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The Cacheflow tool allows you to automate quote closing and accelerate payment transactions with your B2B customers. This makes purchasing quick and easy and significantly improves the sales volume of your SaaS offerings.

General information about Cacheflow

In the B2C sector, everything is done to make transactions smooth. Unfortunately, this is not always true in B2B. Friction and slowness throughout the sales and closing process can be a drag on your performance.

For this reason, the Cacheflow platform is the right choice. This platform has been specifically designed to meet the needs of B2B professionals. By using this tool, you can propose and close a transaction and get the money in just a few minutes. Accelerating the purchase process from quote to payment has a significant impact on the efficiency of your SaaS offering.

In fact, companies that use Cacheflow on a daily basis close on average up to 300% more transactions annually.

The Cacheflow platform can be leveraged in 3 areas in particular:

- Sales: Thanks to the sending of dynamic quotes in a few clicks;

- Revops and finance: To eliminate unnecessary administrative work;

- Customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate the fluidity and are loyal.

Of course, the tool allows you to access many customization features. It is thus possible to offer pricing based on usage and by levels. You can also choose to be paid by credit card or by direct debit. You create the optimal sales process step by step.

By integrating the Cacheflow modular platform into any of your sales journey processes, you automate steps and tasks to increase your performance.

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Secret's take about Cacheflow

You've reached the last step of closing your SaaS deal and *poof* you've been ghosted 👻 (yes, ghosting now happens outside of dating also, unfortunately 😐). So now what do you do? 🤷 You’re certainly not the first entrepreneur to ask that question

What is Cacheflow?

Cacheflow is a SaaS deal-closing platform that allows you to configure customized quotes fast, and accelerate payment transactions with your B2B customers 🚀 Once you have reached an agreement with your prospect, close & validate it with Cacheflow simply & easily. No need to jump from a proposal builder to a word doc and then to a payment software, you have everything necessary with one tool. Provide your customers with a buying experience that is not only flexible but also automated & customized, significantly improving your sales closing rates & optimizing your sales process. Unfinished deals are now a thing of the past 😌

Our opinion about Cacheflow:

Multiple different tabs and software open gives any normal person a heightened sense of anxiety 🤪 On the other hand, a slow closing process can lead to prospects doubting your product and finding other alternatives. Cacheflow’s tool relieves the stress of entrepreneurs and gives them what they need to accelerate their purchasing process, from quote to payment. Everything is centralized in Cacheflow’s one software. From sales and RevOps to finance and CS, you can begin to create the optimal sales closing process and significantly increase the efficiency of your SaaS. See how quickly your deals start closing and give your prospects the purchasing process they deserve with Cacheflow 💪

Cacheflow Pricing:

Cacheflow has 3 great plans for you to choose from and start automating your closing process 🙌 The popular Pro plan is suitable for up to 10 team members and includes features like CRM integrations, API access and a dedicated account manager. Get started with Cacheflow's Startup Accelerator plan with Secret and save up to $7000! 💳

- More details about Cacheflow's pricings
Best Cacheflow alternatives:

Alternatives to Cacheflow’s deal-closing platform include PandaDoc, HubSpot, GetAccept, DocSend and many more. Check out great deals for these tools on Secret! 😉

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

1 deal available for Cacheflow
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1 deal available for Cacheflow

Up to $7000 in savings

The Startup Accelerator Plan for $5,000
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The Startup Accelerator Plan for $5,000

The Startup Accelerator Plan for $5,000

Unlock our Cacheflow deal and access The Startup Accelerator Plan for $5,000, saving you up to $7000 for your startup. There are over 390+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Cacheflow promo codes, coupons and credits valid in May 2024.

What is Cacheflow used for?

Cacheflow is a game-changing software designed to streamline B2B transactions, enhancing efficiency and profitability for small businesses. It simplifies the sales process, from sending dynamic quotes to closing deals, reducing time-consuming administrative tasks. This results in faster transactions, with companies using Cacheflow reporting up to 300% more annual closures. It also improves customer satisfaction with its seamless process, fostering loyalty. The software is customizable, allowing businesses to set pricing based on usage and levels and choose their preferred payment method. For instance, a small tech company can automate its SaaS sales journey, offering tiered pricing and accepting payments via direct debit, thereby boosting its performance.
Interested in Cacheflow? Get The Startup Accelerator Plan for $5,000 on Cacheflow with our promo code and save up to $7000.

