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General information

Sentry's application monitoring platform helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code.

Your application's success depends on how quickly you find what's slowing things down. Performance, Sentry's client-side performance monitoring solution, gives your team the full-stack visibility it needs to iterate faster, take fewer risks, and ship performant software.

Sentry's infrastructure is designed for higher volumes of traffic. When events spike, they'll be ready. Every part of Sentry's services use properly provisioned, redundant servers, and is maintained regularly.

Sentry integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps and services like GitHub, allowing you to create a Sentry release in a workflow, ClickUp, Twilio, and Segment

Tutorials are ready for you to explore the advantages of using Sentry to enhance the performance of your code.

Sentry features

Monitor and fix crashes in real time with Sentry

  • Cross-project issues

    Siloing your issues into separate projects isn't ideal, that's why Sentry lets you see them all in one place. Quickly navigate your Issues or Events across multiple projects in a single view

  • Questions answered

    Use Discover queries to uncover deep insights, like which parts of your code are directly responsible for triggering the most errors or which locations have recently had the most problems. Browse the data as a table, line or bar chart, or export to CSV for further analysis

  • Dashboards

    Dashboards provide data visualization of errors throughout your organization. They allow you to drill into data by selecting points of interest and providing graphs of your errors, geographic mapping, and more

  • Distributed tracing

    Sometimes an issue in one project is caused by a problem in another or a slow API call. Sentry lets you trace every problem right to its root, wherever or whatever that may be. Get to the root of every problem

  • Stack traces

    Sentry shows your source code right in the stack trace so you don't need to find it yourself. You can filter to see just your applications errors, include frameworks errors, or show the raw trace

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