5 Best Alternatives to OVHcloud in March 2023

Alternatives & Competitors to OVHcloud

Here are competitors or alternatives to OVHcloud and other similar Cloud & Web Hosting software. You need to consider some important factors when choosing the right tool for your business that's similar to OVHcloud, like the main features of each solution, ease of use of user interface, pricing or value for money for instance. Each software has its pros and cons so it's up to you to choose the best alternative to OVHcloud that meets the needs of your business. To help you compare each service and choose the right solution, we have put together a list of the best competitors of OVHcloud like: AWS Activate, Google Cloud, Microsoft for Startups or DigitalOcean.

List of Alternatives to OVHcloud

From Cloud & Web Hosting tools, we have selected the best alternatives to OVHcloud based on reviews for each solution and similarities with OVHcloud. Of course, each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, and its own features but, whether you are a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, you will find the right choice that empowers your projects.

logo aws activate


Amazon's cloud services platform

Best features

  • - Cloud storage

  • - Computing power

  • - Machine Learning

  • - Content distribution

Why is AWS Activate a good alternative to OVHcloud?

AWS Activate provides a comprehensive suite of tools, services, and support for startups, which can be advantageous for those switching from OVHcloud. With its assistance, startups are able to grow their business quickly, with free credits to help with the costs of new technology and the ability to scale easily and securely. AWS also provides universities and research centers with an easy and cost-effective way to get started using cloud computing, as well as resources focused on helping research and teaching. Both OVHcloud and AWS provide users with the utmost safety, reliability and performance but AWS Activate is tailor-made to help growing businesses get off the ground, whereas OVHcloud is more designed for hosting already existing websites.

What are the differences between AWS Activate and OVHcloud?

AWS Activate is a program from Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provides startups with access to tech, training, and financial resources to build and innovate on their cloud solutions. It offers startups access to exclusive AWS promotions, startup support programs, and resources like dedicated mentorship, training and consulting discounts, and access to AWS technology. OVHcloud is a leading European cloud provider providing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud solutions. It enables customers to create highly scalable and reliable application hosting solutions through an extensive portfolio of products and services, including virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and backups. OVHcloud also provides an intuitive customer portal and ODOO-based cloud manager with tools to manage, secure and deliver cloud services. OVHcloud's solutions offer advanced features such as load balancing, flexible firewall, and data retention service. Both programs offer their customers with important resources to support their startup life-cycle, however, AWS Activate generally provides startups with access to exclusive discounts and programs, while OVHcloud's solutions generally provide customers with better scalability, reliability, and advanced features.

AWS Activate: Pros & Cons

Excellent tool security: Amazon’s cloud platform guarantees access to a high-performance infrastructure
Pleasant flexibility: The American giant’s solution allows you to develop any type of project
Adaptive pricing: AWS only charges for the use of the online services you need
Complex for beginners: This cloud solution can be difficult for newbies to get to grips with
Difficult planning cost: It can be tricky to strictly define the total cost of services in advance


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logo google cloud


Cloud services by Google

Best features

  • - Storage & databases

  • - Computing power

  • - Security

  • - Developer tools

  • - Build and invest in your cloud with confidence

Google Cloud compared to OVHcloud

Google Cloud has better positive reviews than OVHcloud: 97 vs 78

Google Cloud is better at customer support than OVHcloud: 4.6 vs 4.1

Google Cloud is easier to set up than OVHcloud: 4.6 vs 4.1

OVHcloud is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Google Cloud: 4.7 vs 4.6

Google Cloud is more versatile than OVHcloud: 103 vs 7

Google Cloud: Pros & Cons

Scalable solution: Google Cloud adapts perfectly to the changing needs of a company
Data security: The security level of the platform is high
Transparent pricing: The pay-per-use option is relevant to optimize costs
Learning curve: The platform has a steep learning curve
Limited outside the Google ecosystem: There is a lot of work for developers to work with tools outside the ecosystem
Some limitations: TLS certificates and custom domain mapping are limited


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logo microsoft for startups


Growth assistance program for startups

Best features

  • - Business partnership

  • - Visibility and marketing

  • - Unlimited access to Microsoft products and support

  • - Technical partnership

Why is Microsoft for Startups a good alternative to OVHcloud?

Microsoft for Startups is a great alternative to OVHcloud because it helps startups get a jump start in their business by providing equity-free perks, a wide array of product support, direct access to Microsoft’s AI and data services, and access to the Azure cloud platform. Additionally, Microsoft’s support and guidance in building a go-to-market plan is invaluable to small companies and new entrepreneurs. With Microsoft for Startups, startups can focus on building their products without the distraction and expense of building and managing on-premises IT infrastructures.

What are the differences between Microsoft for Startups and OVHcloud?

