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Agile project management software

4.8 (6 reviews)

Freshrelease is a modern agile project management tool for teams building software. Using freshrelease development teams can plan, track, test and ship great software from one place.

General information about Freshrelease

With Freshrelease, you can create roadmaps, prioritise backlog, run sprints, manage test runs & release great softwares. It offers: issue & bug tracking ,backlog management, sprint planning, kanban boards, roadmapping, inbuilt testing module (Not available in Jira or other similar tools), freshrelease is a product from Freshworks, which has more than 150,000+ customers worldwide.

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What is Freshrelease used for?

Freshrelease is a versatile software tool designed to streamline project management for small businesses. It allows teams to visualize their work through roadmaps and kanban boards, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. With features like backlog management and sprint planning, it helps prioritize tasks effectively. Its unique inbuilt testing module sets it apart from competitors like Jira, enabling seamless bug tracking and issue resolution. For instance, a small tech startup can use Freshrelease to manage software development cycles, from ideation to release, ensuring a smooth, efficient workflow. With over 150,000 global users, Freshrelease is a trusted solution for project management needs.

Freshrelease features

  • Agile project management

    Freshrelease takes the complexity out of project management by allowing you to create, assign, and track tasks with ease. With a simple and intuitive interface, you'll be able to get your team organized and working towards your goals in no time.

  • Bug tracking

    Freshrelease makes it simple to track bugs and issues. You can create issues directly from tasks, and the software automatically links them together. With advanced filtering and search capabilities, you'll be able to find and fix bugs quickly.

  • Integrations

    Freshrelease integrates with a variety of tools, including Slack, Trello, JIRA, and GitHub. This means you can use the software alongside the tools you already use without having to switch between multiple applications.

  • Reports and analytics

    With Freshrelease, you'll be able to generate reports and view analytics on your team's performance. You'll be able to see how long it takes to complete tasks, track team productivity, and identify areas for improvement.

  • Time tracking

    Freshrelease comes with built-in time tracking capabilities. You can track the time spent on each task and generate reports on how your team is spending their time.

  • Release management

    With Freshrelease, you'll be able to keep track of all your releases in one place. The software comes with a release calendar that allows you to schedule releases and track their progress. You'll have complete visibility into the entire release process, from planning to deployment.

  • Custom workflows

    Freshrelease allows you to create custom workflows that fit your team's unique needs. You can create different workflows for different types of tasks, making it easier to manage complex projects.

  • Mobile application

    Freshrelease has a mobile app that allows you to manage your projects on the go. You'll be able to create, assign, and track tasks from your mobile device, giving you the flexibility to manage your projects from anywhere.

6 Freshrelease Reviews

4.8 (6 reviews)
  • Sara Williams

    Insightful Reporting: Empowering Informed Decisions with Freshrelease

    Freshrelease's reporting feature is another standout. It provides insightful data that helps us make informed decisions

    May 11, 2024

  • Raymond S

    Seamless Integration Boosts Productivity with Software

    The software's integration with other tools we use daily, like Slack and GitHub, has been seamless and has boosted our productivity

    May 4, 2024

  • Leland

    Revolutionizing Software Development with Freshrelease's Bug Tracking Feature.

    Freshrelease has truly revolutionized our software development process. Its bug tracking feature is top-notch, helping us identify and resolve issues promptly

    April 28, 2024

  • Eugene Martinez

    The Benefits of Agile Boards for Project Managers

    As a project manager, I find the agile board feature particularly useful. It allows me to visualize work progress and manage tasks efficiently

    April 23, 2024

Why is Freshrelease better than other Web Development software?

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Freshrelease is better at customer service than Genexus: 4.6 vs 4.0

Freshrelease pricing plans are more competitive than Genexus: 4.4 vs 4.1

Freshrelease is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Assembla: 85 vs 84

Freshrelease is a better solution for customer support than Assembla: 4.6 vs 3.8

Freshrelease is better at customer support than Openshift: 4.6 vs 0.0

Freshrelease is better at ease to use than Openshift: 4.5 vs 0.0

Freshrelease is better at support than Retool: 4.6 vs 4.3