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Founder Shield

The #1 trusted insurance partner for venture-backed companies

As a tech-enabled broker, Founder Shield provides customized solutions for its clients, working with them to identify industry-specific risks. The fully-digitalized purchasing experience and a team of passionate specialists can create insurance products with a high level of customization

General information about Founder Shield

Founder Shield protects over 25% of the current venture backed ecosystem! When Benji set out to get the first policy in his pre-Founder Shield days, the brokers he spoke to didn’t care to give him the time of day because the account was too small to justify top-level customer service. These brokers failed to see the opportunity… they simply saw the cost of servicing the account and educating the purchaser, not the limitless potential the company had.

Founder Shield builds technology to make sure that the team has the capacity to provide the highest level of hands-on service and responsiveness to the entire customer base. They enjoy educating their clients and underwriters and consider it an essential part of the insurance purchasing experience.

Furthermore, innovation in insurance does not just come from technology, but from the ability to be creative and innovative when it comes to insurance product design. Founder Shield's clients are not “plain vanilla” or “one-size-fits-all,” so neither are the insurance products it develops and offers.

Founder Shield works hand in hand with clients and underwriters to be able to create and provide insurance products that haven’t previously existed. It is this level of innovation that has led to its ongoing growth and industry-leading retention rates.

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Founder Shield features

  • Robust cyber liability coverage

    Defend against third-party lawsuits due to cyber activities like phishing scams. Gain recovery benefits for data restoration and income reimbursement.

  • Broad general liability shield

    Cover property damage, personal injury, and bodily harm occurring on business premises, mitigating fundamental risks.

  • Intellectual property safeguard

    Defend against infringement claims and protect your intellectual property with legal fee coverage, ensuring budget and asset protection.

  • Comprehensive workers compensation

    Cover medical costs and lost wages for work-related injuries, providing security for employees and maintaining business continuity.

  • Comprehensive crime insurance

    Protect against various forms of money theft, including employee fraud, robbery, and fraudulent transactions, safeguarding your company from financial losses.

  • Directors & officers (D&O) protection

    Safeguard personal assets of directors and officers from lawsuits alleging wrongful acts, securing their financial well-being.

  • Employment practices liability (EPL) coverage

    Shield against claims related to employment issues, such as discrimination and wrongful termination, ensuring legal protection.

  • Professional errors & omissions (E&O) insurance

    Handle third-party lawsuits over substandard work, errors, or omissions with E&O coverage, minimizing financial strain.

Founder Shield: Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive coverage: Founder Shield offers a wide range of insurance solutions, including crime, cyber liability, D&O protection, and more, ensuring holistic protection against various risks
  • Specialized expertise: With a focus on serving startups and high-growth companies, Founder Shield's expertise caters to the unique needs and challenges of emerging businesses
  • Simplified process: Founder Shield's user-friendly approach streamlines insurance procurement, making it easier for businesses to access essential coverage tailored to their specific requirements


  • Limited market focus: Founder Shield's specialization in startups and high-growth companies may limit its suitability for established or larger enterprises seeking broader insurance options
  • Coverage complexity: While Founder Shield simplifies the insurance process, the intricate nature of certain risks may require additional clarification, potentially leading to misunderstandings
  • Cost consideration: Tailored coverage might come with higher premiums, making it crucial for businesses to assess their budget and needs when choosing Founder Shield's services