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A collaborative platform for your emailing campaigns

Thanks to the Mailjet tool, your team is able to design impactful emails or SMS with agility and efficiency. You can thus reach your audience in a precise way to increase your acquisition rates and your conversion rates. To improve the relevance of your strategy, Mailjet provides you with the comprehensive data you need to continuously optimize your marketing campaigns.

General information about Mailjet

Mailjet SaaS software is a complete emailing solution for your teams. Marketing department employees are able to work more efficiently by sharing their ideas and know-how in a few moments. The result is more effective and efficient marketing emails and transactional SMS. Indeed, the different members of the team, designers, developers, content managers, and marketing managers, can collaborate in real time on the document to bring their expertise. The company's communication then gains in agility and efficiency. In addition, the email API allows you to easily integrate the emails created into your marketing campaign and send them to your prospects and customers as quickly as possible.

To succeed in an emailing campaign, many elements must be taken into account. That's why Mailjet has decided to offer a complete solution that includes all the steps of such a strategy. You can thus use a single tool to create and distribute your marketing emails, but also evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy by monitoring different KPIs. The relevance of this solution has convinced more than 130,000 customers.

Using Mailjet makes creating quality emails affordable for everyone. No need to be a software expert to work with this tool. By connecting to the platform, the various experts of your company can work together in a workspace optimized for efficiency. Depending on the structure of the company and organization, it is possible to create sub-accouunts and assign different roles and specific permissions to promote employee performance. With a simple drag and drop, everyone can participate in the development of aesthetic and impactful emails that will display beautifully on all types of screens.

The possibilities of Mailjet are not limited to the creation of quality emails, on the contrary. This SaaS software is a great ally at every stage of a commercial emailing strategy. For example, the platform allows you to create engaging subscription forms in a matter of moments that can be integrated into your website without any technical knowledge. Moreover, within the dashboard, it is possible to segment your clientele to precisely target each type of audience. The personalization of emails according to recipients is as simple as it is exhaustive.

Finally, the tool has been designed to optimize marketing campaigns. The software is indeed compatible with an A/B testing approach. By creating and sending up to 10 versions of a marketing email, you will be able to quickly identify which one generates the best engagement rate with your customers. If this is not enough to boost the performance of your campaigns, the monitoring of numerous reference KPIs will actively participate in the optimization of your actions and the management of your marketing strategy.

For all these reasons, Mailjet is an essential tool for teams whishing to gain competitiveness, while significantly improving the return on investment of email campaigns. Indeed, the solution is global and includes email design, audience targeting, but also performance analysis.

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Secret's take about Mailjet

Someday, somewhere, someone decided carrier pigeons just weren’t efficient enough to get the news around 🕊️ Letters weren’t that much better. Then came emailing, the place where “reply all” can lead to interesting threads…📧

What is Mailjet?

Mailjet is an email marketing and automation platform that allows you to create, send, and track marketing emails, newsletters, and transactional emails 🌟 The SaaS solution provides tools for designing and customizing email templates, managing contact lists, and tracking email campaign performance. Mailjet offers features such as email personalization, A/B testing, segmentation, automation workflows, and real-time analytics to help you optimize your email marketing efforts. The tool can even be integrated with your favorite software, like Zapier, WordPress, Salesforce and Shopify, so you can streamline your operations across your various different systems. Reach your users and improve your targeted reach with engaging emails thanks to Mailjet 🎯

Our opinion about Mailjet:

Mailjet is a suitable solution for various types of businesses and organizations, in particular startups & smaller businesses, SaaS companies, e-commerce business, and digital agencies 🌈 From this platform, you can send transactional emails, order confirmations, shipping notifications, promotional campaigns and customer newsletters, all to establish and grow your customer communications and improve engagement. Ensure effective delivery, tracking, and reporting of your email performance, while also making sure you are targeting the right audience for your startup. Start creating emails that will please your users and know exactly how much they love them with this one, user-friendly software 🚀

Mailjet Pricing:

Mailjet has 4 different pricing plans available for you to choose from, paying only for the number of emails you expect to send each month. Start on the platform for free to see if it suits the needs of your business 💰

- More details about Mailjet's pricings
Best Mailjet alternatives:

Top alternatives to Mailjet’s email marketing & automation software include Brevo, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and GetReponse. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔍

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What is Mailjet used for?

