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mongoDB is the tool that will store all your NoSQL databases so you can spend less time managing your information and more time using it.

General information about mongoDB

MongoDB is a database management system. This tool offers a wide range of features enabling your startup to create faster and smarter. As a result, your business can grow, as you provide your developers with powerful tools to design relevant solutions with greater ease.

The flexible document data model and unified query interface for all use cases means you can create, ship and iterate 3 to 5 times faster than without using this SaaS software. So you can develop your ideas much more fluidly.

What’s more, MongoDB is also a perfect tool for startups, as the fully cloud-managed solution is ideal for scaling. The integrated suite of database services can be used for a wide range of transactional, analytical and data virtualization applications.

What’s more, the MongoDB suite can be run anywhere, anytime, from a simple laptop. This solution, designed by and for developers, is ideal for optimizing the work of technical teams. They have access to comprehensive documentation and a powerful, unified query API that meets their needs and enables them to significantly improve performance.

The platform also places data security at the heart of its concerns. ISO/IEC 27 001 and HDS certifications guarantee that you can use services without worrying about data security.

The performance and relevance of this SaaS-based tool have convinced thousands of companies. In fact, some of them are unavoidable. These include Bosch, Cisco, Toyota and humanitix.

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Secret's take about mongoDB

I don’t know much about data development, much like I don’t know much about Star Wars… I imagine SQL queries are the secret language of data Jedi, and the force, strong with their code, it is 🌟🌌

What is mongoDB?

MongoDB is an open-source developer data platform that provides a flexible and scalable solution for managing and storing your data 💻 The non-relational database (noSQL) stores your data in a reliable Binary JSON format and then organized into collections with their own structure and field sets. The high scalability and performance of MongoDB’s solution ensures data redundancy and fault tolerance through data distribution across multiple servers and replication 🔍 The SaaS platform is well-suited for handling large volumes of data and high traffic so you know your data is in good hands and you have all the vital tools to build your distrbuted applications at speed 🚀

Our opinion about mongoDB:

MongoDB’s software is particularly popular among developers and organizations that require flexible data modeling and scalability 💪 What makes it a good fit is its ability to handle large volumes of data, making it easy to use in certain use cases. The solution’s flexible document-based data model allows for dynamic schemas and agile development which gives you the flexibility you need when developing your applications with evolving or unpredicatable data 🔧 What’s more, MongoDB’s platform scales as your application scales, from times of high traffic to different distributed environments. Don’t waste any more time modifying and monitoring your data with MongoDB and start boosting the productivity of your applications! 💡

mongoDB Pricing:

MongoDB has 3 different pricing plans available for you to choose from when it comes to your data management on MongoDB Atlas, the cloud database. The recommended Dedicated plan is most suitable for applications that requirea heavy workload, with up to 4TB of storage. Get access to $500 in MongoDB credits for 1 year with Secret and save! 💰💡

- More details about mongoDB's pricings
Best mongoDB alternatives:

Top alternatives to MongoDB’s developer data platform include Amazon DynamoDB, Redis, Couchbase and CouchDB. Discover great offers for tools like these and more on Secret to start saving 🔍🛠️

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1 deal available for mongoDB
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1 deal available for mongoDB

Up to $500 in savings

$500 in credits for 1 year
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$500 in credits for 1 year

$500 in credits for 1 year

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What is mongoDB used for?

MongoDB is a robust database management system, perfect for startups and small businesses. It accelerates the development process by 3 to 5 times, allowing you to bring your ideas to life swiftly. Its flexible data model and unified query interface simplify the design of solutions. MongoDB's cloud-based nature makes it scalable, ideal for growing businesses. It can be used for various applications, from transactional to analytical. It ensures data security with ISO/IEC 27 001 and HDS certifications. For instance, a small e-commerce business can use MongoDB to manage its product inventory and customer data securely and efficiently.
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Testimonials about mongoDB