.Microsoft for Startups offers a range of solutions, such as guidance and advice, free software and services, and exceptional offers to help startups grow, while OVHcloud offers cloud infrastructure services including dedicated servers, multi-cloud hosting, networking, Big Data and databases. OVHcloud is primarily focused on providing secure, reliable and scalable cloud hosting solutions, while Microsoft for Startups provides services that are tailored to support startups' growth and development. Microsoft for Startups also has more comprehensive solutions that include not just cloud solutions but also coaching, an audience platform, and access to Microsoft customers and partners.

Microsoft for Startups: Pros & Cons

Ideal for accelerating: The Microsoft for Startups program allows you to increase your sales and visibility
Unlimited access: All Microsoft products are available in the program
Full support: From support to dedicated events, everything is done to help you succeed and network
Brand dependency: You are dependent on the Microsoft ecosystem
Management and maintenance: IT experts are required to perform error monitoring
Complex platform: Involvement is required to ensure smooth operation of Azure cloud solutions
Up to $120,000 in Azure Cloud Credits (up to $120,000)
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logo digital ocean


Cloud Computing Platform

Best features

  • - Hosting and storing

  • - Database management

  • - Tools for devs

  • - Calculation

Why is DigitalOcean a good alternative to OVHcloud?

Digital Ocean is a great alternative to OVHcloud because it provides high performance virtual machines, a quick and easy setup process, and easy scaling as your business grows. It also offers simplified management and monitoring, as well as affordable pricing plans that can easily fit within any budget. Perhaps best of all, Digital Ocean's support team is world-class, highly responsive, and always available to help.

What are the differences between DigitalOcean and OVHcloud?

Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure provider that primarily specializes in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, such as virtual machines, object storage and networking solutions. OVHcloud provides public and private cloud services, as well as managed hosting, serverless computing, and other services. Digital Ocean is focused on offering intuitive management for teams to quickly create, deploy, scale, and manage apps with flexible plans and pricing. OVHcloud provides a broad range of versatile cloud services from shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and private clouds to Cloud VPS, bare metal servers, global mission-critical platforms and more. Digital Ocean has an integrated control panel for administrators to take control of services and prices, while OVHcloud has an open platform for developers and sysadmins to deliver and manage projects from development to production.

DigitalOcean: Pros & Cons

Data security: Stored information is secure and protected from end to end
Infrastructure availability: Platform availability exceeds 99.9%
Comprehensive offering: The DigitalOcean cloud platform offers a variety of features (virtual machine, application engine, storage, database)
Service pricing: No free domain name or site migration
Customer support: This platform does not offer live support
For experienced users: The DigitalOcean solution requires a good technical expertise

DigitalOcean pricing

Droplets (Virtual Machines)

$5 / month

Spaces Object Storage

$5 / month

Load Balancers

$10 / month

Managed Kubernetes

$10 / month

Volumes (Block Storage)

$10 / month

Managed Database

$15 / month
$1,000 credits over 12 months (up to $1,000)
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logo ibm cloud


Complete cloud platform to manage your data and processes.

Best features

  • - Cloud storage

  • - Databases

  • - Developer tools

  • - Automation

  • - Security

IBM Cloud compared to OVHcloud

IBM Cloud has better positive reviews than OVHcloud: 93 vs 78

OVHcloud is better at value for money than IBM Cloud: 4.7 vs 4.1

IBM Cloud has more features than OVHcloud: 45 vs 7

Why is IBM Cloud a good alternative to OVHcloud?

IBM Cloud provides an ideal alternative to OVHcloud for organizations looking for enterprise-grade technology and exceptional service. IBM Cloud is a secure, highly scalable platform, offering a selection of flexible, cloud-native services that are designed to meet the complex needs of modern businesses. Furthermore, IBM Cloud provides 24/7 support, a wide range of tools to securely deploy and manage applications, and expert guidance and insight through the IBM Cloud team of consultants, who are available to help organizations maximize the value of their cloud journey. With these capabilities, IBM Cloud is the perfect solution for companies looking to migrate to the cloud and create new digital experiences.

What are the differences between IBM Cloud and OVHcloud?

IBM Cloud is a cloud computing platform that allows businesses to access Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities that help organizations manage and develop web and mobile applications. It offers the potential for lower costs, fast deployment times, scalability and self-service options. OVHcloud is a French cloud hosting provider that specializes in cloud storage and virtualization. Its offerings include enterprise-grade hosting, a comprehensive suite of security tools, and a wide range of storage and compute resources. OVHcloud provides high performance, scalability and a secure environment that allows businesses to confidently develop applications and services.

IBM Cloud: Pros & Cons

Performance: High storage capacity with a quality infrastructure
Adaptability: The software offers many services and integrations
Security: Various protections are integrated
Complex handling: Prior knowledge is required to use the software
Support: Although offering a wide range of hours, support is sometimes inefficient
Price: The cost increases with the use. This can be high for small companies
$1,000/month in IBM Cloud credits for 12 months (up to $12,000)
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