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Thousands of microservices for all your needs, starting at €5

4.7 (6 reviews)

5euros is an online collaborative platform where anyone can offer their dematerialized services from €5. 5euros is the ally of project leaders.

General information about 5euros

5euros is not just another online platform, it's a game-changer for project owners looking for quality services at affordable prices. With the collaborative marketplace, 5euros offers a wide range of dematerialized services starting from just 5€. From graphic design to writing, website development to community management, the diverse pool of experts are there to provide you with the skills you need to take your projects to the next level.

What sets 5euros apart is its focus on simplicity and efficiency. Its sellers are committed to delivering fast and precise services online, ensuring that your tasks are handled smoothly and professionally. And the best part? The options allow you to customize and extend the services according to your requirements, creating a truly tailored experience that caters to all your needs.

But it's not just the project owners who benefit from 5euros. Sellers on the platform have the opportunity to maximize their profits by offering their expertise to a wide range of clients. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, 5euros provides you with a platform to showcase your skills and connect with potential customers on a global scale.

So why wait? Join the 5euros community today and discover the power of affordable, high-quality services. Whether you're a project owner or a skilled professional, 5euros is the place to be. 

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Secret's take about 5euros

Hiring freelancers is like assembling a squad of digital superheroes 🦸 – they swoop in, save the day, and then vanish into the freelance abyss, never to be seen again... Not really but 🤷

What is 5euros?

5euros is a French-based online marketplace that connects freelancers and service providers with clients who need various digital services 🖥️ The platform allows freelancers to offer their services in categories such as graphic design, writing, web development, translation, video editing, and more, starting at a price of €5. On 5euros, freelancers create "microservices" that outline what they offer and at what price, and clients can browse through these services to find the one that suits their needs 💪 

Our opinion about 5euros:

5euros's concept of microservices, where freelancers offer specific services at fixed prices, can be beneficial for both clients and freelancers 🌟 as it simplifies the process and allows clients to know exactly what they are getting at a set price. You can thoroughly review freelancers' profiles, their previous work, and client feedback so you are sure to find a service provider that aligns with your specific requirements 🎯

5euros Pricing:

5euros is known for its transparent and straightforward pricing model. The platform's concept revolves around offering services at a fixed price of €5. Freelancers create "microservices" that outline what they are offering, and these services are available for clients to purchase at a set price 💰

Best 5euros alternatives:

Top alternatives to 5euros’s microservices platform include Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔍

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

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What is 5euros used for?

5euros is a revolutionary software that serves as a marketplace for affordable, high-quality services. Small businesses can benefit immensely from this platform. For instance, a startup needing a logo can easily find a graphic designer to create one for just 5€. Similarly, if a small business needs help with website development or community management, they can find experts on 5euros. The platform's simplicity and efficiency ensure tasks are handled professionally and swiftly. Moreover, the customization options allow businesses to tailor services to their specific needs. For sellers, it's an opportunity to showcase their skills and connect with potential clients globally. Thus, 5euros is an excellent tool for small businesses seeking quality services on a budget.

5euros features

  • A fully secure platform

    Going through 5euros to make your purchases is the assurance of having a team present at each step in case of problem and especially a safe platform for your purchases. Indeed, you pay from the beginning of the order a service, but the seller touches the money only after having delivered to you and that you have accepted this delivery.

  • Secure payment options

    Paying for services on 5euros is completely secure. It offers a variety of payment options, including PayPal and credit cards, so you can pick the one that's most convenient for you.

  • A rating and review system

    Want to know how reliable a seller is? The platform features a rating and review system that lets you see what other customers have to say about their experiences working with a particular seller. This ensures that you can make an informed decision when choosing a seller for your project.

  • Customized offers

    Need something more specific than what's listed in a seller's package? No problem! 5euros's sellers are open to creating customized offers tailored to your needs, ensuring that you get exactly what you're looking for.

  • A wide choice of services

    Among many categories of services, you will inevitably find an answer to your needs: graphic design, writing, video, website, social networks, business and many others! All dematerialized services can be sold on 5euros.

  • Everything starts at €5

    As its name indicates, on 5euros, all services start at 5 €. Need a short text or a product sheet? With 5 €, it's possible! The correction of one of your bugs? Business advice? You can realize all your projects, even with a very small budget, by relying on the skills of experts.

  • Access to expert sellers

    The platform has a vast pool of expert sellers with different skills and experience levels. Whether you need a seasoned pro or someone who's just starting out, you can find the perfect seller to meet your requirements on 5euros.

  • Quick delivery and communication

    5euros's sellers are committed to delivering the services as soon as possible, within the timeframe they have specified. They are also communicative and will keep you informed of the progress of your project every step of the way.

6 5euros Reviews

4.7 (6 reviews)
  • Patrick Davis

    Freelancing Made Easy with 5euros Platform

    As a freelancer, I have been using 5euros to offer my services. The platform is easy to use and I have been able to reach a wider client base

    May 12, 2024

  • Sarah E

    Poor Magnifier, Unresolved Issues Despite Customer Service Contact

    There's no customer responsiveness. While the concept is good, there are many areas that need improvement if Expensya is willing to listen to its users. The magnifying glass feature is subpar and the reports are quite useless.

    May 5, 2024

  • Timothy

    5euros: A Game-Changer for Small Business Digital Marketing

    As a small business owner, I used 5euros for my digital marketing needs. The results were impressive and the turnaround time was quick

    April 27, 2024

  • Janet Miller

    Expensya: Revolutionizing Expense Reports

    This software has completely revolutionized my experience with expense reports. It's incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to manage everything in real time and with a simple click, I can send my reports to the accounting department at the end of the month. I love the integrated web interface and the simplicity of the software. It has made dealing with expense reports so easy. The Expensya team is always on hand and very professional. There's nothing I dislike about the software, although there is room for improvement in terms of user experience maturity. For example, sometimes when scrolling through an expenditure screen, a field can be accidentally altered. Also, the expenditure filters on the website could be improved. The vendor responded to my feedback, appreciating my suggestions for improvement and promising to pass them on to their teams.

    April 21, 2024

5euros: Pros & Cons


  • Diverse services: 5euros offers a wide range of services, from graphic design and writing to digital marketing and more
  • Affordable options: Many services on 5euros are priced competitively
  • User reviews: The platform includes a review system that helps users make informed decisions by reading feedback from other buyers


  • Quality variability: Due to the open marketplace, the quality of services can vary greatly
  • Transaction fees: 5euros charges fees on both the buyer and seller side, which can add to the overall cost of a transaction
  • Limited dispute resolution: 5euros' dispute resolution process may not always provide a satisfactory resolution for both parties

Why is 5euros better than other Productivity software?

5euros is better at number of features than Malt: 52 vs 4

5euros is better at customer support than Indeed: 4.6 vs 4.5

5euros has more options than Indeed: 52 vs 28