A great addition

At Depasify Mongo is giving us the ability to store and analyze real-time data from the crypto markets with ease not comparable to any other solution. Not only the credits but belonging to their startup program has a great value in the initial steps of our startup. They are proactively collaborating with the companies in order to speed up every single process.

alberto martin mazaira ceo devs on trees

Alberto Martin Mazaira, CEO, Devs On Trees

mongoDB pricing



512MB to 5BG of storage

Shared RAM



/ month

10GB to 4TB of storage

2GB to 768GB RAM

Network isolation and finegrained access controls

Multi region and multicloud options available

mongoDB features

An adapted database to launch your products quickly and without wasting time

  • Automate your administrative operations

    Automate your database provisioning and deployment with clusters and APIs

  • Deploy your data in different clouds

    Take advantage of different cloud providers' services and deliver the most relevant data to different customers accoding to their location.

  • Make your databases evolve with the demand

    Adapt the capacity of your database to your needs in a few clicks, or automatically with real-time metrics.

  • Integrated security

    Benefit from the protection and encryption of your data.

  • Find and view your data easily

    Search for items in your database, perform queries, or analyze your data in real time by creating various charts.

7 mongoDB Reviews

4.4 (7 reviews)
  • Kevin G

    Benefits of MongoDB's Document-Oriented Structure for Developers

    As a developer, I appreciate MongoDB's document-oriented structure. It allows me to work with complex hierarchical data relationships in a more intuitive way than traditional relational databases

    May 21, 2024

  • Lauren Smith

    Unmatched Scalability and Flexibility with JSON-like Format

    its scalability and flexibility are unparalleled. The ability to store data in a JSON-like format makes it easy to understand and manipulate

    May 14, 2024

  • Julie

    Exceptional Support and Quality: My Experience with MongoDB

    I'm absolutely thrilled with MongoDB! Their support is always available, even for minor technical issues like CORS errors. I spent 18 hours in a productive chat with a representative who was learning on the job, and he kindly directed me to their comprehensive wiki. Despite having a team of experts, we were initially unable to fix the error because it was a unique situation. But, MongoDB stepped up and offered their premium support service to help us out. I will always choose MongoDB Atlas service due to its high quality, which could potentially save projects millions. In summary, I strongly recommend using MongoDB as their services are top-notch!

    May 4, 2024

  • Emma Jones

    Excellent Data Storage Solution, Yet Room for Enhancement

    I've been using MongoDB for years, mainly as local storage in docker containers. My latest project utilizes their cloud solution, Atlas Cloud, which I value for its ability to integrate a single database across multiple apps with easy user management, all at an affordable cost. However, I have a problem with the Atlas Compass UX - I can't open multiple "tabs" with collections at the same time. Even worse, when I switch between collections, the state completely resets, deleting my carefully constructed search query. I frequently need to search for IDs from different collections, and it's frustrating to lose my query when I change collection scope. I also encounter issues with schema changes in the live DB, which can sometimes act unpredictably. I chose MongoDB for its document orientation, cloud feature, high security, and price, and switched to it due to poor security with my previous solution.

    April 27, 2024

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mongoDB: Pros & Cons


  • Flexible solution: Any type of data can be stored in a MongoDB database
  • High performance: The database offers high retrieval speed and performance
  • Easy to use: The MongoDB solution can be deployed in a very short time frame and queries are simple


  • Memory usage: Data repetition uses a large amount of storage
  • Document joins: It can be very difficult to join documents via MongoDB
  • Limited data size: The limit is set to only 16 MB per data item

Why is mongoDB better than other Cloud And Data Management software?

mongoDB is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Firebase: 99 vs 97

mongoDB is more versatile than Firebase: 28 vs 8

mongoDB has more positive reviews than Scalingo: 99 vs 0

mongoDB is better at support than Scalingo: 4.5 vs 3.6

mongoDB has better positive reviews than Internxt: 99 vs 79

mongoDB is better at customer support than Internxt: 4.5 vs 4.3

mongoDB has better positive reviews compared to AWS Activate: 99 vs 85

mongoDB pricing plans are more competitive than AWS Activate: 4.6 vs 4.4

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