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CCleaner is a popular utility software designed to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. It offers features such as removing temporary files, optimizing system performance, and ensuring privacy by clearing browsing history and temporary internet files.

General information about CCleaner

CCleaner is a renowned utility program developed by Piriform that has been trusted by millions to keep their Windows and Mac computers running smoothly since its launch in 2004. This powerful tool is engineered to optimize system performance by removing unnecessary files, cleaning up old junk, and managing unwanted applications that can slow down your computer.

One of the core functionalities of CCleaner is its ability to swiftly and safely clear out temporary files, internet caches, and other disposable data that accumulates over time. This not only frees up valuable disk space but also enhances the overall efficiency and speed of your computer. Additionally, CCleaner offers a robust registry cleaner that removes old and unused entries, including file extensions, ActiveX controls, uninstallers, and more, which can help prevent system crashes and speed up your PC.

Privacy protection is another critical aspect of CCleaner. It securely erases browsing history and temporary internet files, keeping your internet usage private and protecting against identity theft. Moreover, the software features a built-in toolset including a startup manager that allows you to identify and remove unnecessary startup programs, significantly decreasing your boot time.

CCleaner is available in different versions, from the basic free version suited for personal use to a professional version offering advanced features tailored for more intensive or business needs.

For those looking to enhance their computer’s performance, now is the perfect time to check out CCleaner. Visit our platform today to explore special offers on software just like CCleaner and find the solution that fits your needs!

1 deal available for CCleaner
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1 deal available for CCleaner

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50% off for 1 year

50% off for 1 year

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CCleaner features

Fast, efficient, and trusted computer optimization software.

  • Browser plugin management

    Easily manage and remove unwanted browser add-ons or extensions, helping to optimize browser performance and prevent potential privacy leaks or security risks.

  • Disk analyzer

    The Disk Analyzer tool helps identify the types of files taking up the most space on your hard drive, allowing you to make informed decisions about which files to delete or move.

  • Junk file removal

    CCleaner excels at eliminating unnecessary files from your system, including temporary files and cache, freeing up valuable hard drive space and enhancing your computer’s performance.

  • Registry cleaner

    The tool safely cleans and repairs registry entries to resolve issues and reduce the likelihood of system crashes, ensuring that your Windows registry remains efficient and streamlined.

  • System restore management

    With CCleaner, you can view and manage all system restore points, deleting old or unnecessary ones to save space and maintain system efficiency.

  • Privacy protection

    CCleaner securely erases your browser search history and cookies so that your internet browsing stays confidential and your personal information remains protected from unwanted tracking.

  • Startup manager

    This feature allows you to manage and streamline your startup process by disabling unnecessary programs that slow down your computer’s boot time, improving overall startup speed.

  • Software uninstaller

    CCleaner includes a straightforward uninstaller tool that removes unwanted software and applications along with their residual files, keeping your system clean and organized.

CCleaner Reviews

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CCleaner: Pros & Cons


  • Enhances system performance: CCleaner effectively removes unnecessary files, temporary data, and outdated registry entries
  • Privacy protection: The software provides robust privacy features by cleaning up browsing history, cookies, and temporary internet files
  • User-friendly interface: CCleaner boasts a simple, intuitive interface that makes it accessible for users of all skill levels


  • Potential for data loss: If not used carefully, the registry cleaning feature can potentially lead to system instability or data loss by removing critical registry entries
  • Limited functionality in free version: While the free version offers basic cleaning capabilities, many of the more advanced features are reserved for the paid versions
  • Adware in installations: The installation process for the free version of CCleaner has been criticized for including offers of third-party software or toolbars
Interested in CCleaner? Get 50% off for 1 year on CCleaner with our promo code and save up to $20.