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State Filing, EIN, and Legal Docs

General information about BetterLegal

Starting your own business can often feel like an overwhelming maze of administrative tasks and paperwork. This is where BetterLegal steps in, acting as a guiding light through this complex process. From the very inception of your business idea, BetterLegal takes charge of the bureaucratic work, specially handling the pivotal task of filing with your state of choice. This crucial step paves your path towards official legitimacy, making your business dream a sanctioned reality.

Once this first essential hurdle is passed and approval is granted, BetterLegal doesn't stop there. In fact, it goes further to help you traverse the winding roads of entrepreneurship. BetterLegal will next file your EIN, otherwise known as your Employer Identification Number. This nine-digit number, issued by the IRS, is absolutely indispensable for any business, as it identifies businesses for tax purposes, and also permits you to hire employees, open bank accounts, apply for business licenses, and more. 

After these two key steps, BetterLegal yet again goes the extra mile for you. It doesn't just leave you hanging after securing approval from the state and getting you your EIN. Instead, it helps you to finally generate all the legal documents necessary for your new business. With BetterLegal, you don’t have to worry about overlooking any important legal paperwork or procedures, as it takes care of everything end-to-end, making the process completely hassle-free for you. 

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BetterLegal features

  • Quick business formation

    BetterLegal facilitates fast and hassle-free business entity formation, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

  • Online document filing

    Users can easily file legal documents and forms online, streamlining the process and avoiding traditional paperwork.

  • Registered agent service

    BetterLegal offers registered agent services to manage legal notifications and ensure compliance with state requirements.

  • Document storage

    Securely store important legal documents and records online for easy access and retrieval.

  • Entity types

    BetterLegal supports various business entity types, including LLCs, corporations, and nonprofits, providing flexibility for different needs.

  • Compliance monitoring

    The platform helps track filing deadlines and compliance requirements, preventing penalties and legal issues.

  • Transparent pricing

    BetterLegal offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees, making it easier for users to understand and budget for their legal needs.

  • Educational resources

    Access to guides, articles, and resources empowers users with information to make informed legal decisions for their business.

BetterLegal: Pros & Cons


  • Efficient business formation: BetterLegal offers a streamlined and quick process for business entity formation, saving entrepreneurs time and simplifying the legal setup
  • Transparent pricing: The platform provides upfront and clear pricing, helping users understand costs without unexpected fees or charges
  • Document management: BetterLegal's document storage feature ensures easy access to important legal records, enhancing organization and compliance


  • Limited legal guidance: While BetterLegal assists with document filing, it may lack personalized legal advice that some users might require for complex situations
  • Additional services: Beyond basic business formation, users may need to seek additional legal services elsewhere, potentially leading to fragmented solutions
  • State variations: Legal requirements and processes can vary by state, and BetterLegal's services may not cover all nuances of local regulations