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Qonto makes it easier to manage your daily finances (credit cards, expense report and accounting). All of it, with no hidden fees or bad surprises.

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General information

Wether you are a freelancer, a microbusiness, an SMB, or a startup, Qonto is an online bank created to make your life easier.

With this tool you can carry out all the classic operations needed to the proper functionning of an organisation: cheque deposit or bank transactions for example.

Finally, Qonto allows you to create and easily manage your accountability by making it easier to track payment receipts and VAT reconciliation.

Qonto features

Simplify your accounting management with Qonto.

  • Simplified accounting

    Payment receipts, VAT collection and expense reports are simplified: no more need to worry about audits.

  • Multiple accounts

    An account per expense items (salaries, suppliers, contributions, taxes) so you can better control your finances.

  • Integrations

    Secured connexions with dozens of availables softwares and apps to automate your finances' management.

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4 months free on Premium or Smart plans or 7 months free on Basic plan