Reduce bounce rate, improve sender reputation and send emails that convert.

Bouncer is the email checker and verifier that will optimize your email list by removing fake emails, updating those containing typos, and analyzing the bounce rate probability. So you keep only genuine email addresses that have a chance of opening / reading your emails.

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General information

Use Bouncer to check all your email lists and their quality. This ensures your emails are opened, and high bounce rates are avoided. Bouncer analyzes email addresses and tells you which are "risky" and therefore more likely to fail to convert.

One of the many advantages of the tool is that depending on the results, it informs you whether or not you should carry out a clean-up of your list so you don't waste time and money unnecessarily. In short, Bouncer allows you to obtain an optimized email list with a minimal bounce rate.

Secret's take

Email is an important growth channel for your prospecting, lead generation and customer communications. But to to be successful, emails must be OPENED and READ - and they must not end up in spam. These are problems that Bouncer, an email checker and verifier, will solve for you, so you can optimize your emailing campaigns and outreach.

Bouncer features

Audit your email lists and improve your email performance.

  • Adapt and optimize your email lists

    Adapt the results of the your email list audit; remove generic addresses, identify domain names, and more.

  • Adjust and remove bad email addresses

    Bouncer corrects syntax errors in emails and also gives you the opportunity to delete all inactive addresses.

  • Bounce rate estimate

    Bouncer is the only service that estimates the bounce rate of an email campaign before it's even sent.

  • GDPR compliance

    Bouncer services are 100% compliant with European standards!

  • API

    Bouncer API allows you to integrate and use Bouncer however you want, with the apps you need.

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50,000 email verification credits