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Seamless SaaS integrations made simple.

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Cobalt is a platform that serves as an Integration OS for SaaS developers. It simplifies the process of integrating various software applications, allowing developers to seamlessly connect and manage multiple tools.

General information about Cobalt

Cobalt is your premier Integration OS, built specifically for SaaS developers seeking seamless connectivity and streamlined workflows. Cobalt simplifies the process of managing various software tools with its robust platform, enabling you to integrate your essential applications effortlessly. It provides a comprehensive solution that allows developers to connect, manage, and scale integrations easily, reducing the complexity of building and customizing connections.

Cobalt’s Integration OS is designed to handle the technical heavy lifting, so your team can focus on developing core features that matter most to your users. The platform provides a rich set of features like dynamic data mapping, intuitive API management, and secure authentication protocols that help you maintain seamless data flow and connectivity across different services. With Cobalt, you can say goodbye to manual data transfers, API limitations, and costly development cycles.

Whether you’re integrating CRM platforms, payment gateways, or marketing automation tools, Cobalt delivers a unified and consistent experience. The customizable framework ensures that your business logic is preserved while the platform’s automation handles the background tasks, leaving you with a reliable and scalable solution.

Explore the possibilities of integration without the technical headaches. Check out the latest offers on our marketplace for platforms just like Cobalt and elevate your SaaS development experience.

1 deal available for Cobalt
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1 deal available for Cobalt

Up to $8991 in savings

75% off the Growth and Scale plans for 1 year
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75% off the Growth and Scale plans for 1 year

75% off the Growth and Scale plans for 1 year

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Cobalt pricing


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Custom API calls

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Unlimited apps

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100,000 API calls per month

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5 apps

5 days logs



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500,000 API calls per month

Unlimted workflows

20 apps

10 days logs

Cobalt features

Connecting your SaaS applications with ease and precision.

  • Automated data sync

    Cobalt automates data synchronization across applications, eliminating manual intervention. This keeps data consistent in real time, so your team always work with the most accurate and current information.

  • Dynamic data mapping

    Cobalt’s data mapping feature lets you customize how data is transferred across integrated apps. It offers flexible mapping rules, making it easy to adapt data workflows to your specific business requirements.

  • Intuitive API management

    Cobalt streamlines API integrations, providing comprehensive management tools. It simplifies API connections with secure authentication, rate limiting, and monitoring, ensuring smooth, reliable communication between your applications.

  • Secure authentication protocols

    With built-in secure authentication, Cobalt ensures that your data remains safe. It supports various authentication standards like OAuth, providing seamless yet protected access across different platforms.

  • Scalable infrastructure

    Cobalt’s infrastructure is designed to scale with your growing needs. Whether you’re managing one integration or hundreds, the platform maintains high performance and reliability.

  • Customizable framework

    Tailor integrations to fit your unique workflows with Cobalt’s customizable framework. Adjust the integration logic, set triggers, and create rules to align with your business processes.

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics

    Cobalt offers real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities, providing immediate insights into integration performance. Get notified of issues instantly, allowing quick resolution to minimize downtime.

  • Comprehensive analytics

    Leverage Cobalt’s analytics to gain deeper insights into integration health. Analyze key metrics like data flow, performance, and usage trends to continually optimize your SaaS integrations.

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Cobalt: Pros & Cons


  • Efficient integration management: Cobalt provides an intuitive platform for developers to easily manage and scale integrations
  • Customization flexibility: The customizable framework allows you to tailor your integrations to meet specific needs
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts: Cobalt’s real-time monitoring offers proactive issue detection and alerts


  • Initial learning curve: Some users may find the initial setup and understanding of the platform challenging
  • Dependency on internet connectivity: As a cloud-based solution, Cobalt requires a stable internet connection
  • Subscription costs: While it provides excellent value for its features, some small businesses might find the pricing challenging if they have budget constraints
Interested in Cobalt? Get 75% off the Growth and Scale plans for 1 year on Cobalt with our promo code and save up to $8991.