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Be more visible in search results and increase qualified traffic

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SEMRush is a comprehensive tool that gives you access to all the data you need to set up your perfect web marketing strategy. From SEO competitor strategy analysis to creating content marketing that ranks, get all the information you need to optimize your online presence.

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General information about Semrush

With SEMrush access traffic data and an SEO analysis of your market, as well as the marketing strategies of your competitors. This way you can learn from them and stay ahead of the game.

The platform's SEO tools help you find the right keywords and backlinks to quickly increase your online visibility.

Its features go even farther than that - you'll also have access to recommendations to optimize your content, your advertising and social media strategies.

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Secret's take about Semrush

You’re doing everything you stand out in search results 🔍 and increase your qualified traffic but you’re still showing up on the second page of Google results which, let’s face it, hardly anyone clicks onto… You need the right tool😏

What is Semrush?

Semrush helps you solve your online visibility and growth by providing you with an analysis of the SEO presence of your market and your competitors, as well as many tips and optimizations to grow your online search presence & visibility🧐 Attract the right audience from your SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing, no expertise needed!😎

Our opinion about Semrush:

Your SEO presence is important especially if you want to increase your organic traffic and reach the right target audience for your business 🚦 Semrush is the one platform you need to achieve great results, relative keywords, technical audits and much more so your startup gets the proper search results it deserves!💪

Semrush Pricing:

Semrush has 3 different plans available for you to choose from depending on your projects, keywords and other key features your startup may need to get started. Get 1 month free on Semrush’s Pro plan with Secret to try it out!🤩

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Best Semrush alternatives:

When it comes to alternatives to Semrush, you have a great choice available: SE Ranking, Similarweb, Hootsuite, Ahrefs, Reputation, and those are just a few tools! 😮 Check out Secret for more accompanied with great deals 👀

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1 deal available for Semrush
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1 deal available for Semrush
14 days free on the Pro plan

Up to $59 in savings

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14 days free on the Pro plan

14 days free on the Pro plan

Unlock our Semrush deal and access 14 days free on the Pro plan, saving you up to $59 for your startup. Secret has over 290+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS and subscription services for your startup to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Semrush promo codes, coupons and credits valid in June 2023.

Interested in Semrush? Get 14 days free on the Pro plan on Semrush with our promo code and save up to $59.

Semrush pricing



/ month

5 projects

500 keywords to track

Keyword, domain, and backlink analytics



/ month

15 projects

1,500 keywords to track

Historical data

Content marketing platform



/ month

40 projects

5,000 keywords to track

Share of Voice metric

API access

Semrush features

Optimize your online presence to challenge your competitors

  • Optimize your SEO

    Access keyword recommendations, as well as suggestions to improve your web pages.

  • Offer content adapted to your target audience

    Create content on topics of interest to your target audience and optimize it with the platform's recommendations.

  • Carry out market research

    Analyze your competitors' marketing strategies and website traffic. Take advantage of new backlink opportunities to increase your market presence.

  • Improve your ad campaigns (PPC Keywords)

    Convert more and spend less money, with the right keywords and audience analysis.

  • Define a competitive strategy for your social networks

    Analyze the performance of your posts and those of your competitors to optimize your campaigns.

Semrush: Pros & Cons


  • Keyword search: The keyword search features are comprehensive
  • Detailed reporting: The data provided by the tool is relevant
  • Toxic elements: The solution identifies toxic elements such as spammy backlinks


  • High price: Semrush’s pricing plans are expensive, especially for small businesses
  • User-unfriendly interface: The dashboard requires a high degree of understanding and experience
  • Getting started: The learning curve is high. Learning can be long and complex

Why is Semrush better than other SEO software?

Semrush has more features than Topic: 103 vs 17

Semrush is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Jepto: 98 vs 91

Semrush is more versatile than Jepto: 103 vs 22

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Interested in Semrush? Get 14 days free on the Pro plan on Semrush with our promo code and save up to $59.