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The Mailmodo marketing solution is complete. It allows you to fully manage an emailing campaign by centralizing all tasks. Creation, sending, and automation of emails are done in a few clicks. Mailmodo guarantees an optimal return on investment and a clear improvement in the performance of your emailing campaigns.

General information about Mailmodo

Marketing campaigns by SMS or email are essential to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. However, to design effective and impactful campaigns, the main problem is the multiplicity of steps and the fluidity between each of them.

To meet this need, Mailmodo offers a tool to manage the sending of all types of emails. Sending a newsletter, sending marketing emails, prospecting emails, or sending cart abandonment emails, everything is possible with this powerful digital marketing tool.

For starters, you can design attractive emails in minutes and without any technical knowledge directly through the Mailmodo marketing platform. The user experience is smooth thanks to the drag-and-drop principle. You can be sure that each email reaches the right target, as the tool allows you to import, segment, and manage your contact list. Finally, you can deploy a mass mailing manually or via marketing automation by targeting all relevant email addresses.

Email marketing becomes much simpler, as you can design any email or content you may need in this mailing solution: registration form, welcome email, or NPS satisfaction survey. Moreover, the possibility to send interactive emails, which offer the opportunity to customers to act directly in the body of the email, is ideal to increase the conversion rate.

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Secret's take about Mailmodo

Have you ever spent hours designing and creating an email only to realize your software cannot handle it? 😤 Say hello to Mailmodo, the email marketing platform that effortlessly creates and delivers professional-looking emails 🌟

What is Mailmodo?

Mailmodo is an email campaign management platform designed to help businesses effectively create, manage, and optimize their email campaigns ✉️ It provides a comprehensive set of features and tools that enable companies to design engaging emails, personalize content, automate workflows, and track campaign performance. Mailmodo streamlines the email campaign process and empowers businesses to deliver impactful messages and drive conversions 🚀

Our opinion about Mailmodo:

Mailmodo is a powerful email campaign management platform that offers businesses the tools they need to effectively manage and optimize their email campaigns 📧 It caters to a wide range of businesses, including marketers, e-commerce companies, and agencies, providing them with a user-friendly interface and robust email campaign features. Mailmodo's drag-and-drop editor, A/B testing capabilities, and analytics dashboard make it easy for businesses to create compelling emails, test different variations, and analyze campaign results. By using Mailmodo, businesses can streamline their email campaign management, improve engagement, and achieve better marketing ROI 📊

Mailmodo Pricing:

Mailmodo offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different businesses and email campaign requirements. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Mailmodo has pricing options that align with your specific email marketing needs. Get 50% off the Gold plan for 6 months and save up to $1,000 for your business! 💰

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Best Mailmodo alternatives:

Top alternatives to Mailmodo’s email campaign management software include Mailchimp, Brevo, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 💡

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1 deal available for Mailmodo
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1 deal available for Mailmodo

Up to $239 in savings

20% off the Pro or Max plan for 6 months
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20% off the Pro or Max plan for 6 months

20% off the Pro or Max plan for 6 months

Unlock our Mailmodo deal and access 20% off the Pro or Max plan for 6 months, saving you up to $239 for your startup. There are over 390+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Mailmodo promo codes, coupons and credits valid in May 2024.

What is Mailmodo used for?

Mailmodo is a powerful tool that streamlines email marketing for small businesses. It simplifies the process of creating and sending various types of emails, from newsletters to cart abandonment reminders. For instance, a local bakery could use Mailmodo to send out weekly newsletters featuring new pastries, or a startup could automate prospecting emails to potential investors. The software's drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for anyone to design attractive emails, while its segmentation capabilities ensure each message reaches the right audience. Furthermore, interactive emails can boost customer engagement and conversion rates, making Mailmodo an essential tool for any small business looking to enhance their digital marketing strategy.
Interested in Mailmodo? Get 20% off the Pro or Max plan for 6 months on Mailmodo with our promo code and save up to $239.

Mailmodo pricing



/ month

2,500 contacts

20,000 email sending credits

100,000 custom events

1 team member



/ month

25,000 email sending credits

3 team members

10 active journeys

2 custom domains



/ month

37,500 email sending credits

5 team members

Unlimited active journeys

4 custom domains

Mailmodo features

Create an effective and impactful emailing campaign

  • Take advantage of Marketing Automation

    Set up powerful automation paths to engage, nurture, convert, and retain your customers. Mailmodo’s Remain API allows you to design emails triggered from any location: landing pages, websites, or forms.

