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Cloud hosting solution

Render is a unified cloud hosting platform. It allows you to create and run your websites and applications with a combination of performance and ease of use. Render’s strength is that it adapts to all your needs by providing the resources to bring all your projects to life.

General information about Render

Any ambitious project relies on a hosting system worthy of the name. It must be scalable, secure, efficient and easy to use. In this way, teams can create and put their websites or applications online efficiently and with peace of mind.

This is what Render offers with its unified cloud platform. It works in a simple way: you select a service type, deploy your project in seconds and then update it automatically.

It allows you to run anything from web services and static sites to Docker files and internal services on a private network. This flexibility of use makes it an indispensable asset for independent developers, growing startups or even established companies.

In addition, the platform has all the features and certifications necessary for optimal hosting. These include free TLS certificates, a global CDN, DDoS protection, private networks and automated Git-based developments. Finally, the platform allows you to run code from various high-performance languages that are popular with the developer community, such as NodeJS, Python and Ruby.

All these advantages make Render an ally of your success. It is capable of hosting all types of projects and will allow you to reach all your productivity goals.

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Secret's take about Render

You may not always be happy to see a cloud ☁️ in the sky, but it’s always great to have a reliable cloud system that won’t melt away when it rains.

What is Render?

Render is a cloud platform that simplifies the deployment and scaling of your applications. It provides a developer-friendly environment where you can effortlessly host and manage your web applications, databases, and other services. With Render's intuitive interface, you can deploy your applications with ease and focus on building great software ✨

Our opinion about Render:

Render is an excellent choice for developers and businesses in need of a hassle-free application hosting solution ⚙️ Whether you're a startup, SaaS company, or e-commerce platform, Render offers the scalability and reliability you need. With its automatic scaling and high availability features, your applications will handle traffic spikes smoothly, ensuring a great user experience. Plus, Render's seamless integration with popular Git version control systems makes it perfect for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflows 💻

Render Pricing:

Render offers a transparent pricing model that allows you to pay for only the resources you use. It provides different pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of various use cases, from compute resources to bandwidth to databases 🙌

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Best Render alternatives:

Top alternatives to Render’s cloud platform include Vercel, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud and Heroku. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🚀

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What is Render used for?

Render is a unified cloud platform that serves as a reliable hosting system for projects of all sizes. It's ideal for small businesses due to its scalability, security, and ease of use. For instance, a startup can quickly deploy their new web application or update their existing site without any technical hitches. Render supports various high-performance languages like NodeJS, Python, and Ruby, making it versatile for different development needs. It also provides essential hosting features such as free TLS certificates and DDoS protection, ensuring your online assets are secure and trustworthy. With Render, small businesses can focus on growth while enjoying a hassle-free hosting experience.

Render pricing


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Custom bandwidth

Custom build minutes

Custom team members




100GB bandwidth

500 build minutes per month

Web services

Automated backups



/ user / month

500GB bandwidth

500 build minutes per user per month

Up to 10 team members

Preview environments



/ user / month

1TB bandwidth

500 build minutes per user per month

Unlimited team members

Migration support

Render features

Don’t choose between power and ease of use

  • Benefit from a powerful and versatile cloud

    Render’s unified cloud has everything you need to host and run complex projects. Free TLS certificates, global CDN or DDoS protection allow your developer team to perform at all times.

  • Run anything with Render

    The platform allows you to centralize all your services in one place. It allows you to run web services, static websites, Cron jobs, Docker files, or internal services on a private network.

  • Scale your business without worrying about hosting

    Thanks to the auto scaling feature, the hosting platform offers you to upgrade for more resources or scale for more instances. At any time, Render adapts to your projects and accompanies you in their realization.

  • Save time and money with Render's pre-built services

    Take advantage of Render's pre-built services and templates to deploy your projects faster and more cost-effectively, without worrying about infrastructure management or maintenance.

  • 24/7 support and uptime guarantees with Render Pro

    Upgrade to Render Pro and get access to 24/7 support, guaranteed uptime, and priority access to new features and services. Focus on growing your business, while we take care of your hosting needs.

  • Run your projects securely with Render's Virtual Private Cloud

    With the VPC, your team can enjoy an extra layer of security for their projects, including firewall rules, private IPs, and VPN connectivity.

  • Give your developers a powerful platform

    Your collaborators will be able to take advantage of Render’s numerous features such as automatic deployment from Git, preview environments or PostgreSQL management. Their productivity will be significantly improved.

  • Use your usual development environment

    With just a few clicks, you can run your code in production. The platform supports the most popular programming languages and environments for developers such as Go, Rust, PHP, NodeJS, Docker, Ruby and Python.

Render: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use: The cloud solution is very easy to use and developer friendly
  • Affordable pricing: Pricing is appropriate and offered on a per-use basis
  • Optimal security: This SaaS tool includes many security features (anti DDoS protection, free TLS certificates, etc.)


  • Unavailable customer support: 24/7 technical support would be appreciated
  • Unclear logging: The log interface is not user-friendly enough
  • Poor documentation: The documentation is sometimes not adapted to very complex cases

Why is Render better than other Cloud Storage software?

Render is better at customer service than Cloudways: 4.6 vs 4.5

Render is better at number of features than Cloudways: 52 vs 26

Render is better at customer service than Heroku: 4.6 vs 4.0

Render pricing plans are more competitive than Heroku: 4.4 vs 4.2

Render is better at customer service than Salesforce: 4.6 vs 4.0

Render is easy to use compared to Salesforce: 4.5 vs 4.0

Render is better at customer service than Slack: 4.6 vs 4.5

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