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Cornerstone Licensing Services

Cornerstone frees you from the burden of licensing

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Cornerstone supports you in obtaining and retaining your business licensing. In addition, it provides a variety of licensing related services including: insurance, bonds, registered agents, background checks, and business formation services.

General information about Cornerstone Licensing Services

Cornerstone is the seasoned ace in the hole that high-performing businesses like yours trust to stay lockstep focused on what you do best - relentlessly scaling your enterprise. In a world that's spinning faster by the day, distractions can be devastating for your growth trajectory. That's precisely why you need an advantageous solution which liberates you from the demanding, often trickling and arduous licensing processes - a solution that is inerrant, timely, each and every round.

The core challenge lies in the ever-evolving landscape of licensing, insurance, bond, and registered agent requirements. These complexities are further compounded as each jurisdiction brings its own set of unique applications, variable fees, and timing protocols. This culminates into a perpetual cycle of intricacy and substantial risk. You may find yourself submerged in a sea of frustrations, overwhelmed by the realization that you and your dedicated team are rerouted away from the growth objectives of your business relentlessly.

Cornerstone is no stranger to these frustrations. The team addresses such concerns daily from their esteemed clients, who have embraced Cornerstone as their go-to resolution for all licensing needs.

Garnering over 25 years of experience, Cornerstone has successfully facilitated more than half a million filings. This achievement reflects its commitment to ensuring clients have access to trusted, cost-effective, and reliable licensing solutions.

Its continued dedication towards excellence has led Cornerstone to be recognized as one of the most prominent, highest-rated, and experienced licensing agencies within the industry. With tens of thousands of filings prepared annually, the team of licensing professionals possess in-depth knowledge and have forged trustful relationships across all states and jurisdictions. 

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Cornerstone Licensing Services features

  • Insurance

    Cornerstone aids in selecting tailored insurance coverage to protect your business against unforeseen challenges, offering peace of mind.

  • Bonds

    Cornerstone secures various bonds, minimizing risks in business transactions and enhancing trust in contractual obligations.

  • Business formation

    Cornerstone streamlines business formation, guiding you through structure selection, paperwork, and EIN acquisition.

  • Background checks

    Cornerstone offers comprehensive background checks, providing essential insights for hiring and partnerships.

  • Registered agents

    Acting as a registered agent, Cornerstone receives legal documents, ensuring timely communication and compliance.

  • Licensing (initial and renewal)

    Cornerstone simplifies obtaining and renewing licenses, ensuring your compliance with legal requirements throughout operations.

Cornerstone Licensing Services Reviews

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Cornerstone Licensing Services: Pros & Cons


  • Trust: Cornerstone's reliability and recognition build trust in licensing solutions
  • Experience: Over 25 years of successful filings and industry recognition demonstrate Cornerstone's expertise
  • Efficiency: Streamlined solutions free businesses from administrative complexities


  • External Dependence: Businesses relinquish control to an external agency
  • Costs: Service fees might impact smaller budgets
  • Standardization: Limited customization for unique licensing needs