  • Connect all your software in one place

    With Mailmodo's robust integrations, you can easily sync data from your marketing software and connect a Shopify cart directly to your personalized emails. Say goodbye to manual uploads and messy data transfers!

  • Create personalized emails in a few clicks

    Using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, customize one of the many email templates available or create new templates from scratch. The choice is yours: Mailmodo allows you to fully control the design of emails according to your needs.

  • Precisely target high-value leads

    Take advantage of Mailmodo's segmentation capabilities to target the leads that are most likely to convert. Using tailored tags and properties, you can easily identify and prioritize potential customers with high value for your business.

  • Optimize conversions with AMP emails

    With Mailmodo's interactive AMP emails, you can easily include forms, calendars, and widgets directly in your emails, streamlining the customer journey and boosting your conversion rates.

6 Mailmodo Reviews

4.7 (6 reviews)
  • Danielle B

    Mailmodo's AMP Technology Boosts E-Commerce Conversion Rates

    As an e-commerce business owner, Mailmodo's AMP technology has been instrumental in increasing my conversion rates. The ability for customers to make purchases directly from the email has been a major advantage

    May 13, 2024

  • Benjamin D

    Seamless Interface and Impressive Features with Mailmodo

    I consider Mailmodo an excellent addition to our productivity tools, but I think more integrations would be helpful. The vendor responded positively, telling me they've recently added many new integrations like Facebook Ad leads, Leadsquare, Shopify, HubSpot, Zoom, and Calendly. They also said more are planned in their product roadmap. They recommended using Zapier and Integromat integrations to connect with almost any tool.

    May 4, 2024

  • Ralph S

    Revolutionizing Email Marketing with Interactive Features

    it has streamlined my email marketing efforts significantly. The interactive email feature is a game-changer, allowing me to engage with my customers in a more dynamic way

    April 29, 2024

  • Madison Smith

    Highly Recommended for Dynamic Marketing Emails

    I bought a license for Mailmodo from PitchGround because it seemed perfect for my marketing needs based on the advertisement. I like this app because it allows me to create more dynamic and marketing-friendly emails. However, I'm having trouble understanding how to activate the sending of AMP messages. I chose Mailmodo because it offers the same features as more expensive software, but at a much better price. The vendor responded to my feedback, thanked me for liking their product, and assured me that their customer success team will contact me to resolve any issues I might be having. They also encouraged me to reach out to them at support@mailmodo.com, reminding me that they are just a ping away. This response was given in May 2021.

    April 22, 2024

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Mailmodo: Pros & Cons


  • Personalized user experiences: With Mailmodo, you can create dynamic and interactive emails that engage your audience on a whole new level.
  • Cost-effective solution: By offering affordable pricing plans, Mailmodo helps young entrepreneurs keep their expenses low while still achieving impressive email marketing results.
  • Time-saving automation: Mailmodo streamlines your email marketing campaigns with its powerful automation features.


  • Limited integration: Mailmodo may have limitations in terms of integrating with certain third-party tools or platforms.
  • Feature set: While Mailmodo offers interactive email capabilities, businesses with more advanced or specific email marketing needs might find the feature set limiting.
  • Learning curve: Users unfamiliar with the platform may require some time to learn and adapt to Mailmodo's features and functionalities.

Why is Mailmodo better than other Email Marketing software?

Mailmodo has better positive reviews compared to GetResponse: 100 vs 82

Mailmodo is better at customer service than GetResponse: 4.5 vs 4.2

Mailmodo has more options than Mailjet: 77 vs 48

Mailmodo has more positive reviews than Email to pdf for outlook: 100 vs 94

Mailmodo is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Email to pdf for outlook: 4.6 vs 4.5

Mailmodo has better positive reviews compared to Mailivery: 100 vs 85

Mailmodo pricing plans are more competitive than Mailivery: 4.6 vs 4.4

Mailmodo is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Mailchimp: 100 vs 92

Interested in Mailmodo? Get 20% off the Pro or Max plan for 6 months on Mailmodo with our promo code and save up to $239.