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The new way to do cash flow

Are you tired of complicated Excel sheets? RocketChart makes cash flow management not only easier but more reliable.

General information about RocketChart

RocketChart is changing the treasury of the future. Its easy-to-use, automated cash flow management tool allows you to save time and effort in your precious business decisions. Visualize your cash flow forecast in real-time and maintain your control on the business’ expenses. No need to second guess your decisions.

Unlike Excel, RocketChart allows you to integrate the most important tools in your cash flow management. Integrations with account management software like Quickbooks, Sellsy, and Azopio help you to automatically synchronize your invoices and generate your cash flow forecast. With less human and input error, your forecast will be more accurate and reliable, giving you peace of mind.

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Secret's take about RocketChart

Is your cash flow management taking up too much of your time? Multiple SMEs, Startups, VSEs have already begun to transform their treasury thanks to RocketChart.

We know how important cash flow is in a company and also how tedious it can be so let RocketChart take care of what is necessary. You tell RocketChart what to do and when to do it. Complete control in one easy-to-use tool, in real-time.

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

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Automatic categorisation

Analytical cash flow monitoring

RocketChart features

Forecast your cash flow with no more hesitation

  • Cost Containment

    Personalize how you view your multi-bank accounts’ expenses with graphs, filters, and categories. Maximize your profitability by identifying expense optimizations, and therefore, improve your activity.

  • Real-Time Cash Tracking

    RocketChart gives you a clear view of your cash flow, with its algorithm automatically categorizing your payments. Your forecast is kept up-to-date and includes secure information from your synchronized bank accounts. Forecasts have never been so reliable.

  • Cash Forecast

    Make sure you’re on the right track to your goals by comparing your budget to your actual expenditure. RocketChart allows you to solve your problems before they even become a problem with a projected cash flow, anticipating periods of high or low cash flow.

  • Multi-Scenario Management

    A lot of different scenarios running through your mind? No need to worry! RocketChart allows you to simulate your thoughts, keeping the necessary data to save time. Find the most suitable strategy for your company by evaluating any future scenarios you foresee.

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