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Dropbox Plus

Don’t worry about storage — Dropbox Plus has space to spare.

With 2 TB (2,000 GB) of space, Dropbox Plus has room for files from all your linked devices. Everything’s securely stored in one organized—and easily accessible—place.

General information about Dropbox Plus

Dropbox is an online storage platform. It enables professionals and individuals to store, share and synchronize files online easily and efficiently. You and your colleagues can access your essential files and documents anywhere, anytime. Your startup can then optimize its operations through collaborative working.

Within Dropbox, the Dropbox Plus plan takes things a step further and meets the expectations of demanding users. Ideal for growing your business, this plan offers 2TB of storage space, plus advanced features for synchronizing, securing and retrieving company files.

- In the event of a problem, data can be remotely deleted from a lost or stolen device.

- If you've made a mistake, the Dropbox Rewind function offers the opportunity to undo numerous changes simultaneously. 

- Dropbox Backup automatically backs up all important folders on your device or external hard drive. 

- With Dropbox Passwords, the platform automatically saves, synchronizes and fills in the usernames and passwords you need.

- Finally, to store your most confidential files, you can rely on Dropbox Vault, which lets you store these documents in a specific location with a higher level of security.

All these features make Dropbox Plus a powerful ally for your startup, because your data is secure and accessible to all users at all times.

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Secret's take about Dropbox Plus

Your desktop can only handle so many virtual post-it note. I’m still pushing the limits though (and I’m very thankful for the fact that these are virtual or else I would have no desk space left… or floor space for that matter) 😅📝

What is Dropbox Plus?

Dropbox Plus, offered by Dropbox, provides you with enhanced features and additional storage space when you require more storage capacity and advanced functionality 💾 Dropbox Plus provides you with 2TB of storage space, allowing you to store a large number of files, documents, photos, and videos in the cloud, setting passwords, expiration dates and sharing permissions to provide security for your content. You even have an option to recover and restore previous versions of files for up to 30 days, in the case of an accidential file overwrite or the deletion of an older version. Take control of your file management, even when you’re offline, with Dropbox Plus 🔒

Our opinion about Dropbox Plus:

Dropbox Plus is a suitable solution for individuals, small businesses and self-employed professionals to storage and synchronize their files in one place 💼 Small businesses and solopreneurs with limited storage needs may find the SaaS software helpful to support their day-to-day operations through a user-friendly interface and collaborative features. Dropbox Plus can also help your creative teams work on shared projects, easily exchange files and maintain a centralized repository of creative assets, saving time and avoiding any confusion. Access your important documents on the go and share them securely for more synchronized file management, driving your efficiency and productivity all at once! 🚀

Dropbox Plus Pricing:

Dropbox Plus gives you access to 2TB of storage space and 3 electronic signatures per month, plus many other key features for your file management. Other plans are available for larger teams and businesses, simply choose the one that suits your needs the best! 💰

Best Dropbox Plus alternatives:

Top alternatives to Dropbox Plus’s storage solution include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and pCloud. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔍

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Customer Success Manager

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What is Dropbox Plus used for?

Dropbox Plus is a vital tool for small businesses, providing a secure and efficient platform for data storage and collaboration. Imagine your team working remotely, accessing and editing files in real-time, without the need for constant email updates. With 2TB of storage, you can store thousands of documents, presentations, and videos. Lost your device? No worries, you can remotely delete data. Accidentally deleted a file? Use Dropbox Rewind to restore it. Dropbox Plus also offers automatic backup and password management features, ensuring your data is always safe. For sensitive documents, use Dropbox Vault for extra security. With JoinSecret's promotional offer, you can start optimizing your business operations today.

Dropbox Plus features

  • Access your files on demand

    With Smart Sync, you can easily access your files without taking up precious space on your computer. Only download the files you need, when you need them.

  • Protect your data from anywhere

    If you lose a device, you don't have to worry about someone accessing your files. With Remote Device Wipe, you can wipe your lost or stolen device and keep your data safe.

  • Never lose a file again

    With Automatic Backups, you can rest easy knowing your files are always safe and secure in the cloud. Never worry about losing a file again.

  • Access older versions of your files

    Need an older version of a file? With Extended Version History, you can access previous versions of your files and restore them if needed.

  • Peace of mind for your files

    Accidentally delete an important file? Don't worry, with File Recovery you can get it back with just a few clicks.

  • Share with confidence

    Keep your files secure with password-protected shared links. Control who has access to your files and ensure they're shared only with those you trust.

  • Get help fast

    As an entrepreneur, every minute counts. If you run into any issues, Dropbox Plus's Priority Email Support team is there to help you resolve them quickly.

  • Stay productive on the go

    Whether you're on a plane or in a coffee shop with no Wi-Fi, you can stay productive with Offline Access. Download files to your phone or tablet and keep working even when you're offline.

Dropbox Plus: Pros & Cons


  • Collaborative working: The tool offers relevant collaborative functions
  • Software integrations: The solution offers a large number of integrations with third-party software
  • Automatic backup: Files are automatically backed up and synchronized


  • User interface: The solution does not offer a pleasant or intuitive user interface
  • Organization: The organization of files and folders is not very innovative and is too traditional
  • Cumbersome software: Dropbox Plus requires you to keep enough space on your hard disk to synchronize files

Why is Dropbox Plus better than other Cloud Storage software?

Dropbox Plus is a better solution for customer support than Google Drive: 4.6 vs 4.4

Dropbox Plus is more versatile than Google Drive: 52 vs 29

Dropbox Plus is better at support than Icloud: 4.6 vs 4.4

Dropbox Plus is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Icloud: 4.4 vs 4.3

Dropbox Plus is better at customer support than Dropbox: 4.6 vs 4.3

Dropbox Plus is better at value for money than Dropbox: 4.4 vs 4.3

Dropbox Plus is better at customer support than Google Workspace: 4.6 vs 4.5

Dropbox Plus is better at customer service than Slack: 4.6 vs 4.5

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