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Retarget audiences from third-party platforms

PixelMe is the platform that will allow you to easily retarget audiences by generating short, tracked URLs from any third-party platform.

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Secret's take about PixelMe

You frequently add links to third-party platforms but you can't understand if these are boosting traffic and sales, or if people are actually clicking on the link?

That's ancient history with PixelMe: track every link you share on every platform and make sure to retarget all those audiences correctly. Get ready to boost your sales!

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

General information about PixelMe

With PixelMe you can create short URLs that will include retargeting pixels. This allows you to track every link you share so you can retarget one or different audiences afterward. You can also customize the link with your brand so it gains visibility whenever its reused on other websites.

SO, not only does PixelMe allows to gain more customers by retargeting them, but you can also track where your traffic comes from and which of your advertising channels are really performing.

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PixelMe features

Easily retarget audiences and boost your ad performance.

  • Create UTM links

    Create short links that include pixels from all your advertising campaigns.

  • Brand your links

    Customize your links by displaying your brand to gain more visibility.

  • Track and retarget your audiences

    With this UTM builder, you can share your links and make sure they are tracked so you know where your traffic comes from and retarget audiences from your ad platforms.

  • Track conversions from Amazon

    You can easily create links to track your Amazon Attribution campaigns and understand which ones are driving visits and sales.

  • Create landing pages for your links

    Create micro landing pages to display the links to all your platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify, etc.

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