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Find the right keywords and phrases for your content.

SimilarContent helps you find the best keywords to use for your content by analyzing your competition and what people are searching for. It shows you which keywords will be most loved by both your audience and search engines in an easy-to-understand way. This helps you write engaging content that both your audience and search engines love.

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Secret's take about SimilarContent

Do you want your webpage to rank higher than others in search results? Are you not sure of what keywords you should use?

SimilarContent helps you create SEO-optimized SEO content that is likely to appear on the first page of Google's search results with real-time relevance scores.

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Customer Success Manager

General information about SimilarContent

The SimilarContent app is the best content optimization solution that will help you write more relevant content that has been optimized for the best possible SEO results. 

The app analyzes your content, website competition, and target keywords to find the most relevant and comprehensive list of long-tail search terms.

The app also predicts what Google thinks of your article before it's published, so you can save time and money by knowing if the content will rank for the keyword.

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SimilarContent features

Higher rankings for your webpage

  • Topic Ideas Generator

    SimilarContent helps you brainstorm new content ideas and outlines the steps needed to create more on-site SEO content on your site.

  • Ranking predictor

    Predict where you’ll rank. Ranking Predictor is an innovative tool that uses machine learning to predict the keywords that your content will rank for, even before you publish it. All of the data is powered by machine learning.

  • Readability checker

    Engage your audience with readable content. Improve your site's SEO by making content more meaningful to search engines and more readable by visitors.

  • Real-time LSI Keyword Research tool

    Include words and phrases that search engines and your customers both understand and love.

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