Hire international employees and manage the associated HR paperwork with ease

Remote is the tool that will give you an international HR team to manage the hiring process and your existing employees across different countries.It also allows you to easily pay your employees according to their country's legal requirements and currencies.

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General information

Remote owns local legal entities in many countries including Australia, the US, Israel, Portugal, India and many more. Your team is employed by the local Remote identities present in each country so they can carry out the entire hiring process in compliance with local regulations, laws and currencies.

With Remote, not only is your onboarding process made easier, but you also have the option to collect and digitise your employees' contracts and other documents, automate salary calculations, and validate their pay slips with a single click.

Secret's take

Many startups have international teams whether this is to have a better understanding of local cultures or languages, to provide local customer support or to be able to hire the best people for the job. But this can get complicated when you have to adapt and understand each country's local employment laws, create the right contract documents, and set up payrolls in the right currency. Worry no more: Remote is here to take care of all these tasks and support you in your process.

Remote features

Get the HR tools you need for your international remote team.

  • Get contracts in order, fast

    Thanks to Remote's local experts, access contracts for your employees that meet the legal standards of each country, for optimal business security.

  • Access an HR team in each country

    Remote gives you access to a complete team including lawyers specialized in labor law and HR, accountants, and other experts.

  • Data protection

    Protect all your data but also your IP address.

  • Simplify your onboarding process

    Easily add your new employees to the platform, and get salary simulations and payslips that include local taxes, in a few clicks.

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