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The eSim service for your travel business

Celitech gives you the power to engage with your customers on another level. 

General information about Celitech

Celitech is the world’s 1st digital-only cellular data platform enabling online businesses to offer eSIM service and better engage with mobile customers using connectivity & analytics. The company offers a programmable eSIM API to a wide variety of web and mobile apps to enable tailored bundling of cellular data with other online services.

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Celitech features

  • Easy setup

    You can quickly set up and deploy your eSims in just a few days, on your website or your application.

  • QR codes

    Celitech can be activated digitally and securely on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop through the use of QR codes.

  • Programmable

    Celitech’s API makes sure your cellular data eSims can be adapted to any case you may face while also allowing you to connect with the other tools you use.