No-code user accounts and online payment services

Memberstack helps you add user profile, account creation and secure payment features to your website, without ever needing to code.

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General information

With Memberstack, Internet users can now create a user account on your website, then choose a subscription type and pay securely online.

You can also easily define which content is accessible to which users.

Everything is configurable from the Memberstack interface, no need to know how to code. Your static website is gradually turning into a dynamic web application.

Secret's take

You already have a static corporate website, but you would like to go further and make it possible for your visitors to create accounts and make purchases online? But you have neither the technical knowledge to do it yourself, nor the enough money in the bank to hire a developer? Take a look at Memberstack then, you can do it all with just a few clicks, without coding or breaking the bank.

Memberstack features

Turn your website into an app

  • User profile creation

    Online visitors can now create accounts on your website and connect whenever they want.

  • Authorization management

    Depending on their profile, you can give users the right to access certain content on your website. It's up to you and it's easy to set up.

  • Secure online payment

    Users can now make payments online with ease and security.

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