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Secure online payment solution

3.9 (11 reviews)

Whether you are a marketplace, an e-shop, a crowdfunding platform or a B2B platform, MangoPay makes it easy for your customers to pay. Your payment flows are simplified, automated and secure.

General information about MangoPay

MangoPay is a white label online payment solution that allows you to accept payments for your company or on behalf of other organizations (for crowdfunding websites for example) with ease. Whether you're a small business owner or an entrepreneur embarking on a new venture, MangoPay provides a seamless payment process that enhances the user experience.

Designed to integrate easily with your apps and websites, MangoPay offers a complete dashboard that provides centralized management of your payments. With this dashboard, you can effortlessly track transactions, manage customers, and keep an eye on commissions. The intuitive interface makes it a breeze to navigate and ensures that you have all the necessary tools to effectively manage your payment system.

One of the key advantages of MangoPay is its commitment to ensuring the security of payments made on your platform. As a business owner, you can rest easy knowing that MangoPay takes the responsibility of validating your users and ensuring the security of their transactions. This adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to your business, which can be invaluable when building a customer base.

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Secret's take about MangoPay

Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use payment solution for your business? Look no further than Mangopay! 🥭

What is MangoPay?

Mangopay is a payment solution designed to help businesses manage online transactions securely and efficientl 💵 It provides a comprehensive set of features and tools that enable companies to accept payments, manage funds, and streamline their payment processes. Mangopay simplifies the payment experience for businesses and their customers, ensuring smooth and reliable transactions 💪

Our opinion about MangoPay:

Mangopay is a powerful payment solution that offers businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their online transactions 🙌 It caters to a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and crowdfunding platforms, providing them with secure and flexible payment options. Mangopay's robust API, customizable payment flows, and fraud prevention measures make it easy for businesses to handle payments with confidence. By using Mangopay, businesses can streamline their payment operations, enhance security, and provide a seamless payment experience to their customers 💳

MangoPay Pricing:

Mangopay offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different businesses and transaction volumes. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Mangopay has pricing options that align with your specific payment requirements. Get €50,000 free transaction volume for 6 months with Secret and save up to $800 for your business! 💰

Best MangoPay alternatives:

Top alternatives to Mangopay’s payment software include Synder, Venmo and PayPlug. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔍

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

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What is MangoPay used for?

MangoPay is an essential tool for small businesses, providing a secure and efficient online payment solution. It's perfect for companies that need to manage payments on behalf of others, such as crowdfunding platforms. For instance, a startup launching a crowdfunding campaign can easily track and manage transactions through MangoPay's user-friendly dashboard. The software also ensures the security of each transaction, adding credibility to your business and fostering trust with your customers. Moreover, MangoPay's seamless integration with apps and websites makes it a convenient choice for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes.

MangoPay features

  • E-wallets & Ibanisation

    Manage payments between users, manage commissions and even loyalty programs.

  • Anti-fraud

    3D Secure, card fingerprinting and other fraud prevention features minimize risk on your platform.

  • Payment methods & currencies

    Accept a wide range of payment methods and currencies through Mangopay's platform. This feature allows you to easily process payments from local and international clients alike, giving your business a global edge.

  • User verification

    Your platform and financial flows are compliant with European regulations thanks to user verification managed by MangoPay.

  • White label solution

    Create a fully branded and customizable payment process with Mangopay's white label solution. This feature gives you control over the payment process and ensures that it matches your brand identity.

  • Dispute management

    Resolve disputes quickly and efficiently with Mangopay's dispute management system. Manage and settle disputes between buyers and sellers, ensuring that your platform remains trustworthy and secure for all users.

11 MangoPay Reviews

3.9 (11 reviews)
  • Gregory G

    Transparent Pricing and Responsive Customer Support

    there are no hidden charges, which makes budgeting easier. The customer support team has been very responsive and helpful whenever I've had queries or issues

    June 16, 2024

  • Isabella Garcia

    An Enthusiastic Review: The Uniqueness and Excellence of MangoPay

    Here's my enthusiastic review of the software, MangoPay: I am absolutely thrilled with it. Firstly, there's a sense of mystery. They always keep you on your toes with the dynamic changes they make daily, showing their commitment to constant improvement. The staff seems to value the human touch over automation. The process is manual, giving it a personal touch that even the big banks lack. Their customer service is refreshingly unique. I also noticed a significant amount of glowing reviews here, which is absolutely delightful. Without a doubt, MangoPay is the most interesting service provider I have ever dealt with in any area of life.

    June 9, 2024

  • Jonathan N

    Smooth Transition to Mangopay with Transparent Fees

    this made the transition to using Mangopay smooth and hassle-free. I appreciate the transparency in their fee structure

    June 2, 2024

  • Anthony B

    An Intriguing Journey with MangoPay: A Tale of Online Transactions

    MangoPay is the payment provider for Vinted, and I've had quite an interesting journey with them. I made sales amounting to 34€ through Vinted and have been eagerly awaiting the transfer for over two months. They've been very responsive, assuring me that the payment has been sent and even providing a unique proof of payment. Although it didn't contain a bank account or reference number, I found it quite intriguing. My bank, however, suggested that it wasn't a standard proof of payment. When I reached out to MangoPay for a more detailed proof, they confidently stood by their initial document and promptly closed my claim. I appreciate their quick responses, even though they were automated, and their consistent advice to check with my bank. It's been a learning curve for me, understanding the intricacies of online payments. I've had a similar experience with Wallapop, another platform that uses MangoPay as their payment provider. This journey has been quite enlightening, and I would recommend MangoPay, Vinted, and Wallapop for anyone looking for a unique experience in online transactions. It's been a rollercoaster ride, but I'm all for the thrill!

    May 27, 2024

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MangoPay: Pros & Cons


  • Global payment capabilities: Expand your business globally and accept payments from customers worldwide
  • Easy integration: Seamlessly integrate Mangopay into your platform and start accepting payments in minutes
  • Secure and reliable payments: Mangopay ensures your transactions are safe and trustworthy


  • Limited payment methods: Mangopay may not support all the payment methods that your customers prefer
  • Transaction fees: There may be transaction fees associated with using Mangopay, which can eat into your profits
  • Complex integration process: Integrating Mangopay into your platform may require technical expertise and time

Why is MangoPay better than other Payments software?

MangoPay is a better solution for customer support than Venmo: 4.6 vs 4.5

MangoPay is more versatile than Venmo: 52 vs 17

MangoPay is better at customer support than FreshBooks: 4.6 vs 4.4

MangoPay is better at value for money than FreshBooks: 4.4 vs 4.3

MangoPay is better at customer service than Birdeye: 4.6 vs 4.5

MangoPay is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than GoCardless: 85 vs 77

MangoPay is a better solution for customer support than GoCardless: 4.6 vs 3.5

MangoPay is better at customer support than Payoneer: 4.6 vs 4.0

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