Automate all your business processes with just a few clicks

Marketing, sales or HR, each department of your company sets up a series of processes to achieve their objectives. With Captain Data, you automate these processes in order to gain efficiency and allow your teams to focus on tasks with higher added value.

General information

Identify new prospects, find email addresses, extract job ads, enrich your database or obtain market analyzes. So many important but tedious tasks that you can automate thanks to Captain Data and thus free up your employees' time for tasks with higher added value.

Secret's take

For those of you who feel like they are living the Groundhog Day at the office, doing the same boring and recurring tasks 300 times a week, cheer up. With Captain Data, you will finally be able to automate all these processes and get out of this hellish loop.

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CaptainData features

Automate your business processes

  • Find contacts

    Automate the identification of the right profiles, prospects or candidates, and the search for their email addresses.

  • Enrich your database

    Automatically collect and import data found on the web.

  • Integrations

    Salesforce, Airtable, Google Spreadsheet, Lemlist or even ColdCRM, Captain Data offers a whole range of integrations to facilitate your automations.

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50% off Lunar plan over 6 months