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General information

Let users sign up and create accounts on your website using Memberstack. Add a user authentication functionality to your website using plug-and-play models, or design your own forms.

Members can access premium web pages and content. Easily create and manage membership pricing, plans, and permission to give users access to digital content, services, or a web application. Manage all your membership plans, permissions, and member data from one simple dashboard.

Instantly add secure subscription payments to your website. Build a custom SaaS application, sell an online digital service, offer a community for premium members, an exclusive blog, and more. Recurring subscriptions allow for predictable revenue. Accept payments in over 150 currencies and 42 countries that are supported by Stripe. Power your online business.

Build web applications with APIs, Webhooks, and Integrations. Build with your preferred technical stack and sync with your favorite applications like Pipedrive, Typeform, Webflow, and Clearout. Send, receive, and update your members' data with APIs and Integrations.

Start building with the help of over 100 tutorials and guides or jumpstart your new project using one of Memberstack's templates.

Memberstack features

Memberstack will quickly become an indispensable tool for your website management

  • Own your content

    All your content is hosted on your website. Have full control of what your users see

  • Secure payments

    Accept payments online using Stripe which lets users pay with credits cards such as American Express, Mastercard, and others

  • Offer a free trial

    Give your members a taste of the packages you have to offer with a free trial

  • Payment options

    You have the choice between one-time payments, perfect for events, downloads, or courses, or recurring weekly, monthly or yearly payments

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