Cacheflow pricing


Book a demo

Up to 10 team members

CRM integrations

Premium support

Ramped base pricing support


Book a demo

Up to 30 team members

Custom API support

Sandbox access

Dedicated support


Book a demo

Up to 3 team members

Esignature integrations & capture

Unlimited proporsal & quote creation

Expansion & renewals

Cacheflow features

Streamline your sales to build customer loyalty

  • Create interactive proposals in minutes

    The tool provides you with an easy-to-use quote editor. Design a quote quickly and avoid complexity as the configuration tools support product catalogs, pricing and approved legal documents.

  • Close transactions quickly

    With a secure electronic signature process directly integrated into the B2C payment flow, the customer can sign the contract quickly. This saves time and eliminates delays due to cumbersome or complex customer steps.

  • Collect payments on time

    Cacheflow allows your customers to pay directly in the payment experience. Whether it’s a one-time payment or a recurring payment via credit card or ACH, you receive payments quickly and can be synchronized with your ERP. 

  • Get recurring payments

    With the Cacheflow solution, avoid late payments and don’t wait for the customer’s payment schedule. Instead, take advantage of the case advance for all transactions concluded on the platform. You will enjoy a constant cash flow.

  • Increase revenue with no extra effort

    Cacheflow automates the billing process and ensures timely payments, so you can focus on growing your business instead of chasing customers for payment.

  • Benefit from relevant integrations

    Adding Cacheflow to your technology stack is easy. You can integrate the tool with your current processes thanks to the numerous native integrations with the most reputable software such as Oracle, Salesforce or HubSpot.

  • Ensure data security and compliance

    Cacheflow is PCI compliant and uses robust encryption methods to safeguard sensitive customer data, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

  • Simplify your subscription billing

    With Cacheflow, you can easily set up and manage recurring payments for your subscription-based business, allowing you to automate the entire billing process and simplify your accounting.

7 Cacheflow Reviews

4.9 (7 reviews)
  • Rose W

    Effortlessly Meeting Growing Network Demands: A Cybersecurity Professional's Review of CacheFlow

    it has effortlessly kept pace with our growing network demands. As a cybersecurity professional, I appreciate CacheFlow's robust security features

    May 21, 2024

  • Stephen N

    CacheFlow: Advanced Analytics and Scalability for Network Usage Patterns

    its advanced analytics features have provided me with valuable insights into our network usage patterns. As a system administrator, I've found CacheFlow's scalability to be one of its standout features

    May 12, 2024

  • Shirley R

    CacheFlow Boosts User Engagement and Satisfaction

    this has resulted in a noticeable increase in user engagement and satisfaction. As an IT manager, I've been using CacheFlow for several months now and it has consistently delivered excellent results

    May 4, 2024

  • Bishop

    CacheFlow: Improving Website Loading Times.

    I was particularly impressed by the software's caching capabilities, which have greatly reduced our server load and improved response times. As a web developer, I've found that CacheFlow's content delivery optimization features have significantly sped up our website loading times

    April 30, 2024

Cacheflow: Pros & Cons


  • User interface: The ergonomics of the B2B transaction tool are pleasant and fluid
  • Automation: The administrative automation features are efficient and relevant
  • Electronic signature: The online signature procedure is secure and efficient


  • Integrations: The number of integrations offered in still a bit limited for the moment
  • Pricing: Pricing plans are not transparent on the website
  • Customer support: Customer support is only available in English and is not available 24/7

Why is Cacheflow better than other Prospecting software?

Cacheflow has better positive reviews compared to PandaDoc: 100 vs 91

Cacheflow is better at customer service than PandaDoc: 4.8 vs 4.7

Cacheflow is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than GetAccept: 100 vs 97

Cacheflow is a better solution for customer support than GetAccept: 4.8 vs 4.5

Cacheflow has better positive reviews than Hubspot Sales Hub: 100 vs 92

Cacheflow is better at customer support than Hubspot Sales Hub: 4.8 vs 4.5

Cacheflow has more positive reviews than Proposify: 100 vs 89

Cacheflow is better at support than Proposify: 4.8 vs 4.5

Interested in Cacheflow? Get The Startup Accelerator Plan for $5,000 on Cacheflow with our promo code and save up to $7000.