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General information

Qonto was designed to adapt to all types of companies, for any legal form or team size. It is the ideal alternative for freelancers, startups, and SMEs.

Get all the smart and reliable payment methods you need every day to grow your business; Mastercard cards for you and all your team, Apple Pay and Google Pay for simple and fast payments, send and receive transfers in France and globally, get access to check deposit, direct debit, and a payment terminal.

A dashboard to keep control over your account switch. You are in complete control, thanks to a personalized and actionable dashboard: any actions to be taken are instantly displayed and can be managed from there.

Qonto provides a free collection of APIs to help you build integrations on top of Qonto accounts, transactions, and memberships. Use Zapier to connect Qonto with over 3,000 apps like Airtable, Twilio, Digital Ocean, and Coda.

Join more than 120,000 clients today to manage your company's expenses easier!

Qonto features

Business banking made easier, more efficient, and more transparent

  • Accounting

    Your accounting made easier. Scan your receipts to certify them and store them securely. Conduct VAT reconciliation with automatically detected rates and VAT amounts applied. Ask for missing receipts in a click!

  • Control your expenses as a team

    Get your teams and your accountant on board to give them greater autonomy while staying in control of everyone's expenses. Qonto's cards allow for transaction limits to be set according to the team's needs

  • Automated finance management

    Finance management connected to your needs. Discover Connect, all the tools connected to your account and offers to help you run your business

  • Multi-accounts

    Take control of your cash flow. Open multi-accounts with dedicated IBANs to separate your expense items, activities, and create team budgets

  • Payroll optimization

    Automate the payment of salaries. Optimize your cash flow by putting money aside for salary payments. When it's time to pay employees' salaries, it's just a click away!

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4 months free on Standard plan ou 7 months free on Solo One plan