your team’s performance and increase their productivity for smoother customer communications with Aircall’s tool 🔍

Our opinion about Aircall:

Aircall is a great solution for startups, SMBs and larger enterprises 🙌 Sales, IT, operations, customer service or even the whole company can take advantage of this software to improve their communications and start closing more deals. Your teams can deliver the very best support with one easy-to-use tool, there is no need to be a tech wizard! 🧙‍♂️ What’s more, Aircall even provides you with call recordings and analytics so you have a full insight into the work your teams do and make any necessary improvements that you see fit. There are helpful resources available to you to get started with your call center, like a blog, knowledge base, customer stories and VoIP 🌟

Aircall Pricing:

There are 3 plans available to you when it comes to Aircall’s call center solution 🔥 The popular Professional plan includes important features like unlimited outbound calls, call tagging and advanced analytics. Get 20% off Aircall for 1 year with Secret and save up to $12,000! 😮

- More details about Aircall's pricings
Best Aircall alternatives:

Top alternatives to Aircall’s cloud-based call center solution include Freshcaller, Snapcall, CallHippo, and Yodel. Check out Secret for great deals on tools like these and more to start saving! 🤩

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What is Aircall used for?

Aircall is a cloud-based telephony solution that enhances the user experience for businesses. It's particularly beneficial for small businesses, as it streamlines communication with customers and boosts productivity. For instance, its powerdialer feature enables teams to make calls four times faster, handling up to 80 calls per hour. This efficiency is achieved through automation, eliminating repetitive tasks like manual data entry. Aircall also provides real-time dashboards for monitoring team performance, identifying trends and areas for improvement. For example, a small business could optimize appointment setting or purchase decisions based on these insights. Companies like Vinomofo and Lynk have already adopted Aircall, demonstrating its effectiveness.

Aircall pricing


Contact sales

Unlimited calls worldwide

Custom analytics

Custom onboarding

API developer support



/ user / month

100+ integrations and API access

Send and receive SMS

Telephony features, including IVR, call recording

Unlimited simultaneous outbound calls



/ user / month

Salesforce integration

Mandatory call tagging

Advanced analytics

Advanced sales features

Aircall features

Create value through your calls

  • Deliver excellent customer service

    Aircall can be integrated into your helpdesk or CRM in minutes. Your agents have immediate access to all customer information. They can then respond fully to customer requests in a timely manner.

  • Analyze performance in detail

    Integration with your CRM allows you to monitor the most relevant performance indicators and optimize your sales actions. With just a few clicks, you can track trends on a powerful dashboard and export data to BI tools.

  • Improve collaboration and teamwork

    Aircall's collaborative features enable your team members to work together more efficiently. With features like call transfer, conference calling, and shared call notes, your team can seamlessly collaborate on customer calls, ensuring a smooth and unified customer experience.

  • Boost sales efficiency

    With powerful automation features, Aircall lets your sales staff concentrate on what's really important: closing deals. Communication between your sales reps and customers will be smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Deploy agents quickly

    Aircall is a telephony solution that can be accessed anywhere and anytime by your employees. In over 100 countries, this telephony solution gives you the ability to add users to quickly deploy teams remotely and effortlessly.

  • Streamline your workflows

    Aircall integrates seamlessly with your helpdesk or CRM software, like Salesforce, Intercom or Slack, in just a few clicks. This means that your agents have all the necessary information at their fingertips, allowing them to provide customers with timely, efficient support.

  • Optimize your performance

    Integrating Aircall with your CRM allows you to track critical performance indicators and optimize your sales strategy. With a few clicks, you can analyze trends on a powerful dashboard and export data to other BI tools, as well as giving you the information you need to make better data-driven decisions.

  • Enhance caller experience with customizable greetings

    Aircall allows you to create personalized and customized greetings for your callers. You can tailor the greeting based on caller information, such as their location, language, or specific campaigns they are calling about. This feature helps create a professional and welcoming impression, leaving a positive impact on your callers.

2 Aircall reviews

1.0 (2 reviews)
  • Sean G

    Embrace Bugs, Vanishing Features, and Poor Service with Aircall

    Aircall was once a great product with fair pricing and excellent support. However, something has shifted within the company and now their product and customer service are lacking. They provide dedicated apps for all major devices and their website is user-friendly. But, their customer service is awful and has cost me a lot of money after they modified the product without any warning. I had prepaid for a year's service for all my users and lines on their enterprise plan. I was supposed to have an account executive, but didn't get one until seven months later when I faced a major issue. In July 2017, they removed a feature we heavily relied on without any warning, making the service useless for us. Despite numerous calls and emails, they refused to bring back the feature or refund the remaining five months of service. I've ended up paying for five months of service I can't use. Moreover, the software is full of bugs and lacks necessary features. I would strongly suggest trying alternatives like Dialpad.

    April 14, 2024

  • Grey M

    High Cost, Unreliable, Poor Support - Steer Clear

    Overall, I feel like I've wasted thousands of dollars on Aircall, a solution that promised much but failed to deliver. The product was easy to set up and seemed to have all the features I needed, but it didn't deliver on any of them. The system is down every week and all outbound calls are marked as spam. The support team is unhelpful and the call quality is terrible, with static across all staff members who use the system. The call quality is poor for both outbound and inbound calls. All the phone numbers are marked as spam and instead of resolving the issue, their support team just provides articles on how I should fix it. The service is extremely expensive compared to other platforms like Ring Central, which offer better reliability. I switched to Aircall hoping for better reporting, call coaching functions, and a simpler interface. In response to my complaints, Aircall acknowledged the spam issue, explaining it as a problem across all VoIP solutions due to carriers.

    April 15, 2024

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Aircall: Pros & Cons


  • Numerous integrations: Aircall connects to many third party applications
  • Accessible and ergonomic: Simple to use and set up
  • Real-time call tracking: Call tracking with live stream


  • Price a little high: Monthly pricing is higher than some competitors
  • No unified communication channels: Does not include a video conferencing solution
  • Lack of collaborative tools: No team messaging

Why is Aircall better than other Call Centers software?

Aircall has better positive reviews than OpenPhone: 85 vs 82

Aircall is better at ease to use than OpenPhone: 4.5 vs 4.4

Aircall has better positive reviews than RingCentral MVP: 85 vs 80

Aircall is better at customer support than RingCentral MVP: 4.2 vs 4.0

Aircall has more features than Dialpad: 98 vs 82

Aircall has more positive reviews than CallHippo: 85 vs 83

Aircall has more features than CallHippo: 98 vs 48

Aircall is better at support than Twilio: 4.2 vs 4.0

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