Mailjet SaaS software is an all-in-one email solution, perfect for small businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts. It allows teams to collaborate in real-time, creating effective marketing emails and transactional SMS. For instance, a designer can create an engaging layout, while a content manager adds compelling text, all within the same platform. The software also includes an email API for seamless integration into your marketing campaign. With Mailjet, you can easily monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of your strategies. It even supports A/B testing, enabling you to identify the most effective email version for customer engagement. Moreover, it simplifies the creation of subscription forms and audience segmentation, making targeted marketing effortless.

Mailjet pricing


Contact sales

Dedicated technical account manager

Comprehensive onboarding

Enterprise response time SLA

Custom number of users & advanced permissions


6,000 emails per month

Unlimited contacts

APIs, SMTP Relay, Webhooks

Advanced email editor



/ month

15,000 emails per month

50 email previews per month

Email address verifications

1 sub account



/ month

Advanced statistics

Marketing automation

A/B testing

100 email previews per month

Mailjet features

Develop aesthetically pleasing, high-performance marketing emails to significantly improve your acquisition and conversion rates and the ROI of your email campaigns.

  • Advanced email personalization

    Mailjet provides advanced email personalization tools, allowing you to dynamically insert recipient-specific information like names, locations, and product recommendations into your emails. This level of personalization enhances engagement and conversion rates by delivering highly relevant content to each recipient.

  • Email campaign automation

    With Mailjet's email automation feature, you can set up trigger-based email campaigns. Automate welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and follow-up sequences based on user actions and behaviors. This saves time and ensures timely and relevant communication with your subscribers.

  • A/B testing and optimization

    Mailjet's A/B testing capabilities go beyond basic metrics. It offers in-depth analysis, helping you understand which elements of your emails perform best. Test different subject lines, sender names, content variations, and more to continuously optimize your email campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.

  • Facilitate the collaboration of your team

    Experts from different departments (management, marketing, development, design) can exchange their ideas and know-how via collaborative documents. You gain in performance by reducing the time and cost needed to set up an effective emailing campaign.

  • Benefit from complete statistics

    The dashboard displays all essential data in an overview. Relevant KPIs such as open rate, click rate, or the number of emails classified as spam are essential elements to optimize and improve your campaigns.

  • Create attractive emails in a few steps

    Through a fluid and accessible drag-and-drop interface, your teams design transactional and marketing emails quickly. The ease of use allows each employee to focus on the task at hand and actively participate in the creation of beautiful, responsive emails.

  • Reach the right audience with ease

    Thanks to efficient data collection, the tool allows you to create customer segments to precisely target your difference audiences. In addition, content, appearance, and dynamic sections are all variable elements that you can act on to offer each customer the most relevant message.

  • Essential technical features

    Your technical teams can use Mailgun. Including email API and SMTP relay with a high reliability of 99.9%, Mailgun is your ally to deliver your emails quickly to all your prospects and customers. Your developers will also benefit from Mailjet's full integration with e-commerce platforms, CRM, or websites on the market.

Mailjet: Pros & Cons


  • Collaborative work: The Mailjet emailing solution allows real-time collaboration when creating emails
  • Easy to use: All employees, even without technical expertise, can use the software
  • Pricing plans: The pricing of the email campaign tool is very affordable


  • List management: The action to unsubscribe users who have bounced is long and tedious
  • Customization gaps: The number of email templates is too limited
  • Customer support: Support options in case of need are reduced to email support only

Why is Mailjet better than other Email Marketing software?

Mailjet has better positive reviews compared to Brevo (ex. Sendinblue): 100 vs 93

Mailjet is better at customer service than Brevo (ex. Sendinblue): 5.0 vs 4.6

Mailjet has better positive reviews than Omnisend: 100 vs 97

Mailjet is better at customer support than Omnisend: 5.0 vs 4.6

Mailjet is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than SendGrid: 100 vs 83

Mailjet is a better solution for customer support than SendGrid: 5.0 vs 4.0

Mailjet has better positive reviews compared to GetResponse: 100 vs 82

Mailjet is better at customer service than GetResponse: 5.0 vs 4.2

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